This week’s video ezine is about building your list to build your business. As a small business owner for almost 11 years now, I’ve realized that nothing matters in my business besides building a solid list of followers, subscribers, clients and fans that love, trust and connect with me. That’s why I focus most of my efforts in my marketing on list building. Basically figuring out how to get in front of a ton more people who don’t yet know me every single week. That’s why on my NEW VIDEO I’m talking about the key ways to build a responsive list for ANY business in ANY industry – what’s REALLY working…. Seriously go take a watch and see what you think for yourself!


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I’m really tired of the hype that’s out there.

I get frustrated that so many amazing entrepreneurs feel like they’re not measuring up to everyone else, playing the comparison game, and feeling bad about themselves.

I want to set the record straight.

I had told you a few days ago about an event like no other, that’s going to blow the curtain back and reveal what NO ONE else is showing you, so that you can stop comparing, and know what the “right track” to success REALLY looks like.

We are re-defining success – in a way that you can actually relate to, and feel GOOD about. 

Anastasia Netri and Lisa Cherney have invited me to get really vulnerable and share some behind the scenes stories with you.  I’ve NEVER shared some of this stuff in public before, because I haven’t been asked to go this deep.  Ever.

Me and 19 amazing entrepreneurs are “taking it off” (literally!), and get more “edgy” than we ever have before with this totally unique event:

Experts in the RAW – the N*aked Truth about Success

Click here to watch this totally hilarious video

These conversations will offer HUGE insight into what will guarantee your success – and what will sabotage it, so you want to sign up now.

I’m not perfect.

I have issues, I’ve fallen on my butt, I’ve had crazy challenges in my life, and I still managed to get where I am – and it wasn’t always easy.  When you know the WHOLE story, then you’ll be inspired, I know you will, because you’ll see that you can do it too.

All of us are committed to you, because the world NEEDS you.  We want to set you up for success – exactly as you are now, without feeling like you have to “become” something else.  You don’t.  These interviews will shine a bright light on the truth for you.

Click here to get your behind the scenes ticket (and watch this funny video (you won’t believe what they did…

We’re all sharing stories, embarrassing mistakes, breakthroughs, and much more.

And, you’ll learn the secret that EVERY successful person has in common (if you have this, you’ll make it)

It’s our gift to you.) Click here to see what we’re up to and watch this hilarious video


P.S.  If you haven’t seen it yet –  I took a “n8aked” picture of myself. O.M.G. …Click here to see it

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I’m so excited to let you in on something…outrageous, bold, and *slightly* vulnerable.

First…let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • Have you ever “compared” yourself to certain experts, or other entrepreneurs you know, and felt like everybody is “2 steps ahead”?
  • Do you listen to people telling you how easy it is to grow a business, and wonder why it’s not that easy for you or what you’re “doing wrong”?

I totally had those thoughts too.  As a matter of fact, I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t thought that on occasion.  You’re not alone, that’s for SURE.

I’m so excited to be part of something…an event like no other, that’s going to blow the curtain back and reveal what NO ONE else is showing you, so that you can stop comparing, and know what the “right track” to success REALLY looks like.

This will change everything you know about being an entrepreneur.  For the BETTER.

Anastasia Netri and Lisa Cherney have invited me to get really “raw” with you, and I jumped at the chance.  I’ve wanted an opportunity to share some real behind the scenes stories with you, and I’ll tell you right nowI’ve NEVER shared some of this stuff in public before.

You’re invited to join me and 19 other brave speakers, as we “take it off” (literally!), and get more “edgy” than we ever have before with this totally unique event:

Experts in the RAW – the N*aked Truth about Success

Click here to watch this totally hilarious video

Because I’m so committed to your LIFELONG success, I STRONGLY suggest you hear these conversations.  They will offer HUGE insight into what will guarantee your success – and what will sabotage it.

All of us have “issues”, made mistakes, and had challenges (and still do) – and kept going…and created amazing businesses.


We’re Getting N*aked.

We’re Getting Raw.

