Today I’m talking about Podcasting, Radio Shows, and Telesummits in this Facebook Live! One of today’s goals in broadcasting this Live video is to give all of you the opportunity to network with each other about podcasting or internet radio shows.

If you have a podcast or radio show, share the link of your show with us. If you want to be a guest on a podcast, you can post your name and the topic you speak about in the Comments section on the post. Just click here to go to my Jumpstart Your Marketing Group or click here for the Live post.

I’ve finally got my podcasting schedule on my calendar. I’ve been too busy and have had to delay the launch of my podcast. “Love and Money live! will start in January 2018. As you know, I talk about how to get more love in your life so you can make more money in your business because I think you need BOTH! So I’m looking for people who speak about the LOVE side, whether it be love for yourself or for others, love for what you’re doing, etc. And I’m also looking for those who can talk about making more MONEY! That can include business or marketing strategies, investing, money mindset – anything to do with money!

Being a guest speaker on a podcast, radio show or telesummit is a great strategy to get publicity!

And not all podcasters require a large email list. So for those of you who are new in your business, this is a great way to get more exposure and build your credibility as an expert. You simply NEED to get booked on a radio show or podcast.

Ask questions about the podcaster’s or radio show host’s format when you contact them. Don’t assume that you can do your signature talk on someone’s radio show or podcast.

Telesummit and gift giveaways are a better strategy for list building. Many Telesummit hosts require from 5k to 8k subscribers on your email list. But that’s not a rule. There are ways that you can get on a telesummit even if you don’t have a large list.

I’m sharing some of the key things that I do to get booked on more shows and give you more info on Telesummits in the video below.

Click the video below to get key tips about Podcasts, Radio Shows, and Telesummits – How To Get Booked and More!


If you are curious about some of the radio shows and podcasts I’ve been a guest on, just go to

Talk To You Again Soon!



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I love my friend Wayne Kelly, The Radio Guy with On Air Publicity – he shares monthly on how to get free publicity! 

He gives the BEST tips and tricks in his monthly email newsletter – oh my gosh….let me just share some killer tips for you from him on what YOU can do to promote YOURSELF TO THE MEDIA THIS FEBRUARY!! (it’s genius)

When you use suggestions like this with the media you can get their attention over other people trying to get it. I’ve gotten on local television before when it was “Romance Month” (August)! I just mentioned I have this online dating program and they were fascinated and brought me on within the week!


I share these with the hope you are the go-to expert in your area and this opens doors for you to get on the radio or television or even in print and help their listeners, viewers and readers with your expertise!

  • Dog Training Education Month – obviously for dog trainers…what are the basics of every well-trained dog?
  • International Boost Self-Esteem Month – a major issue with the world…what’s your advice?
  • International Expect Success Month – speaks for itself
  • National Pet Dental Health Month – Pets are always a hot topic.
  • Relationship Wellness Month – self explanatory.
  • Spunky Old Broads Month – love this as it is a fun topic – why would you want to be a spunky old broad.

These are specific weeks in February:

  • Random Acts of Kindness Week: 14-20 
  • International Flirting Week: 14-20
  • National Entrepreneurship Week: 20-27

And finally, specific days in February:

  • Shower With A Friend Day: 5  (I have no idea what the interview could be…maybe you know.) I just think it would hook listeners!
  • Read in the Bathtub Day: 9 (Why we all need to relax a bit more.)
  • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day: 11  (Could be a great topic for psychologists – it’s time to let the past go)
  • Clean Out Your Computer Day: 15 (A great topic for a tech company to get on air and talk about how to clean out old files etc.)
  • National Bacon Day: 26 (If you have anything at all to say about Bacon – this is your day!)

logo-waynekellyWant to get Wayne’s brilliant publicity tips every month (and you should!) and his Free Interview Cheat Sheet, then make sure you go to his website and sign up for his free stuff here now!

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