Did you know that writing a book is a key to your authority status and helps you gain more credibility in the marketplace and in your industry?

Are you working on your branding? Writing a book is one of the best ways to help you create your BRAND!

Many of you know that I’m the author of “Love Yourself Successful”. I’m also published in three anthology or compilation books too. My first book “Power and Soul” (an anthology book) really catapulted my confidence AND because of it, I was also booked on local TV, which is great PUBLICITY!

My friend, Dr. Rich Greene. has also published seven books of his own. We both know the POWER of HAVING A BOOK! We have attracted clients, we get publicity, we’re booked for speaking gigs and get email subscribers all the time because we are published authors!

Rich and I have put our heads together to bring to you our Book Writing Program, “5 Steps to Getting Your Book Published in 30 Days or Less”, to give you step by step coaching and guidance so you can be a published author in 30 Days or Less!

Yes, you can be a published author within 30 days from starting our program on December 7th, 2017. Just imagine having your book published by mid- January, 2018!!! What an exciting way to start your year!!

We’ve both been through the process of being published authors and we know the pitfalls some people have experienced. We’ve developed this program to show you EVERYTHING you need to know, as well as give you resources on how to write and self-publish your book.

And if you are concerned about self-study Do It Yourself type courses, let me assure you that this program is more like a DONE-WITH-YOU course. You will receive calls that provide training on step-by-step business set up, marketing, systems and outsourcing training, templates, audios, guidebook, Q&A and MORE!

We will share the most time and cost effective methods of book writing and publishing and you’ll be coached and receive guidance all along the way. You will learn how EASY & QUICK & INEXPENSIVELY you can get your book written and published.

You’ll be working closely with Rich and me for 30 days to get your book out of you, on paper, and formatted into a great looking end product (hardcopy book) that you can be proud of.

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So, why pay a publisher $3000-12000 or more to get it done for you?

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Katrina Sawa

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Guest article by: Louise Crooks, who appeared on the JumpStartYourBusinessNow Radio Show with host Katrina Sawa today, October 29th, 2013 at 11:00 am PST. Listen to the interview by clicking here.

There has been a lot of confusing marketing going on about niching recently in the coaching community, which might have gotten you a bit befuddled.

I want to put the record straight, and give you a few tips too!

Ultimately what any coach or healer wants, and I hope I’m speaking for you, is to help as many clients as possible and have a thriving practice.  Am I right?

Here is the truth:  whether you call it target market, niche or ideal client – the reality is that you need a focus coaching a group of people with specific challenges in common, all wanting the same thing.   And if you’re aligned with their values, spirituality or political persuasion well that is just peachy.

Ok I’m being a bit irreverent but I’m a bit ticked off with all this double speak confusing the life out of coaches when it comes to creating a niche.  When in fact it’s pivotal to your success.

One of the cornerstones to building a successful practice is to choose that special group of people you want to work with.

Why?   Because when you focus on them and their specific challenges and you start speaking directly to them in language that they can understand, they will without hesitation raise their hand and say ‘Jane/John knows exactly what I’m going through, and she /he is the person to help me’. 

Here are some examples:

  • ‘I’m a coach working with women going through divorce , wanting to get through the rollercoaster ride in one piece with the possibility of happiness again.
  • I’m a corporate coach working with middle managers who are new to management and making a hash of it –  helping them to communicate effectively with their team, earn their respect, and produce great results.
  • I’m a birthing hypnotherapist and  I help pregnant women prepare for giving birth confidently without meds, pain or fear.
  • I’m a relationship  coach helping men in mid-life build their confidence and find their  2nd time round soulmate.
  • I’m a nutritionist helping Moms deal with children who have severe allergies, and finding solutions through food and ditching prescription meds.

It’s a little different to ‘I’m a coach, and I help women move from where they are now to where they want to be’.   Or ‘I’m a hypnotherapist and I help people deal with stress, smoking cessation, weight-loss, phobias  and on and on.’   

The more general and unspecific you are about the group of people you’re focusing on, their challenges and the solution they want, the less likely people will work with you. You’ll be seen as a ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’.   It’s really as simple as that. Because you’re not connecting or creating trust.

