How to Get More Clients Using Your Database or CRM

Are you really utilizing your CRM or your database the best you can? Probably not, no one I see is doing enough in ALL the various ways I recommend, to be nurturing and reaching out to their database. Yes, you’ll see online marketers send 11 emails a week during a launch but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about using a VARIETY of ways to build the relationships with your subscribers, friends, followers and connections – whether they’re officially “on your email list” or not. Watch the video for tips on what I do and teach to get more clients from your CRM and your database marketing. Good luck! Come talk with me in a free consult to help you! Apply here:

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Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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Using Printed Order Forms?

I was an exhibitor a big marketing conference in LA last week,  setting out my printed order forms on my table, and I thought this could be a good topic to share with you today. Printed order forms in this high-tech marketing world is a very OVERLOOKED piece of marketing collateral that many entrepreneurs don’t have or use.


One of the biggest issues with entrepreneurs when it comes to them/you NOT making money on an everyday basis is the lack of a printed order form and OFFLINE SALES PROCESS.

This is such a critical part of our world today, some of you may not have any idea…

THOUSANDS of dollars of my sales every year are made in person and on a printed order form. Let me share why you want one and what it’s going to do for you in your business.

The quick answer to WHY you want a printed order form is: “To make Easy Yes Offers on a daily basis with people you meet.”Click To Tweet

Here are four reasons or instances where having a printed order form when you’re out and about locally or away on trips, is critical to either more sales, your sanity and time or both.

1) Instead of printed order forms, can’t I just use a Square or PayPal swipey thing that plugs into my phone to take money from someone if they want to buy something from me in person? Or can’t I just take cash or check?

Well, the answer to this is simple. If you take money these ways, you still have to capture/get and manually enter in the customer’s full contact information into your main database or email marketing software for ongoing marketing and follow up later – MANUALLY… that means it’s less likely to happen if you don’t have an automated system. AND… that is IF you get their full contact information in the first place!

So many people do not, they just swipe and take the money and move on or take the cash or check and let the person go. HUGE MISTAKE!! Those customers might be great ongoing customers too but if you don’t continue to market to them or follow up with them you’ll never find out, nor will you get any referrals because you won’t be “top of mind” with them. You must get their full contact information regardless is the main point here or you’ll miss out on future sales. When they sign the order form too, you can put disclaimers on there, refund policies and have other things they can check to “add on” and potentially increase your sale. The idea of the PROCESS however is that when you take their information, they give you their credit card on a form, then you can be in charge of entering that into your shopping cart yourself , even taking payments and then having the cart initiate follow up emails and messages automatically that you pre-write.

2) Can’t I just send people to my website to buy or sign up for stuff? Passing out my card, flyer or brochure?


Goodness NO! RARELY does anyone follow through with that! YOU have to be in charge of the sale, not them. Plus, don’t you want the money TODAY? It could be a week or much longer even before they go click and buy, therefore prolonging the sale. People are way too busy for this. YOU have to be in charge and make it easier for them to buy when they’re HOT and the way to do that is with a printed order form. Plus… when you do run into a potential customer in person and they are really ready to buy, even just after a 10+ minute conversation anything is possible…You can give them a “SPECIAL OFFER” to buy today or when they buy XYZ today, they can also get a bonus of something. Therefore you make your money TODAY!! Having what I call an “Easy Yes Offer” is a great way to make sales every single day. I teach entrepreneurs how to create their Easy Yes Offers and their order forms at my live events plus I give you templates too. It takes a little bit longer to explain what I mean by an Easy Yes Offer – I make people sell theirs at my live events too actually…come experience it for yourself in November in LA!

3) Can’t I just schedule a call with them to talk about working with me or what I have to offer?


YES!! We do want to do that all day, of course… however, typically a phone call is when someone really needs to have that conversation with you, maybe share more about where they are now and what they’re looking for help with, that way you both can determine if you’re a good fit to work together or not. That’s a sales conversation and we want to book a LOT of those. A printed order form however is meant for the quicker, lower priced sales that can get people to experience you right now and then you can always follow up with a phone call from there to sell them into higher end programs and packages. Maybe you have a book, a webinar or an event to sell today though, those are quicker decisions people can make on the spot without a lot of thought or discussion and why not get them to buy today if you can? Why not make money daily if you’re able?

