Girl’s Night Out

I keep forgetting to include photos and stories of personal things in this blog…so here’s an update!

In April I sent out an Evite to over 100 women I know in the area here and said it’s “Girl’s Night Out” who wants to go? We got 8 of us to go take over Folsom and it was quite a night. Margaritas and Martinis were flying then is was dancing up a storm until midnight. (yes, midnight, we’re not in our 20’s anymore you know)

Here’s (from left to right) Jaime, Toni, Me, (forget her name, friend of Monica’s), Monica, Jill, Beth and Michelle.

We’re planning another one for June 16th with about 9 or so signed up so far so if you’re not on the list and want to be you should email me and let me know you want to go!

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