Forget about Lions, Tigers, and Bears! It’s strategy, systems, and sales you need to worry about! 

Whether you’ve been in business for a few years or you’re brand new to the game, you’re probably already aware of how important these are!

I call them the “3 S’s” (Strategy, Systems, and Sales) – and they each have the power to make or break your business.

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With the proper profit-focused plan, a solid set of systems established, and professional sales training YOU CAN:

  • Achieve your income goals and start living a life you LOVE

  • Grow and develop your business into something you’re PROUD of

  • Defeat the overwhelm you’re feeling right now and sleep PEACEFULLY at night

As someone who has been where you are, I know the stress, worry, and frustration of trying to grow a business on your own. There are so many pieces of conflicting advice out there. Who do you trust? Who should you listen to?

Where do you even begin to get help with my strategy, systems and sales?

Don’t worry! I’m here to help! One of the things I’m FANTASTIC AT is talking through the sales conversation with someone, one-on-one or in a group, and giving you THE WORDS to use in YOUR conversations so you feel empowered, confident and assertive enough to enroll more clients into your AMAZING programs so YOU can start bringing in that MONEY!

Another one of my super powers is guiding entrepreneurs through setting up systems that save them time, energy, and money!! A savvy system is worth its weight in gold in your business, but it takes someone knowledgeable and experienced to implement the right systems and strategies that will really make an impact.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my blog post on Business Efficiency yet, just click here or the image below…  It will really help you understand the “what” and “why” of business systems.

I LOVE getting a chance to help other entrepreneurs create their personal road map to success! And that’s exactly what we’ll do at Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend, and you’re invited!

The JumpStart Your Biz ‘In a Weekend’ Event is all about being able to:

  • Identify what you really want in life, your biggest passions and how to express them through an authentic-based, money-making business model.

  • Put your marketing on autopilot – so you have more time in your life to LIVE and ENJOY your life and the things that matter most to you.

  • Create your systematic marketing & follow-up system so you are able to stay in constant contact with your clients & prospects – online and offline.

  • Brainstorm new, easy, additional sources of income such as ebooks, home study kits, audios and more… that you can go home and start selling right away

  • Leverage your message into high-end coaching and program offerings, joint venture opportunities, memberships and more advanced products and services … so you maximize your revenue per hour spent AND your impact on the world!

  • Learn how to incorporate and monetize speaking opportunities, guest appearances, publicity, radio shows, video, social media, writing a book to highlight yourself as the expert you are and so much more.


If you’re: 

  • Struggling to make a profit in your business

  • Feeling stressed and confused by all the advice out there

  • Overwhelmed by your “to-do” list and feel like you’re not sure what the next step should be

  • Aware you need systems and automation set up to help you save time and serve your clients but you don’t know where to begin

  • Lacking confidence during sales calls…

Then Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend is for you! I’ve been in business for over almost two decades! I’ve experienced the roller coaster you’re on and I’ve been privileged to help thousands of entrepreneurs just like you, dramatically makeover their businesses and START MAKING GREAT MONEY! (Heck, we even get attendees making money AT the event itself!)

There’s no time to “wait” to figure this out, you need to crack the code on what’s going to make you more consistently profitable right now! Or else right? Or else you have to go back and get a JOB, or else your significant other might give you an ultimatum to quit the biz, or else you’re going to have to start selling stuff just to pay rent! Don’t let this happen, take charge of what you know you’re destined to be doing… you just need to learn a FEW KEY things still about making great consistent money is all…

Sign up for Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend now and let me be your guide on your business journey! 

Join me and many other entrepreneurs just like you in Los Angeles, CA November 7, 8, & 9, 2019 at the Four Points Sheraton LAX.


I promise it will be the best business or marketing event you ever attend! I’m so excited to help YOU help OTHERS!

Let’s grow your impact and your pocket book TOGETHER!

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I was recently featured on Tracey Osborne’s Daring Woman podcast.

Life is full of ups and downs. Broken relationships, broken hearts, broken spirits. But imagine the possibilities of a life filled with joy, happiness and meaning. How do you get a jumpstart on a new life? Join Tracey Osbourn and Katrina Sawa on this podcast today. These two long time acquaintances get together and learn more about one another, and share some steps you can take to ignite your passion and jumpstart a new, exciting life!

