Technology – How it Affects Business Efficiency Increasing Cash Flow

As business owners we all know that marketing and sales are what we need to do to create or increase cash flow, right? It’s pretty common sense stuff when you think about it, but actually DOING it is a whole other story.  We’re all pressed for time, doing a million things and everything seems to come at us at a fast pace. Technology was supposed to HELP us get more done, and in most cases it does. But, it also complicates things, too.

I just did a presentation the other day about marketing… but it was more than just marketing, I started out talking about WHY we need to do a lot more marketing first and it all came down to……… TECHNOLOGY!

Technology is part of business and business efficiency increases cash flow.

Follow with me here for a minute….

With more forms of technology being used (email, SMS texting, video marketing, social media, robo-calling, etc…) information is hitting us from all directions at lightning speed. It turns into a vicious cycle. This huge increase in amount and speed of information is making it harder to get people to pay attention which means we (you and me) just have to do MORE marketing.

The days of just sending one email out to our list or doing one post or even a Facebook Live to generate leads is GONE. Plain gone. These activities are no where near enough to get anyone to pay attention to you or your message, much less take action to purchase our products or sign up for our course and events.

That means we have to do more.  If we don’t DO MORE…our sales will fall off and that cuts our cash flow.

But to do more it takes more time right?

Well, it definitely could… IF you’re not being efficient.

Systems Increase Efficiency and Efficiency Increases Cash Flow

This is one reason I focus so much on teaching you systems. Systems for lead generation, marketing, follow up, sales and even systems to manage clients, your business, your team and so much more.

It takes a little bit of effort and time to LEARN what systems you need, what software perhaps, or technology and then learn HOW to implement those systems so that your business efficiency increases cash flow.


For a great lead generation system online, you want to have:

  • A well written landing page with a good call to action, what will you give away for free? Something that your ideal client really wants (not just what you think they need).
  • An opt in box, some way to collect their email and name on that page is critical. Ideally, a form NOT generated from a plugin on your WordPress either because that isn’t hooked up to a system that can send auto replies. You want an email marketing software that makes you compliant and will send an auto email reply (we call that an autoresponder).
  • The autoresponder set up, maybe more than just one email in that series too, it can be multiple emails set to send by day – day 0, the day they opt in, possibly day 2 to make sure they went and listened or downloaded your freebie, day 5 to ask them to come to a call with you perhaps or take a next step, day 10 with a good piece of other content for education along with call to action, etc.
  • This system would also hopefully include a prompt for YOU to call them to follow up, a prompt for you to MAIL THEM something in the mail if you can get their phone number and email address either at the time of opt in OR in subsequent emails when you get them to sign up for a call or other fun thing… ask for MORE contact info at that time.
  • All of this almost can be automated. And there could be more to it… but we’d have to look at your whole business model and your goals to determine what else.

I help clients with this stuff all the time you know… I’m not just about helping you with jumpstarting your business, marketing, website, sales, etc. I’m about helping you REDESIGNING YOUR BUSINESS TO FIT THE TYPE OF LIFESTYLE THAT YOU REALLY WANT.

This involves your life, your business, your relationships, your self-confidence, your technology and systems, your pricing and LITERALLY EVERYTHING that it takes to get you where you want to go.

Keep in mind that I’ve been helping entrepreneurs do all of this for 17 years now. I know a lot about a lot and I keep learning more myself too, we all have to or we’ll get stagnant.

If you want REALISTIC, PRACTICAL & PROVEN ways to jumpstart your business, get more clients, stop stressing and being in overwhelm while building a business you’re proud of, that makes a big impact on others AND brings you a good amount of money in the process then you want to ATTEND MY LIVE EVENTS. Especially the next one, it’s my signature Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend event.

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