I hope you’re off and had a fun, relaxing weekend. I know I did.

Check out the video message for what I was up to this weekend and for some tips on about the difference between speaking for free or a fee and why you should care and where you can see me live this week plus so much more.

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I hope you’ve had an awesome summer (or winter for those of you in other countries!)? It seems like many of you tend to not work so hard during the summer months, is that true?

So are you ready to get BACK TO BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS OR WHAT? I say YES! If you have systems in place, you can take time off and you’re still building your business – is YOUR business a smooth running, money making machine on its own yet?

(Click here or the video image to HEAR what I have to say about Direct, Segmented & Targeted Marketing Strategies)

I wanted to talk about how to be more strategic with your marketing by segmenting your list and targeting specific groups of people, prospects and referral sources. I gave a couple of examples on the video on what to do with that and why.

The main reason is that your messages are more relevant.

The other reason is so its more personal to the recipient.

Much of what you could be sending, saying or posting in your marketing could just not be hitting the hot buttons of who’s seeing your messages.

You aren’t talking to ENOUGH people either – I know that for a fact because no business owner is.

You may need to do 50-300% MORE MARKETING
than you’re doing now to actually reach the amount of people you need to reach to be able to get the percentage of those people who will respond to engage with you in order to get the right number of people to buy your products and services in order to hit the money goals you may have.

Its a numbers game but are you hitting big enough numbers? Do you even know? If you don’t know your numbers – how many people you need to reach every month in order to hit your goals then I want to help you.

If you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you want
from whatever you may be currently doing in your marketing or business right now then I want to help you.

If you aren’t really doing what you’re meant to be doing or charging what you know you’re worth then I want to help you.

Let’s figure out a plan together,
outline your next steps as well as the marketing and revenue generating activities you need to be doing EVERY DAY in your business to reach your goals.

Don’t be scared to talk to me because you think you’re not ready yet. Or you think I’m going to just pile more work on you when you’re already too busy. I hear those excuses all the time.

Trust me, my goal is to make this business EASIER for you and more streamlined, strategic, more creative, fun and WAY MORE PROFITABLE for you. You ARE working too hard. Let me help you.

GET STARTED SOMEWHERE! Click here for all the details!

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Ok so I had to stop everything I was doing and record this quick video message for you….its totally worth the click I promise plus you’ll see me in glasses LOL! There’s gold in this video trust me and probably LOST REVENUE from you doing some of these things….click the image to watch my VIDEO RANT NOW.

Now if after viewing this video you thought, “Katrina, great points here”, then you definitely need to register for my Free Teleclass this coming Tuesday, August 14th at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST.

P.S. Yes, the call will be recorded and anyone who registers will get that recording but I will be making SPECIAL OFFERS ONLY for those LIVE on the call! (And trust me, I have great technology so I know if you’re there or not.)

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I’m involved with an organization called the Women Speakers Association. There are some huge benefits to being a member of this organization that are way too long to list here but they’re doing a membership drive right now and actually July 31st will be THE LAST DAY you can become a FOUNDING MEMBER of Women Speakers Association (extra benefits!)…a thriving and fast-growing community of innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message in 120 countries on 6 continents!

GROW YOUR VISIBILITY…Increase your opportunities to GET SEEN, BOOKED and PAID…Connect,  Collaborate and Mastermind with a global network of power-house women who are dedicated to YOU getting your message out into the world!

Don’t miss out! JOIN BY JULY 31ST and lock yourself in as a FOUNDING MEMBER at the VERY LOW membership fee of ONLY $9.99/mo! Now you can always join as a free member too so you choose but go get active in there today!



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VIRTUAL TRAININGS: Looking to Jumpstart your business, grow your mindset and get clarity around what you are doing in your business and in your marketing? Prefer to learn virtually over the phone and email?

This can be a very affordable option to getting the advice and coaching YOU need for YOUR business to take it to the next level.

Date: TUESDAY, April 24TH @ 5:00 PM (PST)
Topic: How to Teach Live Calls & Programs to Boost Your Business

Find out why you want to embrace the new marketing strategies such as doing video marketing, mobile marketing, live streaming video shows, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, radio shows, etc.

There are always ways to incorporate some of these types of marketing to promote your business – in any industry, you just have to get creative.

Come to this call and get a bunch of ideas and examples of how to implement one or two of these strategies asap. Also learn the pros and cons of the time commitments, learning curves and ROI from these strategies as well.


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I’ve been hosting my own radio show now for a couple years. And frankly I’ve been able to track literally ONE client the whole time from it. Now it was a pretty big client mind you so it more than covered my investment for doing the show for the whole two years.

However, is that a good enough ROI for the time spent?
What are the other pros and cons I’ve learned along the way about being an online radio show host?

I share most of them in the following video – CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE TO VIEW THE VIDEO AND FIND OUT if this is a good strategy for YOU now or not and if so when?

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