Click Here to listen now!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

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If you’ve been following me for a while and/or are ready for a bigger step, come to a 1-on-1 call with me and let’s talk about coaching options! Schedule at today.

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Do you struggle with sales or selling?

I’m not perfect at it but I think I’ve been pretty successful at it over the last 33 years and all the different jobs I’ve held as well as with my own business.

How did I learn initially about sales and selling?

I think, being an only child craving attention, helped to form my strategic negotiating skills.

Then in my first handful of jobs, Ice Cream Scooper at Thrifty’s, Sales Associate in a clothing store in the mall and as a waitress in various restaurants, it was about the sell up or add on sale as well as building relationships.

I learned early on the power of the “like, trust, connect factor”.

College helped more with shaping my “consistent, stick-to-it habits”, having to stay consistent with my classes and studies in order to pass, which is a must in sales.

Then after college came a few paid sales trainings, either in the corporate hiring process or just on my own with Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy cassettes leading the pack.

I learned to get really good at the consultative sales approach and talking though objections as they called it then. (Some people now call that “Dancing with Concerns”.) Basically, you learn as much as you can about your customer, find out what their biggest challenges or struggles are, and then figure out how you can solve them.

This approach still works today. Many of you are probably doing this to a certain extent now, however the marketplace has shifted over just the last 5 years or so and even just since January of this year.

Do you feel the shift?

It’s not just about:

  • Prospecting
  • Following up
  • Consulting and
  • Closing anymore

It’s more about:

  • Attracting community
  • Giving, Giving, Giving
  • Sharing, Sharing, Sharing
  • Nurturing and relating
  • Inviting to join/buy/become a part of/experience
  • Striving for referrals back to the community

You still need the basic sales skills however:

  • Negotiating
  • Dancing with concerns
  • Offering or Introducing upsells, addons
  • Showing massive value that you bring/offer
  • Consultative conversations, videos, tutorials
  • Ability and courage to ask for the sale/make offers and invitations when appropriate
  • Problem solving
  • Listening
  • Confidence to charge your worth
  • Persistent and consistent follow through and follow up – this last one is soooo important!
  • You just may want to present some of these skills in a different manner is all.

It’s possible that some of your ideal clients have been “sold to” before in good or not-so-good or friendly ways and they could be gun-shy.

Maybe that’s been true for a few of you regarding me? It’s ok, I get it. Just like I hope though that your ideal clients let go of that when it comes to hiring YOU so they can get the support they need from you. I hope you can let go of that and TRUST ME to help and support you. Because I get where you are, what you’re going through, where you want to be and most importantly, why you’re not there yet.

By the way, it’s not being salesy if you continue asking someone if they would be interested or if you don’t immediately stop a sales conversation once someone gives their first ‘no’. You could be stopping too soon and enabling them to stay “in their story”.

If you are truly here to help those you serve with your gifts and talents then you have to be persistent and confident in your approach. You can’t back down just because YOU are uncomfortable. Often times we do have to push people out of their comfort zone so they can start believing in themselves.

In addition, you also often have to help your potential clients “find money” to hire you or buy from you. That means, asking about their finances and giving them ideas for ways they CAN invest with you rather than letting them get off with saying “I can’t afford it”. Many people use that as an excuse to get you off the phone when they just don’t see the VALUE yet, don’t TRUST you yet or haven’t felt like you can truly solve their problem yet.

Getting really good at the “SALES CONVERSATION” is a critical skill that all entrepreneurs must learn, I don’t care what business or industry you are in. There is NO way around learning this and becoming better at sales.

Just like it’s easy for you to see exactly what YOUR ideal clients need, I’m extremely good at helping you figure out:


  • Your exact next steps
  • Your blocks
  • Solutions to your challenges
  • The WORDS you can use to do better in sales conversations, marketing and more

This is why one of the best things I’ve found over the last 6 or so years that you can do to attract and connect with more of your ideal clients is to have an option for them to “TRY YOU OUT”.

