I recently had a discussion with The Vibrant Visionary, Audra Grady, about Hosting Your Own Live Events and what it really takes to create, host and lead successful events in your business!

As many of you know, I love hosting the smaller live events where I can really connect with my audience. My audience gets to see more of me and get more from me. Audra also shared what she sees as benefits for this style of events too.

There are a couple of really great business reasons to host your own events and we discuss them in this broadcast. There’s a common misconception that you can make a lot of money off of the ticket sales, which is not the norm. Audra and I discuss what you need to do to make your live event a success without losing money.

This can be a lucrative business model, if you already have your programs in place. But I’ve find that many entrepreneurs really need some training before they start the process of planning their events.

There are many moving parts when you decide you are going to host live events. Tune into the broadcast to learn:

    • The single most important thing you want to do BEFORE you plan your event.
    • What’s possible but also what’s probable for the number of people you may attract.
    • Some fun ways to ENGAGE your audience so they don’t fizzle out in the middle or end of your event.

    To listen to all of the tips and strategies we shared, go to the replay of our Live broadcast on Facebook, either on my Profile or on Audra Grady’s. And if you are interested in taking advantage of the DISCOUNT I’m offering in this broadcast, you need to place the discount code in your comment on this Facebook Live Broadcast post, on either my Facebook Profile or on Audra’s.

    To learn more about my upcoming live events (I hold 3 to 4 live events each year), just head over to LiveBigEvents.com

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