Summer Fun

Jason, Riley and I just returned from our summer vacation – a week in S. California where we went to Disneyland, California Adventure and 3 different beaches. It was a really fun week, but I’m pretty exhausted this weekend, my body wasn’t used to that much walking around. Do you know that Riley has a FitBit and calculated that on Father’s Day, Sunday, when we were at Disneyland on our summer vacation… we took 26,000 steps?!?! We walked 12 miles that day alone and OMG did we feel it. Thank goodness for the (water rides LOL pic) and the hot tub in the condo pool area, that thing got a LOT of use! I hope you’re having a fun start to your summer also! I’d love to hear what you’re up to or where you’re going on your summer vacation.

Summer vacation or ANY vacation is important for entrepreneurs

I have clients in Spain right now for their summer vacation, some have gone to Hawaii, others on cruises… vacations are so important to take when you’re an entrepreneur. We work really hard and we deserve it. If you haven’t planned one in a while or don’t have a vacation on the books of some sort for this year, I urge you to plan something, even a long weekend getaway somewhere. Anything you can look forward to and / or reward yourself with is something you totally deserve. Streamlining, systematizing and delegating more in your business can allow you more free time, vacation time and self-care or family time you know. It is possible but you have to make time to implement this stuff.

YOU can do this and I can help!! 😉 Reach out and let’s chat!! I can support you around a LOT more than just marketing and business stuff you know. I help with the ENTIRE JOURNEY. I’ll do a FREE Call with you this month… just answer the questions here to get started. XOXO Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

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Let’s just get to the point… no long back story here. I’ve had my own business for almost 16 years now (this Aug) and for what I’ve seen that works for me, my clients, my friends doing really well financially are these two things. Period.

Do other things work? Yes of course. Will you work HARDER to make them work? Yes.

So why not just spend the majority of your time doing the most EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE forms of lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales!?!?

Top 2 Ways to Get Clients FAST:

  1. Speak – in person, online on webinars, zoom calls, presentations, over the phone on teleclasses, radio interviews, podcast interviews or host your own podcast, radio show or event (online or off). This is the fastest path to cash because YOU are now the INFLUENCER.YOU ARE THE CREDIBLE AUTHORITY FIGURE. This one strategy is what drives 90% of my sales, period. So figure out what you need to do to GET OVER YOUR FEAR OF THIS, or learn how to do it, get started or do it BETTER and make money doing it. Period. You have to learn this stuff – the knowledge about WHAT to do doesn’t just fall out of the sky into your brain! Come on people, get with the program and stop avoiding doing this. Just learn how, get clear on your message, what to do, how to do it and you’ll be much more confident. I promise you. I can help.
  2. Have more Sales Conversations – in person, over the phone, even via email or message online. You have to engage people, they have to start to trust you, you have to hit their “hot buttons” (what matters to THEM) and you have to ask them to take a next step with you. If you aren’t making enough money, you’re just not talking to enough people. Period. So how do you have more conversations? Go back to #1!! And you’ll want to have other foundational things in your business set up so you don’t have a bunch of chaos in the back end of course. Plus there will be a few other things you’ll want to do for marketing, lead generation, follow up and sales. And you may have to learn more on how to best market, follow up and perform quality, authentic and non-salesy sales conversations. These are the things I see MOST ENTREPRENEURS ARE NOT INVESTING ENOUGH TIME OR RESOURCES INTO LEARNING. Either because you think you can “figure it out yourself” or you “don’t really want to know this stuff” or you “think you know what to do” but how’s that working for you now?

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

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Are you wondering how to get WAY more PRODUCTIVE?

Are you tired or even exhausted trying to run your business and earn the money you deserve or find enough clients who will buy from you? 

Running a business can definitely be exhausting… especially if you’re trying to do a lot of the tasks that need to get done by yourself. Right?



How about you?

Wasting time to me is not the necessary downtime we all need like getting a massage or doing our own morning ritual and self-care… it’s instances such as:

  • Doing things over and over again that could instead be systematized or delegated.
  • Time spent looking for something that is lost because it wasn’t “organized” properly in the first place.
  • Missed appointments perhaps by me or the other party because someone wasn’t paying attention or didn’t schedule it in properly and in time and then moved on.
  • Getting caught up watching videos and reading things on social media when I’m supposed to be there for business purposes.
  • Not planning trips and travel or even local events strategically enough to maximize my time.