Here are a couple tips to help you decide who your ideal client is (your niche) and start seeing some results.

1)      Think of a time that was pivotal to your growth, and how you might be able to support people going through the same thing.  This could be a huge challenge, change, illness or shift.

2)      Think about something you’re extremely passionate about or get on your soap-box about…where you want to make difference.

The truth is that often our ideal clients reflect who we once were.  Eg: struggled conceive or couldn’t find a job, or went broke, or got divorced.  Remember a turning point in your life.

They could be people we have a deep connection to because of something we’ve experienced with someone close to us eg: parent with cancer, or sister being bullied.

Or they could be people we’re able support because of expertise we acquired along the way whether formally through school, or through the ‘school of hard-knocks’.

Ironically, the narrower your focus, the more success is likely.  For a lot of coaches and healers, letting go of a more general focus or multiple groups, is difficult. Many have been where you may be.  But it’s not forever, put one on the backburner, and focus on that one focus that has more of a calling to you now. Give it your all and see what happens.

And remember, whatever those marketing ‘gurus’ are calling it, just know that having that focus will help you do more of what you’re meant to do in the world and help more people.

Woohoo!  Post your comments.  This is a juicy topic and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re ready, and want to tap into the wisdom of Louise Crooks,  and nail down this one piece of the puzzle of building your business, or want to explore her KeystoClarity! System for Success, check out her website www.keystoclarity.com and leave a message for her on the sliding VM tab on the right side of the page.  I know she’d love to hear from you.


Louise Crooks, aka The KeystoClarity! Coach, is an intuitive Holistic Business Coach, speaker and author, and supports soul-driven coaches and healing professionals, in creating exponential and aligned VISIBILITY to get their message out into the world, getting the attention of their IDEAL clients, creating a comfy lifestyle, and making a difference at the same time.

Becoming somewhat famous was one of the best things I ever did for my business. When I became well-known in my industry my credibility instantly went through the roof. Suddenly, I had more speaking gigs and more clients.

During the Somewhat Famous Webcast, you will learn:

  • How to get expert status and gain more publicity
  • Strategies to build your list while you sleep
  • How to collaborate with others to help spread your message faster so you make a bigger impact in the world
  • Easily get more speaking gigs
  • Ways to make people want to listen to what you have to say

If you are interested in learning how you can become somewhat Famous in your niche, reserve your spot for the “Somewhat Famous” LIVE webcast.

Go ahead and reserve your spot now

It’s your time to shine,

Have you been looking for a simple model to turn your message into a money making machine? I bet the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

I will be joining host Melanie Benson-Strick and co-host Tracey Ehman LIVE today at 4:00 pm PT on Twitter for #SpeakerChat, to share here secrets to 6 figure success.

Katrina constantly tells entrepreneurs she meets, “The fastest way to build a successful business is to automate, delegate, systematize, build your list and talk to your list regularly in order to be on top of mind at all times.”

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It was so fun being on the same stage (technically) with the great Les Brown this week! Technically I stood on the stage when I spoke but he stood in ‘front of’ it. LOL

His mannerisms and the style in which he speaks is so like what I like to do. He’s totally transparent and authentic. In fact, it was hilarious, but he even pulled some waterproof mascara out of this pocket during his talk, and groomed his head and beard with it saying that’s how he gets rid of the “grey”! Only he would do that I think but it just proves that you do have to be yourself and that’s when people will LOVE you the most. Read more about this on my blog and see more pics too!

I got a chance to talk with a lot of other speakers and my peers, it was good to have more time to really get to know those of them who stayed for most of the two day event.

That brings me to the topic of today’s video too – being more authentic in your business, brand, marketing and just in general.

I’m sure you’ve been to events where the speaker breezes in, speaks, sells you into their program, then breezes out without even getting to know you or who’s in the room a little more. And there are plenty other business professionals who show a lack of authenticity, it’s not just speakers.

Now it’s hard when the event is a short lunchtime event, etc. there is only so much time to network and mingle. And granted, sometimes you just have other events you have to get to or of course for Les Brown, he was paid to be there so he wasn’t going to stick around or come early.

