This week’s video is about YOUR GENIUS – what you do, what you charge and how you’re positioning yourself in the marketplace.

Many small business owners are NOT charging enough for whatever reason and are giving their most valuable services away for cheap or free. Stop doing that and learn how to value yourself in a way that makes sense for you and not salesy.Go watch it, I promise you’ll get inspired!


Oh and if you haven’t picked up my book yet…now is the time to do that if you want to work on anything that I talk about in this book such as:

  • charging what you’re worth
  • having faith in yourself to go after what you want
  • knowing you’re worth it and should get highly paid for it
  • want to stop sabotaging yourself to success

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Remember a few days ago, I proudly shared with you that I was a Published Expert in Christine Marmoy’s new and fresh Women’s Edge Magazine? Well, now it’s OUT and it’s already being shared all over the world!

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The Women’s Edge Magazine……It’s FREE

I strongly encourage you to read it, because I know you’ll just love it! It’s packed full of tasty, rich content and powerful resources to help you turn the tables around in your business. Just so you know, the best inventions in the world came about from a little spark of inspiration.

Grab your copy then come and meet me inside! I also know that all the other experts collaborating in this Magazine will bring you tremendous value. You’ll get to keep it, and you’ll certainly read it more than once!

You have dreams, you have hopes, you have a vision.  Somewhere in between all this you got scared, tired and maybe even disappointed and downhearted….let’s do something together today so you can leave all that pain and negativity behind you and start moving ahead in the right direction.

The Women’s Edge Magazine is not just another piece of content; it’s the beginning of a New Story for you and for all the women who dare to jump in! Drive the movement forward with us….and get access to juicy ‘add-ons’ along the way.

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The Women’s Edge Magazine……It’s FREE!

Katrina Sawa

P.S. The Women’s Edge Magazine is only the beginning of something really big.

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Ever wondered how you could make it into the spotlight? How you could share your wisdom in a really meaningful way?

Well, check this out because you are in for a treat! This issue of the mag is full of amazing tips on how to birth your success through speaking on stage, owning your radio show or publishing your book!

My business friend, Christine Marmoy, invited me to be (are you ready for this)….a Published Expert in her ‘Unleash Innovation for Wild Results’ Women’s Edge Magazine!

Yep, I get to share a bold moment with you…just to show you how things can unfold when we dare to look at the world from a different angle.

Christine is all about collaboration and innovation while remaining true to the Diva that you really are!  The Women’s Edge Magazine stands for her mission in a much bigger way.

If you feel like throwing in the towel, if you feel ‘juiceless’, running on ‘empty’ as in ‘What the heck is wrong with me?’…. then you need a good zesty dose of the Women’s Edge Philosophy.

  • Boost Your MOTIVATION
  • Learn NEW WAYS
  • Dare to be BOLD
  • Access to RESOURCES
  • Discover another PATH!

You’ll get access to 17 wonderful Experts who, just like me, had the privilege of sharing their brilliance with you. Sometimes, it takes just a little stretch, a little bit of daring to achieve that big DREAM!

The Women’s Edge Magazine……It’s FREE!

Each of the women showcased in this Women’s Edge Magazine has been exactly where you are at some point in their business life and now they are in the mag! (Do you see the collaboration?)

Food for thought, ladies ……Daring IS Cashing ($$$)!

This Magazine is not just another compilation of random articles! It’s the beginning of a movement, of a community that Christine wants to facilitate so you dare to do things another way to get different RESULTS!

Collaboration + Innovative Ways = $$$ (and Time)

I’m so proud to be sharing my achievement with you of being published in this mag and to be part of Christine’s Women’s Edge movement, because if you know her, then you know that she really DOES IT! She sets her ideas on fire and shares them big time! So don’t delay, discover other ways, better ways to propel your business upwards and grab your copy right now.

The Women’s Edge Magazine……It’s FREE!

This Magazine is one SO not to be missed, trust me!

Katrina Sawa

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