EFFICIENCY to me is:

  • Getting things done in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort.
  • Recognizing what needs “my brain” and what could be done by someone else (once they know how to do it or what’s needed to accomplish the task).
  • Knowing when to “let go” of doing something myself just because I can and instead hand it off to someone that I can train to do it over and over again freeing my time up for “the next thing”.
  • Utilizing certain technologies to do certain tasks to free up my time or to reduce the amount of time I spend on a task or project.
  • Being really organized with all things business or personal – such as:
    • Things are in their place in my home 99% of the time. (Granted, it’s not always super clean every day but things are put away so there is less chaos I have to work in since I work from home.)
    • My office and desk have things well organized and put away, maybe with ONE or two piles of to dos or paper but always striving to complete and toss or file, and I usually always leave my desk at night in order with my immediate to do list for the next day right on top.
    • On my computer, having file folders within folders and keeping track of everything from client documents and audio recordings in their own place as well as folders for things by topic like: Legal, Publicity, Vendors, Events, Artwork and more all easy to find at my fingertips. One of the things so many of my clients take forever to find is their graphics and artwork; I rarely see people organize this well (or even get their original artwork in the first place) and you must do this.
  • Being “ready in a pinch” to speak or exhibit and/or sell at a live event or networking meeting if the opportunity arises quickly. (This happens often and you have to be prepared and ready or you’ll miss out on potential clients, sales and huge opportunities.)

If this seems a bit OCD, I assure you it is not. I am not OCD, I am a VEOBO… Very Efficient, Organized Business Owner.

But how else do you think I get so much done every month?

There is no way I could do all the things I do, from hosting my live events, to traveling to conferences and speaking gigs, to managing calls with clients, networking events and launching new programs and services if I wasn’t so organized and efficient. And of course without my team… they are a big help.

I can show you HOW to get more organized and efficient in YOUR business also! Why? Because I know that by doing this you will be more PROFITABLE and probably very quickly in fact.

I urge you to figure out where the HOLES are in YOUR business or life and FIX THEM FAST. Your profitability is directly related to how efficient and organized you are in your business and life.

Otherwise 2019 could be yet another year you don’t achieve all your goals, don’t reach the income you want to reach, don’t allow yourself the time off you desire and deserve to take or even don’t see your family as much as you promised you would.

Wanna chat sometime soon about what could be missing in your business?

If it could be POSSIBLE that there are some “missing pieces” to YOUR sales process then why not “TRY ME OUT”!

Let me help you figure out what those are for you (sooner than later)?

Here are 2 EASY options – PICK ONE!

  1. If you are new to me or want to truly “TRY ME OUT”… Join the BRAND-NEW International Entrepreneur Network for just $7/month and get help or ask questions and get a “hot seat” on our twice monthly zoom mastermind calls or inside the private Facebook group immediately! This is a community for masterminding, collaboration, resources, support and more. Plus founding members will have special access and visibility to the rest of the group moving forward, become a Founding Member today at! This group is growing fast too so get in early for best exposure and engagement. This is the most affordable way I can think of to get business and marketing help for any level of entrepreneur.
  2. If you’ve been following me for a while and/or are ready for a bigger step, come to a 1on1 call with me and let’s talk about your options! Schedule at today.

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

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Are you bad at staying focused, especially during hot, fun summer months?

Do you find yourself a lot less productive some times than others?

Regardless of your living situation or your business, we all get distracted. Some of us more than others.

Why do you think I recorded a video about managing distractions and summeritis? Only because my clients needed this? NO! I needed it too.

We have to stay focused during our regular working hours whenever those may be.

Can you alter your regular working hours whenever you want as an entrepreneur? Of course you can. But can you alter them daily on a whim? I wouldn’t suggest it if you have goals to reach, that’s for sure!

Watch today’s video biz tip as I share 5 ways to manage distractions and summeritis in your business.

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Come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here:

Here’s to Creating & enjoying a life full of lots of Love & Money! 

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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I am so passionate about this topic: scheduling time off in your business…. you want to know why?

haleakala-katandjasonBecause I didn’t do this for the longest time. I didn’t take a real vacation for years in my starter marriage or in my business….is that ridiculous or what?

Hopefully you don’t need this reminder but I’ll bet there are many more of you like me than not. And vacations don’t mean you have to spend a ton of cash. If you’re on a limited budget or you don’t even have a budget for “fun or vacations” just yet that doesn’t mean you can’t make more money to PUT them into the budget.

Don’t limit yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to for all the hard work you’re putting in. Don’t get burned out or ignore your loved ones. You can do it!!!

There were a bunch of photos on Facebook along with a few Facebook Live videos from our trip to Maui – did you catch them? A few people said they were enjoying a vacation vicariously through our photos which was cool. Here’s a few pics we snapped!
kat2-greenOne of the things that I want to talk with you today about and I recorded a video for you on is how to manage your schedule and your business so that you could take more vacations and time off easier.
I get that it may not be easy to think of taking a vacation if your business isn’t totally up and running, profitable or even systematized enough to run without you when you go…..BUT that is NO EXCUSE!