4) Can’t I just pull out my phone or iPad and have them sign up online on my website in person?


Sure… however that’s very time consuming for THEM. You have to make it EASIER for them, not harder. Some of your customers may not be that technical either, so doing this on their phone or your device could provide challenges. In addition, if you’re in a room with a lot of people it really limits the number of people who can do this efficiently during that event. Oh and if the internet is not working or isn’t available then you’re really stuck right? I would never do this at my exhibitor booth either it just bogs up the flow of traffic and just isn’t a good use of time for anyone.

Finally, if you are a speaker, it’s just way more efficient to pass out printed order forms when you’re attempting to make sales during your talk or in the back of the room after your talk. You can collect them and go and enter them all in later ensuring the “follow up process” will run and continue automatically so you have less manual entry later.

If you know you need an order form, I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of examples out there and I have some very easy templates to model after.

Running Facebook groups is my #2 marketing strategy. Is it yours? Are you doing it effectively? Are you seeing paying clients come from it without you having to be overly sales-y?

Running Facebook groups helps create and engaged COMMUNITY that fosters relationship-based marketing. We all know how important relationship-based marketing is to cultivate the “Know-Like-Trust” factor, right?  Without your leads getting to KNOW you, LIKE you and TRUSTING you…your chance of converting them into paying customers/clients is virtually zero.

In this video I share a few tips on how I’m running facebook groups and how it’s working. I also share tips on what to post on your various Facebook pages and groups AND why you want to start a Facebook group or community.
Take a look!

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katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

Why should you do more video in your business?

 Well… here’s a few reasons:

  1.  It’s basically a free marketing strategy. Yes, you could pay a videographer or video editor to produce or complete your videos but you sure don’t have to in most cases.
  2. YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the Internet now and you need to be there.
  3. It’s faster to explain something complicated or complex on your website or with customers.
  4. It’s easier and faster to get to the point of your message so you can keep the attention of your visitors, followers, subscribers or customers.
  5. Oh and…. 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online.

I find that more people will watch and respond to my videos on Facebook for example than read or respond to most of my business-oriented posts.

What kinds of videos can you do?

Here’s a list of what I do and/or am planning to do more of:

  • Tips regarding something in your business for social media posts, YouTube, your blog and emails
  • Sales pitches for landing pages, sales pages, emails and more
  • Tutorial videos to explain something more in depth on your website or wherever
  • Curriculum videos for a paid program
  • Facebook live videos – these would be different than the tips or other videos above that you might also post on Facebook or related sites. These will get the most views since they lie right on Facebook:
    • Now you have Live video available on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram too
  • Speaker videos – record everything you do, virtual or in person
    • Videos of you speaking on stage at any event
    • Speaker Sizzle Reel
    • Speaker Introduction Video
    • Speaker Media Reel
  • Testimonial videos – of you giving kudos to someone else or a program, etc. or of your customers giving testimonials for you

Now, I know what you’re saying… That’s great and all, Katrina, but I just don’t know how to get started or what to do. I’m not that techy and I really don’t know what to say.

3 Steps to Using Video Marketing to Grow Your Business:

  1.  Just press record – you have to just start by trying it out. Open the webcam on your computer for starters and just press record and start messing around with your intro and a few key points you might want to make. Then you can graduate to recording something more specific and/or doing Facebook Live videos. The key is to just get started.
  2. Repurpose your videos everywhere – this means make sure you make the most of all the content you record. You can transcribe your videos for a written blog post, email, ebook or article. You can post your videos on YouTube, your website, your blog, link inside an email, post to your social sites and more.
  3. Monetize your videos – this is when you start getting serious about making sure that your videos drive traffic to your website, blog, landing pages, free gift opt in pages, sales pages, calls with you and even click to buy links directly from the video itself. There is a whole lot to know on how to maximize your videos including using keyword research, positioning, script writing, SEO and more.

I hope you still aren’t planning on waiting to do more video if you’re already recording them now or waiting to just get started. I’d hate to see you get left in the Internet Dust by your competitors!

