So, do you?

Volunteering for non-profit events is one thing I really love to do. One reason is because I’m not yet in a position of extreme wealth in order to give a ton of cash donations which many organizations of course need. So, instead I volunteer my time because while that is still very precious to me, it’s what I have to give and I fully believe in giving to others.
Because if you give – you will receive!
So, I encourage my clients and friends to find places and organizations they can volunteer.
There are many reasons to volunteer:
  • Just simply to serve and help others
  • To get new business by volunteering in places where your target market will be
  • To make a difference
  • In the name or memory of a loved one
  • To raise money for the organization
  • To be on a board of an organization – either to simply serve or to increase your credibility and expertise in the marketplace

Many of these reasons could actually help increase your business so if at the very least you volunteer because of that, then I say do it.

I normally volunteer for local chambers of commerce events for this reason. Chambers help small businesses in their community get noticed, get help and be heard.

Here’s me behind the VIP bar at the Folsom Pro Rodeo this 4th of July! I don’t normally sport a pony tail but my goodness….it was 105 degrees this day! Thank God I was behind the bar and could splash myself with water anytime I wanted.

And some of my coherts!

I am a small business and I target small businesses for my clients so this is a WIN-WIN for me.

Chambers do good things in the community for businesses and residents with the money they raise so I like to be a part of that. Plus I get a lot of perks from volunteering for the chambers – such as free tickets to events, exposure and recognition at events, opportunities to be in front of members and more. Over the years, I’ve truly made some really close friends from the chamber and some of my best clients are chamber members too.

Here’s me and 3 other chamber gals at the El Dorado Hills Golf Tournament this year, they typically raise about $30,000 from this event each year of which they donate some of that back to high school student scholarships and more!

In addition to volunteering for the chambers (3 right now), I also highly promote the Sacramento Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In 2005 I ran for Woman of the Year. I didn’t win but I raised over $10,000!

Here’s me with the boy and girl of the year in 2005 – the picture’s a little old but I still try to be a part of this event each year.

When I ran, I collected prizes and donations totalling over $6,000 in value – spread amongst 6 large gift baskets for the silent and live auctions – I love doing this kind of stuff!

I got so much free publicity from this campaign it was amazing – ads in the paper, articles in many papers, ads in the Biz Journal, a billboard with my photo on it, magazine ads….you can’t buy that kind of exposure. All I did was spent some time raising money, holding fundraisers and sending out email blasts and mailings.

So, if you’re not currently volunteering, I’d encourage you to do something.

  1. First decide if you have time to volunteer just to give back or if you need to volunteer in places that might be good for your business too – there is no shame in that.
  2. Then do an internet search or ask your friends (or chambers) if they know any organizations that fit the types of need, target market for members, cause that you want to align yourself with.
  3. Visit the organization’s meetings if you can to find out if it’s a good fit for you and what they need or require in terms of volunteers.
  4. Then decide if that need will fit the goals you made in order to contribute your time to volunteer.
  5. Try not to say YES to any group or organization just because they ask, make sure they fit your volunteering goals for right now. I know it’s hard to say NO but you need to in order to spend time doing what will fit for you.

Talk to you soon!

Katrina Out —

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