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There are SO many ways to make money during this shutdown and isolation period. First of all, I can’t see it lasting much longer or the country will be in financial ruin…so stay in faith that this will all work itself out soon. However, if you can’t do “business as usual” or people aren’t buying the stuff you were selling the way you were selling it… it is time to tweak what you were doing or how you were doing it AND it could also be time to think up something else you can sell. (even if it has nothing to do with your core business)

I was on a call yesterday with a client who has an organizing company but she focuses on people when they move, so she’s a ‘move consultant’ in LA. She can’t do her business right now, working in people’s homes plus less people are “moving” during this pandemic. So one exercise that I did with her is something you can do also to help you “BRAINSTORM” new and different ideas on what you can sell perhaps now, as an additional income stream (could be temporary or long term, either way). I asked her (and this was a very hard question for her to answer frankly but I helped nudge the ideas out of her):

  • “What are you good at doing?”
  • “What questions do you get often that you like to answer and that help people?”
  • “What were you good at in the past, in past jobs or experiences (business or personal oriented)?”

I had to keep diving deep when she gave me “surface answers” to really get to the heart of what the true problem/issue was that she was so good at solving… you can do this with yourself too!

She answered things like: budgeting, managing people, getting kids to trust her and tell her anything, getting stuff done, helping people relieve stress, things not to do when dating, giving honest feedback, getting others to trust you and listen to you, positive reinforcement, setting deadlines, photography.

Do you see the possibilities with my client on what else she could potentially sell right now to pull her through?

I saw at least 3 and I shared them with her, what she could charge, etc. 

Do this if you need to figure something out quick to start generating some revenue. Then of course you have to market it and tell people about it. You have to go sell it.

It makes complete sense that someone would create a new business model in times like this so stop worrying what others will say about you “switching” your business, you’re not. You’re just getting creative, innovative and resourceful.

You can do this!! I can help you!!

Let me help you figure out how to tweak, and change up your business to thrive during ANY economy, good or bad time including this one no matter what your business is.

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Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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