Are you ready to have your best year ever? I hope so!

I know one thing I want to do more of is to put ME and my family first when it comes to my planning, my business and my calendar, how about you?

My husband Jason and I just returned from a really relaxing 9 day vacation in Mexico and we couldn’t have taken that if we hadn’t planned far in advance. You see, we have his ex-wife to deal with on trading days for custody and you can imagine a longer term getaway, either with Riley or without, takes a bit of negotiation in this situation. Plus we have to coordinate dog sitters, all the travel itself, pre-pay, manage my clients, my team and more. And to boot, we decide to sell our house and buy a new house in the process… a last minute decision at Thanksgiving but we found a great new, bigger home and it motivated us to get our current house ready to sell too.

Many people with lots on their plate, even just this amount of things, may not take the time or effort to invest into planning a vacation but we did. We know that getting away alone really rejuvenates us as a couple, as business professionals and just renews our energy and spirit.

So the biggest thing we do to put US first is to make sure we plan ahead to take vacations each year. Typically we do one with Riley (our now 8 year old, soon to be 9) and one without. The second thing is I try to cut down on evening functions that I attend so we can have dinner together and family time for the short amount of time we have together each day.

It’s probably time you put YOU FIRST more often as well I would imagine…right? 

When’s the last time you truly made decisions based on putting yourself first?

What would you add back into your day, week, month or year if you could waive a magic wand right now?

Watch my video tip today to give you some ideas and inspiration on how to do this, why it’s so critical to your success plus a few key secrets that I share too on what gives me more freedom in my own business.

Click the video below to learn more about Putting YOU First in 2018!

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My first live event of the year is in April and I’ll be announcing registration for it soon so watch for it!

Talk to You Again Soon!


Katrina Sawa

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***Guest blog post from one of my Awesome Live Big Mastermind clients, Lisa Harris of – enjoy!

While at a luncheon recently, the conversation at the table I was sitting at turned to maintaining focus and achieving goals. The business coach that was next to me ask me if I had a morning routine.

My answer was a resounding “No!” Over time, I’ve developed a bad habit of staying in bed after the alarm goes off; it’s just so easy to hit the “snooze” button!

But the question posed by the coach at our table aroused my curiosity to the point that I began researching the topic of morning routines when I returned home. What I found is that most of us do not engage in or practice a morning routine.

Set Your Morning, Set Your Day

A routine will help keep you focused on your most important tasks and you’ll be less likely to let distractions knock you off track. Many experts say a morning routine will help you prepare for your day. It’s helps you be proactive and can increase productivity and energy levels. A morning plan also helps you take care of yourself, first.

Many successful people who depend on their A.M. routines are Former President Obama, Steve Jobs, Tony Roberts, just to name a few.

Steps to Create your Morning Routine

1. Prepare the night before. This helps decrease the number of decisions you have to make in the morning, boosting your chance of success.

  • Make a commitment to rise at a specific time.
  • Move your alarm away from your bed because this forces you to get up.
  • Set out your clothes and anything else you’ll need the next day

2. Stay hydrated – drink a large glass of water upon rising.
3. Valuable activities to do in your routine:

  • Meditate or sit in silence.
  • Express gratitude.
  • Write goals.
  • Exercise.
  • Visualize your successful day.

4.  Last but not least important – you’ll need to get up earlier than you do now.

The coach who posed the morning routine question to us at the luncheon recommended “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. She thought this book would help jumpstart my day with focus. And she was right!

Since reading the book, I’m surprised that I no longer hate getting up at 5:30 a.m. I used to loathe rising early because I had to leave home at 6:15 for my 50-mile drive to work (ugh, how did I ever do that?). I was also a terrible sleeper which didn’t help.

I’m happy to report that after only 8 days into my new morning routine, I’m actually enjoying it. I’ll continue to keep you updated on my progress from time to time.

I highly encourage you to check out the book, if you’re looking for a new way to start a morning routine and get focused.

If you are searching for more ideas about boosting your motivation and health, give me a call!
We can discuss some practical tips and discover if any of my programs or classes are a good fit for you.

If you’d like to schedule that call with me, just CLICK THIS LINK. Let me know in the message whether you want a 1-on-1 call with me right away and I will be in touch to schedule that. Please give me your phone number in the field provided on the form too so I can follow up with you.  Here’s to your Health!

Lisa Harris

About Lisa Harris

lisa harris guest blogLisa Harris is an author, international speaker, Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer.  Living in Southern California with her husband, Terry, she provides nutrition coaching and strength training to Baby Boomers and older adults through her business, Enduring Fitness 4U.

I hope you enjoyed this guest post – Happy Holidays!!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”


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Do you realize that if you go too long without making time for a vacation then you could burn out, get resentful or worse…get divorced!?

So many business owners and entrepreneurs are working way too hard and not taking enough time off or taking vacations even.

