Last week I wrote an article about WHY you should consider joining a Mastermind program.  This week I am going to go over what makes a TRUE mastermind and how to know the difference.

THE #1 REASON I started my own mastermind program for my clients is because being in these types of programs for me was the single best thing that catapulted my business so fast in the last few years. I wanted to offer that same type of accelerated learning, access and support to a select group of entrepreneurs like you who want to get where you want to go FASTER as well. It’s a great program to offer if you like to work closely with your clients in a small group but it’s also a way to transform your business and do it quickly.

Aren’t all Mastermind groups the same? NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!

To me, a true mastermind is NOT:

·         A group of over 15 people

  • More self-learning modules in the program than one-on-one access with the lead Mentor
  • Being coached by the lead Mentor’s co-coach, not the lead Mentor themselves
  • A program where you don’t feel like someone is truly ‘with you’ working on your business all year long (Trust me, I had this issue in one of the masterminds I was a part of and I didn’t feel like my Mentor cared too much about me or what I was doing in my business hence the advice I got was not always in my best interest.)

A true mastermind to me IS:

  • A group of 4-15 like-minded entrepreneurs who are there to give as well as receive.
  • Working hand in hand with your mentor to achieve the big goals and big picture dreams for you and your business and having a good amount of monthly access to them one-on-one
  • Feeling like you are a part of a family who truly cares about you, who inspires and loves you and who would do anything for you (and people you stay in touch with for years after your group experience is over.)

Either you absolutely know you want to get into ONE of these programs and you are deciding NOW which one you will join…..

Or you aren’t sure if this is the next step for you and your business, it’s a big investment and you’re not sure HOW it will pan out if you do it; meaning what will the return on investment be?

This is a common question but very hard to answer because it will depend on you. It will depend on if you get into the right program for where you are now in your business and then how you commit to the group and to yourself to working the program for all it has.

What it all comes down to is how do you most like to learn and how are you most productive?

You have to know your best learning style so you choose and invest in the programs and products that fit you and how you best learn so you don’t waste your money.

I, for example, am NOT a good product learner.  I don’t have good luck purchasing a home study kit or other listen to/read type of product and then actually sitting down working my way through it. It will sit on my shelf forever unless I pass it on to an assistant to read and learn and then THEY can implement whatever it is or give me the ‘cliff notes’.

Instead, I learn best by working one-on-one with a Mentor who’s doing what I want to do or going where I want to go. You know…

  • Someone who’s still in the trenches themselves.
  • Someone who’s investing in themselves as they ask me to invest in them.
  • Someone who’s learning from other big thinkers and money makers so that knowledge will trickle on down to me as well.

I learn well in a workshop atmosphere too but then if I don’t quickly act on the information I learn, it just sits on my shelf once again. Having a Mentor and true Mastermind group to hold me accountable, help guide me in all my big ideas and implementation is truly the glue for me that holds my business together while it accelerates at the speed of light from one level to the next, and the next, and the next.

Do you learn best by teleclasses, group trainings, workshops and online self-administer recordings and interaction or do you need or want more one-on-one mentoring, advice, guidance, resources, feedback and recommendations from your mentor or coach?

That’s where your decision should lie in whose mastermind or coaching program you should join.

You want to go where you’ll have the best experience, implement the most, learn and achieve the most and feel the most supported.

Want to watch a video of me going into much more detail All About Mastermind Programs? Click on over to my blog now and watch and learn.

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