I really enjoyed talking about how to make Fast Cash by creating Easy YES Offers with Minette Riordan and Brad Dobson, co-founders of The Path to Profit Academy and Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs.

What a FUN Interview!

I created the concept of an Easy YES Offer a few years ago when I had positioned myself to sell mostly high end programs. In fact, the price of my lowest end program was $200. I attended a workshop where the focus was “making money today”. My intention was to sell my $2,000 program and I offered a flashdrive containing some more of my trainings and programs as a BONUS!   My ‘ah ha’ moment came when people were asking to buy the bonus, instead of the $2,000 program. I sold several of the flashdrives that day for a lower price than the program, but I ended up with Fast Cash.

It’s something I encourage attendees to use at my LIVE events. It’s an offer that’s specifically designed as to make people say YES and buy on the spot! It’s designed to make FAST CASH. It’s not just a lead magnet although you can use a freebie as an alternative with those who don’t accept your Fast Cash Offer. It works best when you make the offer irresistible!

For example, I’ve had people make Fast Cash Offer at my Events that cost $50 and six people bought it – that’s a quick $300. Others have designed offers that cost more.

These offers are for those who need clients! There are several ways to structure these offers!

Click on the video below to get specific ideas about creating your EASY YES OFFER, sales funnels, the importance of systems and MORE !



So what type of Easy YES Offer will you create?

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Talk to You Again Soon!! 


Katrina Sawa

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