You need to make time for some kind of release, unplugging, stress relief, etc. or you may end up getting really burned out.


Check out the video below for more detail about how YOU can schedule more time off, freedom and vacations for yourself and your Business!

Scheduling More Time Off In Your Business – Do it!

Please reach out to me if you need help getting focused, getting inspired, getting organized, getting automated, getting ready for a big business year in 2017! I can save you time and money. I urge you to go to and schedule a FREE chat with me. I can help you.

If you need help now: 

free session Need to talk to someone who can help you get a JumpStart to making better decisions so you can start making more money?  I’d be happy to have a conversation with you. If you’d like to discuss YOUR Marketing or Business Plan I would love that. I offer a complimentary business strategy session that people DO get big clarity in, it’s not just a sales conversation I promise. I want to be a resource for you, help steer you in the right direction to make SMART MARKETING DECISIONS and NOT see you fail or have to go back and get a J.O.B. because you weren’t able to jumpstart your business fast enough….let me help you now! Sign up here –>>




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Talk to you Soon! 



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What
You LOVE!”

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Today’s video tip is about Getting More Things Done.

It’s a topic that many entrepreneurs struggle with as well as my mastermind clients.  How do I Get It All Done!  We all have to become more organized and more efficient with our time management so we CAN  do more to reach more prospects to ultimately make more money.

I have tips for you today and a webinar you can watch if you are interested in plotting your activities out in a marketing calendar – something I highly advise. Keeping your calendar up to date with the marketing tasks you need to do each day, your business appointments, your networking events and even your personal appointments is ONE of the BEST things you can do to stay organized and create space.

As I’ve said before, I use a Google Calendar. It’s free and if you have a Gmail account, you have access to Google Calendar as well as other Google products like YouTube and Google Drive. The great thing about Google Drive is that you can store documents, images and a variety of info there in folders that you can share with your team or assistant. So my team can go into my Google Drive to pull info they need to do the work I need them to do. Google Calendar is great because you can easily block time for your business appointments, your personal appointments and you can color code all of your appointments. You can easily see where you are spending your time in a week, month or year view.

Another problem may be that you don’t know where you can be more efficient. You may need someone who IS very organized and efficient with their time to take a look at what you are doing and make recommendations for automating some of the activities that are burning up your time. This person should be more tech savvy than you so they can recommend systems to save you time. For example, over time I was able to help one of my mastermind clients save eight hours a week – that’s a full working day. That’s HUGE!

Click on the video below to hear more –>

Video Biz Tip: How Do I Get It All Done?!?! That is the Question

There’s a variety of things you can do to create space and the webinar I mentioned earlier will help you create a marketing calendar and that will work for YOU! You will know what to be spending your time on each day and where you need to focus; things that are important like your business, your self-care, your family time – everything! So check out my webinar by clicking here.


Here are 3 ways to engage with me further and get the support and training that you can use to jumpstart your business FAST:

  1. Come talk with me about this and more in a complimentary Jumpstart Your Business strategy session by clicking here:
  2. Go grab some additional FREE Resources online at
  3. Jumpstart your biz in a weekendOr attend my next live training ABSOLUTELY FREE here:


Talk you to soon!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


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Today’s Tip is about Time Management – Entrepreneurs MUST be good at it to Grow Their Business

I recently gave everyone a tip about accountability where I talked a little about Google Calendar and time blocking, but I’m finding there are many entrepreneurs who could do a better job at keeping track of their time. Here’s what I mean by that.

I’ve made several appointments with business owners; a few were my clients but most of them were not my clients, where the other person missed our appointment! Why? Because they hadn’t noted it correctly in whatever system they are using or they simply failed to make a note of the appointment.

This is a problem that can lead to a huge problem for you, the entrepreneur. If you are continuing to miss appointments, not getting things done, or not keeping track of your time, these issues can keep you from moving forward in growing your business.

I want to encourage you to do whatever you need to so you can be sure to get the appointments you make noted correctly on your calendar–so you can keep them. Slow down long enough to note your appointments as you make them into your calendar. And, a great way to better manage what you are doing is to review your calendar each evening so you will know what your priorities are when you wake up. Being able to get going on what’s most important each morning is critical to your success.

Click on the video below to hear more –>

Tips for Better Time Management

I’m looking forward to talking to you again soon. Until then, feel free to go to and help yourself to free goodies and sign up on my email list for more tips and info plus special deals to my events, webinars and more! Sign up at today!

