When do you know you’re ready to host an event or even just a meetup?

What do you charge?

What should be your focus?

How do you use your meetup to position yourself as an expert in your business or industry?

How do you get people to come to your meetup?

Will you sell something there, if so, what?

All these questions and more are answered for you on this video. I share my experience with my own meetups, other events and give you pros and cons on what to do and how.

Click the video below to get your questions answered about Hosting and Monetizing Meetups. 

Find out more about my meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/sacramentospeakersnetwork/

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2 Responses to “Facebook Live: Hosting & Monetizing Meetups”

  1. Jill Safran

    You are so right about charging for Meetups. I ran a successful Meetup group for three years. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the disability program I have been on, I was unable to charge for my efforts. Although I met several great, appreciative people, here is what I ran across from time to time because I could not charge:
    1) New people will not value what you do. They will sign up and not show up if something more interesting comes along.
    2) It will take longer for you to connect to the people who do show up because they are
    wary of what you “MIGHT” want from them since your motivation isn’t clear to them.
    3)You will get more criticism and negative feedback than if you did charge. Why? Because not charging can actually make people feel guilty, especially if you offer high-quality events. In order to curtail that feeling of guilt, some people feel compelled to fault-find with you. And they will do it!

    • Katrina Sawa

      Thanks for commenting Jill and giving more insight! Meetups are great for lead generation and sharing your expertise… IF done right. Value your time and others will too. – Katrina Sawa


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