But it’s the speakers that could be there, they could connect more with you, they could take the time to get to know the audience by showing up early and leaving late. Maybe it’s just me, but this is what I do and I think those who don’t frankly are selfish and more out for themselves than the greater good. I’d be careful if I were you following people like that.

Here’s my video of the week on Being Authentically You – Click here to view it now.

Here’s a video clip of someone in my community that I highly respect for his involvement and contribution to others and what he said about hearing me speak last week – Click here to view it now.

Have a great weekend!

Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach

PS – I just did a blog post about the most popular ways in which you can work with me in case you’ve been thinking about it and aren’t sure which program, product or service is right for you. Keep in mind, some of them recently changed and some programs are starting soon! Go read more here.

I’m finally back networking to more of a normal flow these days since the surgeryIts great to get out of my home office even if I do have to hobble on a cane when I go. 

This week I was at an eWomenNetwork event here locally. I’m looking forward to the annual conference again; I’m probably going to be an exhibitor this year

I love exhibiting at big conferences like that you get 
to meet so many great people, collaborate and oh of course it‘s a great list builder too. (This is me at a local event back in Sept) 

Do you do tradeshow booths and vendor displays as a marketing strategy for your business? 

It’s actually one of the top 5 strategies I use. Hundreds of new prospects and clients come from such events every year. 

One reason I notice that other entrepreneurs don’t do more of these is that you aren’t sure what to do with your table or you aren’t sure how to maximize your exposure to make it worth your while. 

Exhibiting is a skill I must admit and you have to be pretty comfortable talking to strangers and getting their attention. But only about 20% of the time do I see people collecting names and contact information fortheir databases – this should be your #1 goal.Exhibiting for most of us is not where we‘re going to sell our prospects into buying our products or services, its where we gather info from interested parties and plant seeds for follow up. 

Yes I said follow up….something else you may not be doing much of. 

Are you overwhelmed with all you have to do? I know, it’s not easy being a business owner. I tell ya, systems and templates carry me through! 

Speaking of which, I have some great systems and templates for networking and doing tradeshow exhibits if you’re interested you can click over and check them out. I’ve dumped everything I know into my Tradeshow Networking Tool Kit – this is my featured product of the week in fact so that you stop wasting time at events and actually monetize them.


Instead of a video this week I thought I’d click you over to a website that I’m a featured writer for where a ton of my articles are listed – this way depending on what you’re working on right now in your business, you should find a resource, tip, article or step-by-step on what to do about it. 

Here’s just a few of the topics you can go read about on this page now – oh and you can even submit your own articles to this site for free!

Have a great weekend!

I was interviewed on The Entrepreneur Blog.  A blog created by Evan Carmichael to help give practical advice to entrepreneurs who are trying to build and grow their companies online.

I was asked by The Entrepreneur Blog how I made my first sale – here’s what I said:

What’s your #1 tip for entrepreneurs?

While there are so many tips I want to share, the big one that comes to mind that affects most small business owners I see from reaching their full potential is to stop trying to do everything yourself.

Stop trying to figure everything out.

Stop trying to learn how to do everything in your business yourself such as:

  • designing a website
  • writing a press release
  • designing your logo and marketing materials
  • writing your own contracts
  • doing your own bookkeeping
  • and so much more

It’s crazy how many hats we have to wear as business owners but you’ll get no where fast if you try to literally wear them all yourself.

You also won’t see the amount of revenue you dream about seeing if you do this either. It’s just not physically possible to do EVERYTHING that has to be done to start, grow, run and market a successful, smooth-running, moneymaking business.

Instead, surround yourself with people who can support you in areas that are not your expertise. Hire professionals to make you look good. Rely on individuals who are smarter and faster at doing things you aren’t so good or efficient at doing.

The sooner you stop being a control freak in your business or being scared that you can’t afford such help, the sooner you’ll see bigger monetary results.