We’re NOT Holding Back.

Click here to get your behind the scenes ticket (and watch this funny video (you won’t believe what they did…)

We’re all sharing our most private stories, embarrassing mistakes, biggest breakthroughs, how we’ve dealt with failure and self-doubt

PLUS – #1 secret that EVERY successful person has in common (if you have this you’ll make it, we promise!)

Oh, and this is FREE.  Really free.  No 48-hour replay stuff.

Get the details and watch the video here


P.S.  They got me to agree to take a “n*aked” picture of myself.  Yes.  I can’t believe I did it, but here goesClick here to see it

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In my NEW VIDEO MESSAGE today I’m sharing a few things that most small business owners are missing in your business – massive lead generating structure, systems, the right revenue generating business models and the strategies to help you make more money and stop working so hard. 

Watch and take a look at what you’re doing in your business to see if there are some easy tweaks you can make in your business to make it a much more smooth-running, lead generating, passion-driving, freedom based, moneymaking machine. 

Click the image to watch now! 

Running a smooth-running business can save you hours of time every week and tons of money when you have the right systems so if you’re still spinning your wheels in one way or another, check out what I’m sharing in the video and do something about it today. 

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Do you have a LOVE / HATE relationship with your current website? 

Or maybe you don’t have a website yet at all because you just can’t imagine what to do or how to do it so it actually gives you a return on your investment?

Well, your website SHOULD BE your most valuable and most important marketing tool. It’s a tool and a marketing mecca. It should be the hub of your small business generating leads on its own, converting those leads to an email list, interacting with visitors to make them want to learn more, read on or sign up for stuff. 

Most of the time however I see small business websites that don’t do any of this. 

  • They just plain aren’t working for you. 
  • They don’t bring in many leads if any at all. 
  • They don’t even make the visitor want to contact you. 
  • And you certainly aren’t monetizing it as best as you could. 

Check out the BRAND NEW VIDEO I recorded with the TOP 5 THINGS you need on your site to get more leads from your website –>>>>>> CLICK HERE

NOW….. there IS A SOLUTION that I want to share with you this monthAnd why you should stop and pay attention to this TODAY, BEFORE you take off for the weekend….that I’m offering a BRAND NEW “Let’s Fix Your Website” Webinar in just about a week from now.

But there are only 10 seats available and its at an unheard of price of $49!

(Yes it will be recorded. Yes I will give each attendee 3+ key tweaks to make on your site to get more leads fast. Yes I may do this again but why wait to get more leads?)

Click over and see what the buzz is all about if you know your site needs work, changes, better copy, a freebie, more functionality, videos and more! The easy part of this all is that you’ll walk away with EXACTLY what to say, do andchange on your site to get more business from it rather than having it just sit there and basically do nothing for you.

“Stop Losing Leads From Your Website Webinar: Transform Your Website and Online Presence Into a Massive Lead Generating and Cash Machine”

Did you know that over 95% of everyone who visits your website won’t do anything to contact you?

The #1 goal of your website should be to build your email list NOT sell stuff or just sit their looking pretty sharing what you do.

To find out more about how to transform your website to make it more of a smooth-running, lead-generating machine, check out my Jumpstart Your Website Webinar. Find out when the next class is and sign up to get my eyeballs on YOUR site! Go now.

I am so excited to help you jumpstart your business, your marketing and your life in 2013, let me know if you have any questions!

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It’s Katrina here with a quick thought about holiday sales – online, offline, email or Internet sales, it doesn’t matter.
Your inbox is probably FULL of special LIMITED TIME ONLY, 50% OFF or more SPECIAL SALES going on right now because its the holidays, right?

Well, check out this video I did today because I noticed what so many internet marketers were doing and I thought to myself…this isn’t right….

It’s totally worth a quick listen, I promise.

Enjoy the season with family and friends, be merry and joyous as much as possible, try not to sweat the small stuff, don’t overspend when you’re out shopping, and treat yourself too if you can – you deserve it!