If you are interested in having a conversation with me to see how I can help you and to learn if I’m a good fit for you, go to and complete the questionnaire. I’ll reply to you to schedule our call.

Have a Great Day!


Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach


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Prioritizing Your Time for Success


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.52.11 PMOne of the biggest things that stops entrepreneurs from seeing more success and profits in your business is the lack of time management. It’s not easy to figure out how to prioritize your to do’s, tasks and time in order to get what needs to be done, done and in a timely manner.

It’s also not easy to figure out always what to do in your marketing in order to see the best return on investment, right?

I get it, these are things I have to work on pretty early on with all my clients so they don’t waste more time and money.

It’s important to do things “in order of importance” for your goals and your business. That means, if your goal is to really generate income for yourself right now then you must focus on revenue generating activities pretty much 100% of the time. So, whatever will bring in more leads, build your list, drive people to phone calls with you, drive to your functional website to buy or bring in referrals.

Here are 4 steps to take to better prioritize your time:

  1. Strategize – First you want to strategize on what ARE the most important tasks or activities for you to be doing. Ask a coach if you aren’t sure or you’ll waste more time and money I promise you.
  2. Calendarize – Get a really good calendar system to plot out your to dos. I love Google Calendar, you can color coordinate all your to dos, easily move them around and even have your assistant or team see what you’re doing or schedule things for you for more efficiency.
  3. Systematize – Learn what tasks can be turned into a system, or pulled out of your head and written down. I love to develop templates for various things such as follow up emails, new connection messages for social media, templates for reaching out for speaking gigs and so much more!
  4. Realize – Now that you have more systems and templates, realize what tasks and things can be delegated to an assistant. I can almost promise you that if you delegate the right tasks (sooner than later), especially revenue producing tasks, that you will see bigger profits faster.


Katrina Sawa

Your Love & Money Mentor, Speaker &
Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful
“Helping You Get More LOVE In Your Life & MONEY In Your Business!”

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Have you ever had one of those days when you realized something that was just a big “DUH” and you wish you would’ve realized it sooner because it made such a big impact in one way or another?

This is what I want for you sooner rather than later. I hope this video today will help you see what else is possible in regards to the running of your business and how to manage your time too so that you can really have a life too!

You see, it’s really all about having the most efficient systems and leveraged offerings in your business. But talking about some of this stuff isn’t necessarily that sexy or fun so a lot of entrepreneurs put this off. Not a good plan.

Having better systems in your business can:

  • Allow you to take vacations
  • Allow you to NOT work on weekend or when you have something important to do personally
  • Bring in more leads consistently
  • Close more sales automatically
  • Keep in touch with prospects and clients for you
  • Help you be more of a smooth-running, moneymaking machine

What kinds of systems am I referring to exactly? It’s not necessarily about the type of software you’re using.

Systems are all about STRATEGY and PROCESS. Here are a few examples of some of the systems I have in my business and that I help others to implement as well:

  1. Marketing and lead generation systems – online and offline (there are many including ones for social media, email, speaking and more!)
  2. Follow up system after a networking event plus even from new friends on social media
  3. Annual content marketing calendar system
  4. Repurposing content system
  5. Sales process and system for conversions – online and offline
  6. Blog, video or ezine sending or uploading systems
  7. And there are a ton more, but these are some of the most important!

Here is a video that I recorded on this topic as well if you want to watch and listen to some big realizations I had around time management lately and how you may be able to relate – Click the video image now to watch!


Stop stressing about what to do and how to do it in your business so that you can pay your bills. Instead learn an easy system to start, grow, run and market your business that allows you to attract more of your ideal clients who will pay you exactly what you’re worth (if not more) right away. Feel more confident and know that what you’re doing will work and bring you results.

For more information on how to jumpstart your business, your marketing and your life too, come talk with me to see if or how I can support you in jumpstarting your business. Go fill out the questions on this page and I’ll be in touch to set up a free 1on1 consult very soon! Go to now.

I go through all of the nitty gritty details of everything you need to become successful in your business, your marketing strategies, sales processes, online marketing techniques, website copy and design suggestions, how to get speaking, become an author, and more in one event than you’ve ever experienced.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”

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It’s an Open Q&A & Laser Coaching Call because I know so many of you have burning questions you want to know about around starting, growing, marketing or automating your business.

It happens THIS Thursday, November 14th at 5 pm PST so sign up and join me – you can ask a question, participate or you can just be a fly on the wall listening in to other people. There will be live laser coaching on this call just like I do in my Live Big Mastermind group calls.

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