Yay! I know I’ve been talking about my book, Love Yourself Successful, for a while now and some of you may be sick of it already. Sorry but its a big deal to write your own book. And its an even bigger deal when its finally printed and you can really launch it the way its meant to be launched!

So, from now through the end of 2012 the book launch is ON!

It is NOT a one-day Amazon launch where you have to go buy today. BUT the sooner you DO BUY THE BOOK, the sooner you get INSTANT ACCESS TO $1000’S IN BONUSES!

I’m adding bonuses every day, in fact when you buy the book today, you’ll get email updates when new bonuses are added all the way through Dec 31, 2012, its that simple.

And while my personal supply of books lasts, I am signing them personally and mailing them out!

Why is this such a big deal for me?

Because it means I’m also launching the new Kat!

Yep that’s right…I’m still obviously the Jumpstart Your Biz Coach helping biz owners start, grow and market their businesses, but now I’m also Your Love & Money Mentor. My true purpose on this planet is to heal the hearts of women. That’s a big purpose, don’t you think? I mean, wow! what?

So, it wasn’t just the book, printing, editing and stuff that held off the official launch of my book, it was me scared to step into my next thing….the bigger me. Especially since I wasn’t sure what that looked like. (Maybe you can relate?)

Of course I’ve been doing my purpose all along….this book just put it all into a nice little package!

But I figured I had to take the advice I give my coaching clients every day….and that was to just step into it, take action.

I just released a new video too and posted it on the official book launch page, all about this and how we as entrepreneurs aren’t always excited about “change”.

I’d be so honored if you would go watch the video, grab a copy of my book and then share the page with your friends.


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