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I was at the Braveheart Women RISE Event all last week and weekend and let me tell you, if you like spiritual type workshops and environments or conferences where it feels like you’re in a big love fest, lots of dancing, essential oils, healers, pampering, vegan food…you should definitely consider attending this event next November.

For those of you who’ve been following me for a while, you can imagine….I was a little outside of my comfort zone there. Not too much, I mean, I’m pretty spiritual and deep with my vision, thoughts, intentions, etc. But still, it wasn’t my normal business networking event!

I picked up a few things though about myself, my business and my purpose there which I’m sharing on today’s video ezine…I think it will help many of you struggling with who you are, what your purpose it and how to engage more in the marketplace.

Click here to watch today’s video message and training!

Are you giving thanks this week?

I know I am.

I’m thankful for my own abilities first and I appreciate myself first and foremost. Then for my honey, family, friends and clients.

I’m thankful for those of you who find value in reading my ezines or watching my videos and I truly hope that I’m making a difference in your life.

I’m thankful for the health I’m in (although not as great as I’d like at the moment).

I’m thankful for my warm home, luxuries my business allows me and for being able to reach such a broad audience with my message (it needs to be heard).

What are you thankful for?

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I recorded this video just for you guys this morning in fact because I see HUGE OPPORTUNITIES for you to do so much better in your business and be way less stressed.

I’m begging you to take more time to do this ONE thing in your business…you will be SOOOOOO much happier if you do, I promise!


One thing I’m grateful for having systems for is that unfortunately I have to get surgery in January and automated marketing, lead generation, my team, systems and processes are going to SAVE ME from stressing out in case I’m on big pain killers for longer than I want to be.

I told the doc that I’ve got stuff to do, how long will I be out? He said it could be 2-6 weeks.

What would you do if YOU had to be OUT of your business for that long? How bad would your income suffer because YOU couldn’t work?

Think about it, of course we never think anything will ever happen to us (or those we love right)? But neither did I. Hip replacement surgery at 42? Who would have guessed? That’s for someone in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s right? NOPE!

So just be careful NOT protecting yourself, your business and your income by NOT taking time to implement the right systems and automated marketing NOW.

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Are you doing the RIGHT THINGS in your business and marketing so you can STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY doing the wrong things and just being busy?  Being busy isn’t helping you I’m guessing so stop it just for the sakes of being busy…get a REAL BIZ AND MARKETING PLAN in place ASAP so there’s no question on what to do every week!

If you’re not getting my email newsletters then you’re missing out on some other juicy information on how to jumpstart your business, free teleclasses you could join in on and even a special offer on doing a marketing planning meeting with me for just $197! Go get yourself on the list now at

Katrina Sawa

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This week I met with a publicity expert friend of mine to do some brainstorming on how to get the word out more about my book…. the thing with publicity is you do your best and cross your fingers someone cares. Love it! 😉

Then I helped her outline her business models more so she had more clarity around what she offered, who would care and how to package and sell what she wants to do.

This is a big issue for many small businesses – you think you’ve explained or shown it well on your website what exactly you do but people still aren’t sure or still aren’t buying…

Watch this week’s video on how to maybe tweak what you’re doing to not only are YOU more clear on what you do and how to express it, but it makes complete sense to your PROSPECTS too AND makes them want to give you their credit card.

Click here or the video image now.


(Remember the coupon code: 200OFF)

One thing that seems to work for ALL my clients in getting more clarity and focus around what you’re doing and how to offer, promote or sell it is to talk with me one-on-one in a laser coaching session.

I’m telling you this is priceless. If you’re getting blank stares at networking events or no one really ever takes you up on your special offers and you can’t understand why. No one signs up for your drawings or seems to want to set up calls with you to find out more then you probably aren’t communicating what you do in an effective manner.

Watch the video please, it will help you. Then really consider taking me up on the special offer above too because this rate won’t last long and I want to help more of you make more money as fast as possible. It could be as easy as tweaking what you’re already doing just a bit to monetize more of your current marketing efforts!

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