I’m sharing with you today some quick business tips about Tradeshows and doing Table Displays at Expos and Events.

tradeshows - make money - get leadsThese are tips that will help you at tradeshows, expos, and events, whether you have 20 people attending and you have a table in the room or whether you are doing a full conference expo and there are rows of vendors.

I’ve been talking to a few of my clients on this specific topic and I’ve found that they are unprepared for the events they have coming up.  Because I’ve been working on this with them, I wanted to share tips with you!

There are SO many things to think about doing – BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER an Event.


  • See if there is a Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + Page for the event. Start networking before the event.  Start building relationships in advance.


  • Make sure you have a strategy to get in front of as many people as possible.  HINT: Some of the Vendors might need you too!


  • There is SO MUCH follow up to do after the event! I have a strategy for you for that!


Check out the video below for more detail about these strategies to Make More Money & Get Leads from Tradeshows!

Video Biz Tip: Make More Money & Get Leads from Tradeshows!

My Tradeshow Networking Toolkit outlines everything you need to know! I highly recommend it because there are so many things you are probably NOT doing that you NEED to do to maximize your ROI from your Tradeshow Displays and Exhibitor/Vendor Tables at Events. Just go to Jumpstartyourmarketing.com/products/tradeshow to see all of the benefits you receive.

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This week I’m on the East Coast at two Speaking Events and my Live Big Events – One Day Intensive in New Jersey.  I’m hoping your registered if you are in the area.  But I wanted to share some tips with you this week TradeShow Displays, those are Display Tables at a Conference or Networking Event where you are Speaking at, Attending or Back of the Room Displays.

First of all, I have a FREE Checklist that you will want to download.  You can find it here !

This checklist tells you EVERYTHING you will want to have on hand to set up your Display Table. You never know what you will need last minute, and I’m a frequent exhibitor at Events so please take advantage of my wisdom and download this list to check off for your next Event where you will have an exhibitor table. It’s going to save you a lot of time and effort, I promise!

There’s a few other things I want to point out that I’ve noticed people are doing wrong when I’m at Events.

No Drawing for Opt – In

It’s as simple as having something for people to drop their business card in a bowl or have a sheet of paper for them to provide you their email. It’s a HUGE mistake if you don’t have that. You want to capture all of your prospects.  You are going to have HOT leads that you will follow up with immediately. You will have WARM leads that you will want to follow up with a conversation as well. Remember, most sales will happen in your follow up, if you are good in your follow up. But don’t forget about your COLD leads, the ones you will need to nurture, educate and build a relationship with over time. You can include a free consult in your drawing but make sure to include something that everyone can use as well. The cold and warm prospects are not going to be interested in a free consult right away – only the HOT prospects will be.  One last point – make sure you note on the sign on your Drawing that is says “you will also receive a free subscription to my newsletter”Very Important to do that!  Technically, they have not given their permission to be added to your list if you don’t include that language.

Table That Isn’t Enticing

Get a Table Display Sign – they are not too expensive.  You want something that can be seen from all sides of the room. Your FREE DRAWING sign should be big and bold – it also needs to be seen from far away.  You can bring balloons to attract attention to your table or have some really cool snacks that everyone will be talking about.  Free samples also work well.  You want anything to attract people to come to your table and to come back.

No Program Info or Order Forms

Make sure you have information about all of your programs, flyers about your events, AND order forms for your products or services.  Have a way for people to BUY on the spot!

Click on the video below to hear more –>

Video Biz Tip: How to Set Up an Effective Display Table in Biz

Again, you can get my Tradeshow Display Checklist for FREE.  There is no opt-in, just download it and save it for future use.  But my program that I’m offering on that page will provide you with MORE info about how to network and get leads at Events,  doing table displays, gives you examples, and templates of the signs and forms you will need how to follow up, and so much more, that you can model to create your own incredible Table Display. I highly recommend you pick it up.  I have Table Displays at many events, whether I’m speaking or just an attendee. Why not shortcut the learning curve and get the benefit of my experience.  It’s only $57, so click here to check it out.


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Katrina Sawa

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Have you attended a tradeshow or biz expo and not gotten anything out of it – meaning you didn’t get even one contact that developed into more business or more money?