Kat and family on vacationWe just got back from week long vacation in San Diego and no one died and nothing bad happened in my business or with any of my clients. You can do this…I was even totally UNPLUGGED!
This picture is of us at the Hotel Del Coronado; my mom was able to join us on this trip too. We didn’t take a whole lot of pictures though as most of the time it was bathing suit attire LOL.
I highly recommend taking a week off at least once or twice a year though; it does a lot for your motivation and your soul both.
  • Maybe you think you can’t afford to take a vacation?
  • Maybe you think a vacation has to look a certain way and haven’t considered other ways of taking time off and getting UNPLUGGED?

Either way, it’s true, you could do yourself and your relationships some real damage if you don’t figure out a way to stop working all the time (I know many of you are) and take time out for yourself and your family.

Did you take a vacation yet this year? If not….WHY???

  • Are you too busy?
  • Are you not making enough money and feel like you just have to keep on working and working to make more first?

Well STOP IT! Take a vacation will ya?!

It will do you good, it will do your loved ones good and it will do your soul good….it’s worth it.

And you can do an inexpensive vacation, the price doesn’t matter, it’s the time off UNPLUGGED THAT DOES!

Watch my video today for a couple quick tips….on the day after my most recent vacation. 😉

Here are a few inexpensive types of vacations you could take (for those where money is an obstacle):

  1. Camping – I can’t say that I love camping but I do enjoy it. I need some basic necessities however, I can’t just go with a tent and a duffle bag or hiking and stuff….but camp sites aren’t that much depending on the time of year. All you need is really food to go with it which you’d be eating anyway right?
  2. Visiting family – I realize some of you would love this but others of you don’t consider this a “vacation”; however it is time away and you’d have a place to stay to save money! Plus you’ll win points with your family too and may not have to attempt another visit in a long while or now it would be their turn!
  3. A Staycation – Yes that means staying home but then you could do fun trips to the neighborhood pool, parks, lake, have a picnic, go to the ocean if it’s nearby or the mountains, go hiking, biking and more. Just remember to truly UNPLUG and not work if you’re taking this time off.

Here are 3 ways to engage with me further and get the support and training that you can use to jumpstart your business FAST:

  1. Come talk with me about this and more in a FREE 1on1 session by clicking here:
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Talk you to soon!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What You LOVE!”

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Can I share something personal?

Over the last 60 days I’ve spent more time taking care of me, my body and my health then the last 2+ years all together.

Unfortunately, I waited way too long to take care of myself in this way… (Watch the 3 min video from the other day about this here.)

share_your_storyIn the last 60 days I’ve consulted with and invested in:

  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Acupuncturist
  • Chiropractor
  • Podiatrist
  • Energy Healer
  • Orthotic Specialist
  • And I’ve even had a colonoscopy to ensure I don’t get what a few people in my family have had

Why? Why Now?

Because I let it go too long.

I wasn’t taking care of myself and my body.

Some of you who know me well are probably wondering if there is something wrong with me?

Not entirely…

  • Unless you count foot issues which limit the kind of shoes I have to wear and how long I stand?
  • Or unless you count digestion issues I had no idea I had that could be causing the foot issues?
  • Or unless you count a low thyroid or messed up adrenals that I’m rectifying with some lifestyle eating changes?

But what does all of this have to do with YOU?


So many of my clients seem to have the same curse that I did which is take care of everyone and everything else first and then IF there’s time, take care of me.

Well…I’m here to tell you –>> THAT IS NOT A GOOD PLAN!

I want to help you re-structure and re-prioritize your day and life so that you fit YOU in FIRST!

Trust me when I tell you that YOU will be of even better use to everyone and everything else when you do this.

At my next live event Love & Money LIVE! we’re devoting a whole 2 days to this, the taking care of you part and restructuring your big goals and dreams.

The other day is all about what to do to make much more money in your business! 

The reason for so much of the LOVE stuff is because you won’t be able to enjoy your big dreams and big money in the end if you’re run down, burned out or sick!

Join me and 50 highly motivated entrepreneurs who want to finally take charge of their life and build the life and business of their dreams this February! 

love & Money new logo 12.15 x 400This event is like getting a degree in Entrepreneurialism in Business School, seriously!

PLUS, you’ll learn the skills you NEED to finally manage those pesky mindset shifts, blocks, and people that stand in your way of making more money doing what you LOVE! 

We can’t just focus on the business and see massive results typically; we need balance, self-care, love, and support from those in our life! 


So, if you’re in a place where you really need to make more money in your business and have more love in your life, then you really want to come to my next event. PLUS we have a TON of FUN & many attendees MAKE MONEY ON THE SPOT after I show you how to make EASY YES OFFERS!  

Let me get my hands on YOUR business and I’ll show you how to JUMPSTART it and FAST!





Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach


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