Here are a few tips to get you started on who to hire or what to outsource:

  1. The first thing a business owner usually needs is at least a business card and a website. Other marketing materials can typically wait. You can generate leads offline and online when you have both of these things professionally designed.
  2. The second thing a business owner typically needs is a second set of hands. That could mean a set of hands to help you with home help if you work from home; maybe a nanny, housekeeper or landscaper to start? If you’re fine at home so far then usually its someone to help you manage your paperwork, administrative work, organizing your office or implementing marketing strategies from your marketing plan. All of these could be crucial to your success but if you need to make money now, I recommend getting the marketing plan and person to implement it in place first.
  3. Thirdly, a business owner may need legal matters in place or financial documents in order and these are areas you definitely don’t want to mess up with mistakes that you could make.

For a list of recommended resources, contractors or services to assist you, the small business owner, visit https://www.jumpstartyourmarketing.com/resources.

To view the interview click here.

I am a Gold Author on EvanCarmichael.com – to view my articles click here.

Evan Carmichael helps entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22 he was a venture capitalist helping raise between $500,000 and $15 million. He now runs EvanCarmichael.com, one of the world’s most popular websites for entrepreneurs. His goal is to help 1 billion entrepreneurs. He has helped set 2 world records, works 20 hours per week, uses a stand-up desk, rides a Vespa, raises funds for Kiva, and created a line of Entrepreneur trading cards. He graduated from the University of Toronto and enjoys salsa dancing, being a DJ, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Yay! I know I’ve been talking about my book, Love Yourself Successful, for a while now and some of you may be sick of it already. Sorry but its a big deal to write your own book. And its an even bigger deal when its finally printed and you can really launch it the way its meant to be launched!

So, from now through the end of 2012 the book launch is ON!

It is NOT a one-day Amazon launch where you have to go buy today. BUT the sooner you DO BUY THE BOOK, the sooner you get INSTANT ACCESS TO $1000’S IN BONUSES!

I’m adding bonuses every day, in fact when you buy the book today, you’ll get email updates when new bonuses are added all the way through Dec 31, 2012, its that simple.

And while my personal supply of books lasts, I am signing them personally and mailing them out!

Why is this such a big deal for me?

Because it means I’m also launching the new Kat!

Yep that’s right…I’m still obviously the Jumpstart Your Biz Coach helping biz owners start, grow and market their businesses, but now I’m also Your Love & Money Mentor. My true purpose on this planet is to heal the hearts of women. That’s a big purpose, don’t you think? I mean, wow! what?

So, it wasn’t just the book, printing, editing and stuff that held off the official launch of my book, it was me scared to step into my next thing….the bigger me. Especially since I wasn’t sure what that looked like. (Maybe you can relate?)

Of course I’ve been doing my purpose all along….this book just put it all into a nice little package!

But I figured I had to take the advice I give my coaching clients every day….and that was to just step into it, take action.

I just released a new video too and posted it on the official book launch page, all about this and how we as entrepreneurs aren’t always excited about “change”.

I’d be so honored if you would go watch the video, grab a copy of my book and then share the page with your friends.


Remember a few days ago, I proudly shared with you that I was a Published Expert in Christine Marmoy’s new and fresh Women’s Edge Magazine? Well, now it’s OUT and it’s already being shared all over the world!

Have you already grabbed yours?

The Women’s Edge Magazine……It’s FREE

I strongly encourage you to read it, because I know you’ll just love it! It’s packed full of tasty, rich content and powerful resources to help you turn the tables around in your business. Just so you know, the best inventions in the world came about from a little spark of inspiration.

Grab your copy then come and meet me inside! I also know that all the other experts collaborating in this Magazine will bring you tremendous value. You’ll get to keep it, and you’ll certainly read it more than once!

You have dreams, you have hopes, you have a vision.  Somewhere in between all this you got scared, tired and maybe even disappointed and downhearted….let’s do something together today so you can leave all that pain and negativity behind you and start moving ahead in the right direction.

The Women’s Edge Magazine is not just another piece of content; it’s the beginning of a New Story for you and for all the women who dare to jump in! Drive the movement forward with us….and get access to juicy ‘add-ons’ along the way.

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The Women’s Edge Magazine……It’s FREE!

Katrina Sawa

P.S. The Women’s Edge Magazine is only the beginning of something really big.

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