Have you ever wondered how your Love Relationships and the Support from the people in your life can help you be more successful in your business?

One thing I’ve learned through the years of being in my business is how important it is to Love Yourself, but also to have the love and support from your significant other.  It’s so important to be in a loving relationship to help you thrive in your personal life and be more successful in your business. I don’t think I would have been able to consistently make 6-figures in my business if I didn’t have the love and support that I do.

Becky Sampson, Self – Development Speaker and Coach, joined me in this discussion because we found we both have valuable advice around the topic of Love and Relationships.

Becky formally suffered from a Binge disorder but she overcame her obesity and health problems about 9 years ago and has learned to stay healthy. Becky shared that many of her problems stemmed from low self-esteem and shared her unique perspective of having relationships with men while being overweight and unhealthy as well as how she is now, healthier and 130 lbs. slimmer.

We shared about our behavior – HOW we were and WHO we were before when we were in our unhealthy relationships. And a big part of the problem was because we created some of the problems.  We found that we were somewhat emasculating.  It’s hard to be take charge business owner one moment, then turn that switch off to be the feminine and flirty woman the next moment.  I realized that I wasn’t as kind as I should have been with my husband.  I started to be introspective and asked myself the questions – “What is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong in my relationships?”

That’s when I really dove into learning as much as I could about myself and relationships by attending relationship courses and workshops and investing in relationship coaching and consulting.  It mattered so much to me that I was willing to invest in myself, as well as my business. I was all in to find THE right man to love and appreciate me, to be supportive of what I was doing in my business, to be my cheerleader when I needed one.  And I found him!

Becky shared that her relationship problems stemmed from her unhealthy feelings and thoughts about herself. She didn’t love who she was in her previous relationship and she became judgmental towards her spouse. She was projecting her anger and disappointment in herself toward her spouse which wasn’t fair to him.

We both agree that if you are experiencing similar issues in your relationships; if you are struggling in your relationships, you should start investing in yourself to get the tools and resources to learn how to improve your relationships.

As I stated in the video, when I was trying to be more successful in my business, one of my coaches advised me to just be “love”. I was resistant to “being” because I was more interested in “doing”.  But I eventually let go of the resistance and at the end of that year, I found that I had made 6-figures in my business. This illustrates the reason why you’ll hear me say in many ways that “Love and Money go hand in hand.”

Click the video to learn more about “Getting Personal Around Love and Relationships

Are you ready to get more Love in your Life? You’ll find that you will become a happier person and, if you are like me, you’ll find a higher level of success in your business!

Talk to you Again, Soon!

xoxo Katrina

Here’s to Creating A More Successful Business!



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