During the month of February I shared a lot of articles and videos around the topic of love. I wrote about how to love yourself successful, gave you secrets to finding your love, loving what you do and now how to get you to LOVE the marketing so you can make a whole lot more money!!

So many entrepreneurs get into business because you have a passion or a higher calling or a purpose that you must fulfill.

So many of those same entrepreneurs struggle financially because of lack of knowledge, training and confidence in how to market and grow your business effectively.

I hate to see this because I LOVE marketing!

I know, I am probably not the norm. But I do have a knack for marketing, sales and business know-how but I also have invested tens of thousands of dollars to gain more knowledge around all of this too.

Confidence and a LOVE for Marketing can be something you gain over time with practice and a clear understanding that marketing and sales are the keys to your success and massive profits!

So, how do we get you to LOVE marketing too?

Let’s first address the fact that with more marketing (A LOT MORE), you could create a six- or seven-figure business for yourself.

Then let’s talk about, the more money you make, the more people you will impact and the more you can change the world.

And what about with more income, comes more freedom to do what you love with your family, friends, for yourself and others.

These could be some of the WHY’s that you may have that you don’t necessarily equate with having to do more marketing in your business or having to learn some new marketing skills.

Whatever your big WHY is, it needs to be your motivation to want to make more money—lots of money!
• I have one client who has a non-profit rescue for dogs and wants to go global.

• I know another gentleman who goes to Africa and builds schools, helping the women there get an education.

• I personally would love to travel and speak more in person, while also providing more resources virtually to millions of women all over the world.

Guess what? All of that requires MONEY!

And more money is made in your business as a result of more marketing and sales.

So, is this going to help you LOVE marketing more? Are you willing to learn what it will take to build the type of business that you really want and deserve?

Step-by-step training on all types of marketing strategies is available for you everywhere.

There are coaches like me, seminars like my Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit, webinars and even free content all over the Internet.

So where do you start right? How will you know what will work and what may not for your business?

That is a hard question as it does depend on what you do, what your goals are and how you want to design your business.

What I can tell you is that you want to be reaching out with a minimum of 5 to 10 marketing strategies in your business every single month, while touching or impacting a minimum of 1000 new people every single month too.

It sounds like a lot but those are the bare minimums really these days but this is totally doable!

You can learn how to become successful and learn to LOVE the marketing, I promise!

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