Choosing your technology tools, resources, software can be confusing, I know. There are soooo many choices and everyone you ask probably gives you a different recommendation, right?

You see, when I first talk to entrepreneurs, whether they are new in business or even if they’ve been in business for years – the topic of technology comes up. I ask questions about what technology people are using in their business to be able to advise them about systemizing their business and running an efficient business so they can get more clients and make more money.

Starting with the big picture and down to the details, I ask about the tools and software that you, the business owner uses. I’ve found that many times people are using the wrong technology for their needs, for what they are trying to do in their business.

The last thing I want my clients and really, any small business owner to do is to commit to a big investment for a software package that does not fit their needs.

There’s an important fact you need to know…I don’t give cookie cutter advice when it comes to choosing your techy needs.

Click below to listen to my video tip about “How to Choose Technology Tools for Your Business”


So, does this all make sense to you?

Are you ready to get clear about the technology that will be best to use in your business based on the type of business you have and where you are in your business right now?  Then, schedule a strategy session with me now and we’ll get started. Go to and sign up today!

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