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4:30 pm - 5:30 pm PST

Would you like to mastermind with me and a small group of highly motivated entrepreneurs every month? 

What if I told you it would only cost you $7/month?

You’re invited for sure – this could be a great opportunity for you too because it could be EXACTLY what you need right now to get a big jumpstart in your life or business!

I haven’t offered this type of group or community EVER. This organization is NOT about me, it’s all about YOU and our members! This is entirely different than anything I’ve ever created also because it’s all about COMMUNITY. 

In case you missed this in my last few emails the last month or so, I founded the International Entrepreneur Network.  This is a community who will support and guide you 100%!  It’s a community where you can BE YOURSELF, share your thoughts and expertise, showcase your value as well as receive huge value, advice and resources to grow your business.

The International Entrepreneur Network (IEN) is the ONE community that will be that ALL-IN-ONE resource for you.

Regardless if you’re in other programs, have other mentors, masterminds or are involved in other business or self development communities… for the price of ONE Starbucks coffee pretty much every single month you could receive sooooo much value, connections and awesome ideas even to help you start up, grow, market and monetize your business.

Frankly, my Live Big Mastermind clients pay thousands of dollars to attend our mastermind retreats, events and calls all year long but you won’t have to do that.

The first 200 founding members of the International Entrepreneur Network will only pay $7/month as long as you remain active! PLUS, as soon as we get to that level, I’ll be pulling some of the founding members in to either moderate the facebook group (getting more exposure for YOUR business online) or on the calls (sharing YOUR expertise even more)!

So hurry and sign up here and I’ll count you in!



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