Today’s Tip is to help you GET OUT of your FUNK!

Many entrepreneurs have a tendency to “get into our own heads” a little too much or sometimes we let things negatively affect us. This is something I call “getting into a funk”. We sometimes get discouraged or frustrated or unhappy, hurt, or sad. Maybe it was something someone said, did, or didn’t do that put you in a funk for a while, a day, or even longer.

screenshot - get out of your funkIf you had your entire day planned and you let something get to you, it could affect your productivity. Getting into a funk could result in your not getting the things done that you needed to do. One thing I recommend is to have someone to talk to. And if you are in a funk and you can’t shake it, contact them. If you don’t have a coach like me yet, try a buddy. Your buddy should be an entrepreneur as well and be someone who understands your pain and frustration. I don’t recommend calling someone who is working in a job because they won’t understand the challenge you are dealing with. Talk to someone who gets you; someone who can be your cheerleader.

So here’s what you should do. If you are in a funk for 5 minutes and haven’t pulled yourself out of it, I want you to call your buddy – someone you can trust, someone who loves and supports you and let them help you pull out of that funk.

Hope this helps you because I know you want to stay productive in your business so you can make more profits, right?

And feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything to do with your business.

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Tips for Getting Out of a Funk If You Get Caught in One!

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2 Responses to “Video Biz Tip – Here’s how to Get Out of A Funk”

  1. Roslyn Tanner Evans

    Sometimes we don’t even know we are in a funk & too much time goes by. Sometimes talking to a friend doesn’t help either. There are so many things to do and do we must, because funks are not healthy good places to be.


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