What do you do when you need a resource to streamline your business activities or assist you with a project? Have you been looking for some great training resources to help you with your questions about running a business and how to generate the revenue you need?

I’ve got that covered for you! Have you visited my new Resources page on my Jumpstart Your Marketing website?

Are you a business owner who knows you need to use technology to automate your systems, but you’re not sure which one(s) would be right for your business based on where it is now and where you want to go? My “Recommended Resources” page contains a list of preferred vendors for software and applications that I have used in my business.  If you have questions on any of the technology options listed here, I’ll be happy to consult with you.  Just reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Are you confused about all of the FREE Trainings that have been offered to you via email or on social media? I have created several valuable training courses that consist of audio and video recordings, checklists, tools and MORE that you can take advantage of in my “FREE TRAININGS & MORE” section. All of the trainings here are focused on teaching you how to make more money doing what you LOVE!  I’ve also include a Love Track of products if you are looking for more love in your life. When you access this page, you’ll find that several trainings will interest you. It’s OK to take advantage of more than just one! Feel free to access any and all trainings that you think will be valuable to you.

Have you wondered how you can benefit by sharing information about my coaching services, my programs and events? YOU CAN!! I do a lot of marketing but I know it’s not possible to reach every business owner/entrepreneur out there who could use my help. So I’ve created an affiliate program where you can sign up, help me spread the word about my coaching programs and events, and be PAID for sales that you refer. It’s EASY to sign up and use your unique affiliate link. Go to my Affiliate page, join my affiliate program and start earning commissions for your referrals.

Are you ready to Jumpstart Your Business but your lack of technology skills are slowing you down?  Don’t let that stop you – keep the momentum!  My Techy Services can help you with  websites, email marketing, social media, and more!  Check out all of the details at my JumpstartYourMarketing.com/techyservices page.

You can get the details on all of my Resources at JumpstartYourMarketing.com/mainresources .

Here’s to Your Success!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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