It’s time. Time to uncover your true greatness. Time to start sharing your gifts with the world, and time to embrace & bring your authentic self more forward in your life!

Whew! That’s a lot to consider, isn’t it? Overwhelming even. And perhaps you are thinking “Sure Kat, I’d love to share my gifts with the world, but I don’t know what they are!” Or “I’d love to find my authentic self, but I’m not even sure who that is!”

That’s where Rebecca Hall Gruyter and I come in. On April 16 we will be hosting a FREE teleclass where we will empower you with the tools to:

  • Find out what to look at in your business or your life that could help bring more of your authentic self out.
  • Uncover your true greatness within you, what that looks like, what your gifts are and how you can share them with others.
  • Discover multiple ways you can bring your authentic message and brilliance to the world.
  • Immediately start implementing action steps to embrace and bring your authentic self forward in your life.

And guess what? When you are able to be more authentic in all that you do, say and strive to be….magic starts to happen!

I’ll talk to you soon!


Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”P.S.  Get yourFREE Entrepreneur’s Success Kit plus a few other Free Gifts online at!
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