Have you displayed at a tradeshow or biz expo and when it was all over you had nothing to show for it but hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on marketing materials and your time?


Do you want to find out how to make more sales and contacts from tradeshows and biz expos whether you’re a vendor, speaker or just an attendee?

Good, then you’re reading the right article…clip-art---tradeshow

My name is Katrina Sawa and I’ve been in sales and marketing positions for almost 30 years of my life. During those various positions, from corporate to small biz to door-to-door sales I had to learn all kinds of sales and marketing techniques in order to either build my list of contacts that I could market to after or make sales right there on the spot!

I see business owners making mistakes every month at events with their exhibitor displays and booths so I put together a checklist of items to bring for those types of events so you’re fully prepared.

Quick Tradeshow Marketing Checklist of Items to Bring for Conferences, Displays and Even Speaking Gigs:

1.    Plenty of business cards, brochures, sales flyers, tip sheets, order forms, etc.

2.    Plastic (or other) holders for biz cards, brochures, flyers, signs to display on the table upright

3.    Promotional giveaways or items and a basket to display them in possibly

4.    Your products, CDs, books and whatever hardcopy items you have for sale

5.    Fish bowl or basket of some sort to collect cards in for a drawing at your booth

6.    Possibly a signup sheet for email list (make sure to collect full contact info, not just name and email though!) or making appointments on the spot

7.    Drawing slips for those without business cards to fill out and enter your drawing with

8.    Some kind of free drawing prize – could be physical gift although you have to get it to the winner, if a big event you may want to offer a digitally delivered or downloadable gift/service.

9.    Risers for your table display to make some things sit higher up on your table, cover w/ colored napkin or material to match

10.    Extra tablecloths, colored napkins and or tooling to match theme or brand

11.    Banner or large sign for behind the table, hanging from draped poles or floor sign for side

12.    Balloons or flowers matching colors to theme or brand

13.    Office supplies: regular pens & large fat pens, extra paper for handwritten signs, regular tape and packing/duck tape, tablecloth clips/holders, paperclips, safety pins, velcro stickers, metal banner hooks, clipboard (s), dice for game, rubber bands, stapler, scissors, post it notes, rope, sharpies to write on super gloss biz cards, name badge holders or nametags

14.    Basket of candy or some edible goodie either with business card attached or not to attract people to your booth.

15.    Portfolio or brag book of your work (if applicable) to show

16.    Laptop, mouse, power cords and flash drives or CDs to showcase video of product/service/event/testimonials in case of no Internet coverage

17.    Radio or music of some sort to attract attention and make your booth more lively.

18.    Sheets or handouts with your bio on it, speaker topics possibly, testimonials, etc. to get to know you better.

19.    Handouts with your list of services and fees or just include on an all encompassing order form

20.    New client packets or whatever someone would need if they engaged in your products/services today – bags for product purchases, folders, bonus gifts, flash drives?

21.    Ice chest with waters, snacks to hide under the table if you can’t get away

22.    Comfortable shoes or couple change of shoes depending on how long you’re there

23.    Phone chargers for charging your phone since you’ll be taking lots of pictures and posting on social media while you’re there, cameras, batteries

24.    FOR SPEAKERS ADD: PowerPoint presentation, printed introduction sheet, projector, clicker

25.    Cash for emergencies, snacks *Find out more tips for tradeshows on Kat’s YouTube page or Blog – all linked on the website!

Here are 2 ACTION STEPS YOU CAN TAKE NOW to get some help with maximizing events:

  1.  Grab my Networking Tradeshow Tool Kit for $57 and develop a better process for more capturing more prospects and following up with those you meet.
  2. Grab a FREE COPY of my Entrepreneurs Success Kit now + 3 other Free Gifts.


Here’s to your Success!

Katrina Sawa

Your Love & Money Mentor, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Helping You Get More LOVE In Your Life & MONEY In Your Business!”

P.S.  Ready to jumpstart your business in a BIG WAY? You probably need to be doing a LOT more marketing and sales – online and offline. I recommend you take a moment and sign up to come talk with me – it’s free and you WILL get clarity, I promise. Go here now to sign up:  www.AskKat.biz!










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