Our Love & Money Club Guest Expert this month is Women Wellness Expert, Robin Treasure!

How are you managing Stress? Do you know that stress can zap your energy, stimulate your food carvings and cause you to be less productive?


Our Love & Money Club Guest Expert this month is Women’s Wellness expert, Robin Treasure who will be speaking about The R’s of Stress Management: Resiliency, Reduction and Responsiveness (vs. Reacting)

Robin will share simple techniques to help you reduce and eliminate your daily stressors.

What you’ll walk away with from this call:

  • How to become resilient to whatever comes your way;
  • The key mindset that every entrepreneur needs to achieve their goals;
  • The secret rule to doing less while achieving more.

PLEASE NOTE: The call will not be LIVE this month – all paid members will receive a pre-recording as soon as it is completed which will be emailed to them before the scheduled date 4/28.

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Robin TreasureAbout The Speaker

Robin Treasure is a women’s wellness coach and speaker who has helped professional women from a dozen different countries enjoy resilience to stress, increased productivity, all-day energy, and freedom from cravings. She has shared the stage with leading health experts including board certified Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Dr Anna Cabeca, and best-selling author and hormone expert Marcelle Pick. Robin trained as a certified wellness coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

After successfully recovering from her own challenges with stress-induced adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances, Robin recognized that countless women struggle with stress and fatigue because of nutritional myths and destructive belief systems. Her speaking and coaching practice are built on the idea that health is wealth: when women have the right resources and support, they can truly thrive professionally and personally.

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I wanted to share an article with you today from one of the Speakers/Sponsors of my upcoming Jumpstart Your Marketing & Sales Summit happening on November 19-21, 2015. Robin Treasure is a Wellness Coach and Strategist who helps entrepreneurs sustain our energy, health and more! This is a very important topic and something I’m working on myself now.” ~ Katrina Sawa

As a driven entrepreneur, you may be wondering how much longer your energy levels will keep up with the pace of your life.  Here are a few signs that burnout may be affecting you:

•    You feel tired all the time, regardless of how much sleep you get at night
•    You feel exhausted after a workout – especially the following day
•    You catch every bug going around
•    You’re overwhelmed by challenges that you used to cope with easily

When you’re driven, it can be difficult to let go and do less, but when it comes to adrenal health, as wellBiz woman stress dreamstime_s_48835745 as your waistline and energy levels, less really is more.  That’s especially true when it comes to exercise.

“Just do more cardio, and you’ll lose that belly fat and get a surge of energy”, right? Wrong!  While some form of exercise is beneficial for nearly everyone, it’s important to pay attention to what type of exercise your body responds best to, because you might be sabotaging your own efforts without realizing it and contributing to the burnout you could be experiencing.

We’ve spent decades glorifying the “burn” of intense exercise like P90X and marathon running. But what about the countless people who sweat out their lives on treadmills and in spinning classes, only to feel chubbier and more exhausted? What’s going on there?

The answer has to do with your overall stress load. Endurance exercise and intense cardio are perceived by the body as a stressor, which results in a surge of the hormone cortisol. Made by the adrenal glands, cortisol is a vital hormone that’s supposed to follow a natural high-to-low pattern over the course of the day.

But if you’re faced with high levels of stress – from your business, your relationships, an overly restrictive diet, processed foods, or even your exercise routine – your cortisol levels will remain unnaturally high.

What happens when your cortisol levels are unnaturally high?
•    You hold onto stubborn belly fat despite dieting and spending hours at the gym
•    You have trouble sleeping at night, even if you feel tired during the day
•    You crave sugar and maybe even a few glasses of wine to unwind in the evening

If that pattern of unrelenting stress continues unchecked, your body may stop producing enough cortisol, resulting in a condition known as adrenal fatigue, or burnout. You can think of it as “burning up” your adrenal glands. Truthfully, your adrenal glands can still function, but the hormonal feedback loop breaks down, and that’s when you short-circuit.

So, do you think you’re in burnout now?

Intense cardio alone probably won’t lead to burnout, but with our stressful, fast-paced lives, it’s important to exercise in a way that relieves your stress rather than adding to it.

So you may be wondering “all right then, what’s the best exercise for me?” Unfortunately there’s no simple answer, as it all depends on the individual. For many people, just three 30-minute sessions of High Intensity Interval Training per week will bring many health benefits and is far better than traditional endurance cardio.

But if you struggle with fatigue, especially adrenal fatigue, and if you find yourself feeling more tired after a workout, you need to dramatically cut back on the intensity of your exercise. And if you’re facing a lot of stress – as many of us do! The goal is to find a form of movement that calms your stress response system, like a leisurely walk in nature, or gentle yoga.

You might think that reducing the intensity of your exercise would mean weight gain, but you’ll find it actually helps you lose unwanted pounds simply by reducing your cortisol levels, for the reasons I mentioned above.

When you find a form of movement that works for you personally, you’ll feel a shift in your energy and Robin Treasure photo by Robin Clarkoverall wellbeing.

Wondering how you rate on the burnout scale? Visit www.robintreasure.com and take the Burnout Quiz!

Robin Treasure www.robintreasure.com has helped professional women from a dozen different countries enjoy increased productivity, all-day energy, resilience to stress, better digestion, and freedom from cravings. She trained as a certified wellness coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been featured as a guest expert on international radio shows and telesummits including “Women, Food & Desire”.


Here’s to your Health so you can create a wildly successful Life!

Katrina Sawa

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