Catch this Facebook Live with me and my friend PeggyLee Hanson where we discuss book formatting, publishing, being an author, compilation books, and speaking… it’s all so vital to being a true expert in your industry! PeggyLee is one of the speakers at my 2019 Speaker Success Bootcamp this week.
Get tips for WHAT to write, how to publish and Kindle publishing needs.
One thing we talked a lot about is BOOK FORMATTING – of your ebook or print book.

Proper book formatting is absolutely vital to having it read or purchased and especially to getting RAVE REVIEWS!

No reader likes a poorly formatted book or one that’s hard to navigate without easy online click to chapter links for example with ebooks.
The visual experience of your book is something to spend a little time and money on for sure.

Here are a few book formatting tips for ebooks:

  1. Make the content easy to read, meaning use words most people use and write like you talk perhaps
  2. Put bulletpoints in and paragraph breaks often so it’s not just paragraph after paragraph of content
  3. Make it easy to click to each chapter from within the Table of Contents
  4. Be careful adding too many pictures, it will make your file very large and not as easily downloadable for users, most ebook readers prefer text only
  5. Add links to pages in your website for easy clicking and opting in for free stuff!

Here are a few book formatting tips for print books:

  1. Have enough white space so the text isn’t all crunched together please, that’s just annoying
  2. Have easy to scan copy with lots of smaller paragraphs just like in the ebooks, bulletpoints, numbers perhaps if you’re sharing steps to something and even pictures I think. 
  3. Pictures will add pages to your book if you haven’t written something very long or if you want to spread out the copy a bit. Be careful using pictures that are only good if used in color, color is VERY EXPENSIVE to print in a book! Think about adding a color version to your book on your website perhaps if the pictures really are better in color, then you can link to it from your chapters and also hopefully get people on your email list!
  4. Please remember to drive people to your website whatever you do… add in things perhaps like “Action Steps” at the end of each chapter, or a “Book Resources Download Page” for audios, video content and more. 
  5. Use a header and footer for your pages, it can change for left or right sided pages also so you can alternate what’s on those, but use that space to include your business name, website or title of your book even. 

Want to become an author easier too in 2019? Contact either PeggyLee or myself to help you write your own book OR Check out both of our compilation book opportunities and let US do the work for you in getting published in the next year or so…
PeggyLee’s Courage Under Siege book and free writing guide:
Katrina’s Jumpstart Your _____ book:

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