Are you wondering how to get your clients’ (or those who are on your email list) attention these days? Watch this video for tips!

They subscribed at some point or bought from you but they’re just not opening your emails… this is becoming a HUGE ISSUE amongst a lot of us who have worked so hard and long to build a following, our community if you will, of people who wanted more information about what we do, how we can help, etc. but now just aren’t paying much attention, if any at all.

This is a question I ask my clients, event attendees and even the audience from stage or a podcast interview.

Do you want the answer to how to get more people to pay attention via email?

The magic pill to getting 80-100% email open rates?

Are you sure?

Ha ha ha…

Well – SO DO I ! LOL

I just wrote about how to get your emails opened in a recent email newsletter and the open rates were still about the same, just slightly higher than other emails.

So, what are we going to do about it?

I know what I’m NOT going to do.

I’m not going to STOP emailing. I’m not going to stop sharing my thoughts, business advice, tips, and personal stories with my community.

I’m not going to email them less in hopes that they open my emails then or more just to bug them. I’m going to send an email when I think there’s something of interest to share, something that can benefit them in their quest to growing their business, making a lot of money doing what they love!

I recommend you do not stop sending emails either.

WATCH THIS VIDEO TO GET SOME GREAT IDEAS on how to boost your open rates and response!

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