***This is a Guest blog post about referral marketing is by Coach/Speaker, Mickey Griffith.  

“The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

How many times have we heard that? In school, in business, at home when we hear ourselves saying it to our children or ourselves? Reminding ourselves that we shouldn’t leave things undone. Get busy. Get in motion. Get something done, don’t just talk about it. So then, what it should really say is, “The Road to Hell is paved with procrastination.”

The Road to Success is paved with good intentions! Especially when it comes to referral marketing.

If building referral marketing success is a process of developing and using business contacts as a way to build business, then the road to Success should be paved with good intentions. Or more specifically; good intent. Having good intentions is the base gravel for the road and dictates the strength of the foundation on which the referral marketing traffic is going to travel.

What is your true intent in regards to your referral marketing activities? Are you engaged in a process of motivating your referral partners by truly helping them, or are you just doing the minimum to maintain the relationship?

People will eventually see through a facade. Are you practicing open, honest communication with those in your referral network? Having a foundation of good intentions is essential in traveling a smooth road to referral marketing success.

Honest, good intent will help you avoid common referral marketing mistakes.

Good intent will keep you from pouncing on potential new referrals, pushing them away or forcing a referral that isn’t quite ready yet. Try to make sure the true intent was not just to make yourself look good in your referral network.

Passing a referral at your meeting might feel good, but it does not help the person being referred and can in fact damage the very relationship you’re trying to build.

This one should be easy, but is often overlooked, especially by those new to the referral marketing process: Good intent should keep you from meeting with people in your referral network for a one-to-one and then trying to sell them your goods or services.

The one-to-one meeting is about building a relationship and if you are immediately trying to sell to people in your referral network, it will quickly be public knowledge that your intent is really just to sell.

Where the rubber meets the road. Sometimes looking in the mirror can be tough, but try doing a thorough examination. Be careful not to misdiagnose your intent.

Are you really involving yourself to help others as a means of growing your own business? Notice the “help others” comes first in that statement. Selfless giving is not always hereditary, it can be developed, and it really is essential to building good will with people you are trying to do business with by referral.

Finally, old adages don’t die easily. The road to hell is paved with procrastination. New habits take exercise and the more you exercise good intentions the more success you should see, just ahead.

Keep Shining!

Mickey Griffith

About Mickey Griffith

referral marketingMickey Griffith is a speaker and coach. He brings to the audience his passion for business behavior, relationship management, and leadership principles. With more than 20 years of marketing experience, and a specialty in referral marketing, Mickey inspires entrepreneurs with valuable tools to grow their business. As an engaging speaker, his mission is to create more productive, meaningful improvement in business and organizational relationships.  Find out more about Mickey’s business at sacramento.asentiv.com

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