This particular topic has arisen for me this week because of my own life and situation with my business. I’m not an expert in life changes, merely a participant and observer. I do however coach women entrepreneurs how to manage being overwhelmed in their business, how to create better and more effective systems, processes, marketing and teams to take away much of their overwhelm.

However today I thought I would just talk about it openly and honestly from one woman to another (as I know most of you who read this are women).

First of all, we can be overwhelmed with our business, our to-do lists, our email, our prospecting and follow up – so much so that none of it gets done right? Ever been there? So stuck on what to do that you can’t do anything productive at all?

Well when (or if) that happens to you, I hope you stop to think first:

“What’s the big goal that I’m trying to achieve? What are the most productive things I can do to get me there?”

Then of course you want to prioritize those things and hold yourself accountable (or get someone else to) and get to work. Easier said than done huh?

Especially if life throws you a curveball with issues in your relationship, a death or sickness in the family, a child moving out to college or some other life-changing or tragic occurrence.

How are you supposed to focus then? How are you supposed to get things done then?

Well I may not be a psychotherapist or anything along those lines but what I do know is that it revolves around how you let yourself BE, feel and adapt to what’s going on that will make or break your results, your transformation or your lessons learned from that particular situation.

You can cuddle up on your sofa with a good chic flick and wallow in your sadness (ok maybe do that for a day), or you can stand strong and tall and get back up on that horse so to speak; surrounding yourself with those who care about you, those who will pull you up and inspire you to perform your greatness.

How this relates to your business as an entrepreneur is so obvious to me but might not be to you; let me explain…

In your business you will have ups and downs. You will have successes and failures. You will have big boosts of revenue and big valleys of nothing at some point.

It’s your big picture vision, your belief in yourself and what you’re meant to do here on our planet and your stick-to-it determination to keep going, stepping up and stepping out regardless of what’s going on in your life that will ensure your ultimate success and happiness.

So, I say, don’t let that go.

DON’T: Let others bring you down or discourage you.

DON’T: Settle for less than you deserve (with anything – in business, love or life).

DON’T: Doubt your abilities, experience or self-worth


DO: Give and receive love

DO: Give and receive advice and knowledge freely

DO: Appreciate YOU and what you’re worth

DO: Hold out for what matters most to you (the right clients, relationship, home, etc.)

DO: Feel and be whatever it is that you need to feel or be to experience what you need to experience to be able to work through the situation and move on

Holding feeling and thoughts inside won’t work, especially for us women, we know the secret to success, it’s our own ability to BE who we are and express what we feel. If we all did that (the men too) this world would be such a better, more loving place.

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