I wanted to share with you some REALLY JUICY TIPS over the next few weeks so you could really utilize the rest of your summer and implement some great strategies in your business.

So, stop slackin’ and get back to work! Just kidding…we need balance too, hope you’re enjoying your summer. I am…just happen to have the two annual conferences I typically go to back to back this year with a camping trip to Yosemite stuck in the middle! I know, busy…but actually when I go out of town for conferences and trips and stuff for speaking or whatever, it’s actually a break for me and fun.

Since I LOVE WHAT I DO, networking at events is exciting and easy for me!

I know this doesn’t come easy for a lot of you however. Some of my more introverted coaching clients however are downright scared to go to such a big event. I make it easier for them however by sharing more with them on what to do, say and bring so they’re more confident about it all.

You can make a BIG impression at an event or conference AND get a lot of paying clients from such events …. IF you know what to do to maximize your time before, during and after each event.

My video today is all about this and how to maximize your time and efforts at events and conferences whether you’re an attendee, an exhibitor or a speaker – go watch it, I promise you’ll get some juicy new ideas for yourself! 



Oh and I happen to have an excellent product on my website where you can get much more in depth training on all this stuff, what exactly to do, say, send, set up, be prepared for/with, etc. It’s my Tradeshow Networking Tool Kit – pick it up today for just $57 if this is an area you need some help with

Have a great week!

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