Do you have spring fever yet?

I’ve been starting to get it….looking out into the nice sunny day from my office window, feeling the cool breezes in the early morning come through the windows and doors….it’s nice working from home but I’m going to have to schedule in some *enjoy* time in the am I think a few times a week.

What are you looking forward to this spring/summer?

I’m looking forward to some quality family stuff – I’m going to be meeting my boyfriend’s sister and her husband when I’m up in Portland mid-May. Then next weekend we get to do a Six Flags day out with Riley (I hope my new hip hangs in there all day for that!). And in June we’re spending some time in Tahoe with Jason’s whole family. (Tahoe is so beautiful that time of year)

PLUS I’m really looking forward to ALL THE SPEAKING opportunities that I have coming up! There are a TON!

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