Some people are skeptical and want to make sure first a few things about you such as:

  • What you say is true
  • You do deliver
  • You walk your talk
  • You’ll “get them”
  • They can trust you
  • Do you have a “TRY ME OUT” option? Is it working? If you don’t have one or you do and it’s not working, it might need a little tweaking to be more of what your people want. OH, and your “TRY ME OUT” option is not always a call with you by the way… some people consider that way too much (on a first date).

A little tweaking can make a big difference. You may have to test a few approaches out. But I’m going to caution you here because when I was in advertising sales for the local newspaper, a business couldn’t just run an ad one day or one week and get massive results. They needed more frequency. And even now, you can’t just NOT DO a marketing strategy because YOU don’t like it, you have to do what works.

For example, if you don’t like it when people call you, email you or send you stuff in the mail, that doesn’t mean you can decide NOT to do those things when marketing your business. In fact, all of these three strategies are pretty critical still. You just have to do them in a way that works for you and your ideal clients.

If this all makes sense to you and it could be POSSIBLE that there are some “missing pieces” to YOUR sales process then why not “TRY ME OUT”!

Let me help you figure out what those are for you (sooner than later)?

Here are 2 options – PICK ONE!

If you are new to me or want to truly “TRY ME OUT”… Join the BRAND NEW International Entrepreneur Network for just $7/month and get help on our twice monthly zoom mastermind calls or inside the private Facebook group immediately! This is a community for masterminding, collaboration, resources, support and more. Plus founding members will have special access and visibility to the rest of the group moving forward, become a Founding Member today at!

If you’ve been following me for a while and/or are ready for a bigger step, come to a 1-on-1 call with me and let’s talk about coaching options! Schedule at today.

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

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Guest Article:

** Note: I’m sharing this article from one of my Live Big Mastermind clients, Dr. Richard B. Greene, DBA, SSBB, CMPE  –  Speaker, Author, IronMan Mind Business Coach, who helps executives get to their next level in their professional and personal life. 

Are you in sales? Before you answer that question think about what sales really is.  Most people (except sales professionals) don’t consider themselves to be in sales. I think the reason is that they don’t really know what sales is about. First, let me explain what it is not about.

It is not about convincing or tricking someone into buying a good or service.

Here’s what sales is. Sales is bringing a buyer and seller together with all the right elements of information and need to create a purchase situation. Sales is about problem-solving. Sales is about information sharing. Sales is about influence. Nothing more nothing less.

Everyone uses influence in their lives. We influence our kids to get them to behave the way we’d like them to behave. If you are married or have a partner, you had to influence that person to accept you as a mate. If you have a job, you had to influence the hiring person to hire you. If you are a manager in a company, you have to influence your employees to give you their best. Just telling them to give 100% never works unless you have real influence. Are you starting to get the picture? Sales is all about influence … nothing more nothing less.

One of the things that I’ve found is that the real difference between winning or losing in sales and business is you. Sure, product, service, price, and company reputation are all important. But, at the end of the day, the customer is buying “you”, not those other things.

Company owners and managers of salespeople, don’t be deluded into thinking that it is not “your people” that make you successful. If you don’t believe it look around at other companies in your industry. It doesn’t matter what business you are in. You’ll find many examples of companies with products inferior to the competition that are at the top of the heap. In almost all cases, when you research the cause, you’ll find that it is the “people” that were the major contributor to that company’s success.

So is it important to continuously develop your sales influence? You bet it is! I once met a company owner who was concerned that if he spent money training his salespeople they might take that knowledge and go to another company. I asked him what he thought the biggest risk was; training them and possibly losing them or not investing in making them better, more productive salespeople and getting to keep them! At the end of the sale, it is you who makes the difference.

So now what’s your answer to the question “are you in sales?” Your answer should be “Of course, we are all in sales!”

Developing your skills to influence can help you in all aspects of life; your career and your personal life. Develop those skills and you’ll increase your ability to influence. Increase your ability to influence and you’ll increase your chances for success in life!

To help you get started, I’m giving away a free copy of my latest book, The IronMan Mind Sales Success Formula. Go ahead and get a copy HERE!


Create Unstoppable Success!

rich greene








Dr. Richard B. Greene, DBA, SSBB, CMPE
Speaker, Author, IronMan Mind Business Coach

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