Video Marketing isn’t going away so please start embracing it now. I promise if you do just a few of the things I mentioned here you’ll get more response in your marketing for your business.

Come talk with me in a complimentary business strategy session and let’s discuss video marketing, your business’ marketing, your systems or sales processes!  We’ll see what we can do about getting you on track for having your best year ever!  Go to now and sign up and I’ll talk to you soon!

Talk to you again soon!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!

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As a business owner, one of the most important things you can do to stay top of mind with your contacts, potential clients, and referral sources is to develop simple follow up systems. You are wasting the time you spent gathering new leads plus valuable marketing dollars if you don’t follow up with these people.

I used to do a lot of networking at chamber events, women’s organizations and biz expos and I generally collected about 50 business cards from new contacts on a good week. Now however, that I’m more focused on the online part of my business and working globally with clients, I do more nationwide networking and online social networking.

However, I do the same things as before in the follow up. It’s important for you to realize whether you’re a brick and mortar business, service based business, home-based business or online business, you still need a clear, easy to implement follow up system that includes MORE than just email marketing….let me show you how to make this easy so it will get done.

Here’s my 6 Step Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System:

Implement this in your business TODAY, see more sales TOMORROW!

1. DATABASE ORGANIZATION: Organizing your new contacts is one of the most important tasks to do. You don’t have to invest a lot in a database. In fact you can start with an excel spreadsheet, entering your contacts and business card information week by week.

2. DEVELOP MESSAGES & MATERIALS: Writing your follow up marketing pieces is one of the most difficult parts of this whole equation for most small business owners. Your mailings, emails and even phone scripts need to be written with the hot buttons of your target market in mind. What do they care about most in regards to your products or services?

3. DEVELOP YOUR SYSTEM: Your system includes the frequency and number of times you will touch them. A touch can be either a direct mail piece of some kind, an email note or email newsletter, a follow up call, a message or friend request on social media, a drop by or even a fax. You want to determine what and how many times you’ll do each follow up activity for everyone you meet.

4. DELEGATE, AUTOMATE & MANAGE: Take the 20-28 touch system you created and delegate as much of it as humanly possible to an in office assistant, another employee (if they have time) or a Virtual Assistant or marketing person so you know it will get done. Some follow up can be automated if you have computer software, shopping carts or online services and scheduling software.

5. TRACK, ANALYZE & REVISE: Most often small businesses will do marketing such as the strategies I’m suggesting here in your follow up system yet they will never track to see if what they’re doing is working. Therefore they continue doing the same things over and over again. Sometimes your results won’t become apparent until after you’ve done the thing a few times (ie: frequency is important).

6. CONTINUE BUILDING YOUR LIST & REPEAT: Once you have a system set up for managing massive amounts of new contacts, then you can turn on the marketing hose I call it. That means you can market like crazy. Your goal should be to get in front of a LOT more of your ideal prospects every month in many different ways. I suggest going for a goal of 1000 new people to meet or connect with every month.

These tips are for any type of business, retail, online, service or product. So, not only do you need to follow up after new people you meet to GET their business or referrals and build those relationships, but you also have to cultivate those relationships over time so they keep you on top of their minds in case something comes up where they need your products or services or someone they know does.

Are you Ready to FINALLY Develop a Clear, Easy to Implement Follow Up System and Marketing Systems in General that GET RESULTS?

Follow up is just ONE of the many things we need to do in our marketing as entrepreneurs but it’s pretty vital, otherwise the marketing that you’re doing becomes almost a waste of time.

Come talk with me in a complimentary business strategy session and let’s discuss your business’ marketing, follow up and sales processes!  We’ll see what we can do about getting you on track for having your best year ever!  Go to now and sign up and I’ll talk to you soon!

Here’s to your Best Year Ever!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!


P.S.  Are you looking for REALISTIC, PRACTICAL & PROVEN ways to jumpstart your business? Need to get more clients while building a business you’re proud of – one that make a BIG IMPACT on others and provides you a great income in the process?

If so, I encourage you to attend my signature Love & Money LIVE! event.  It’s a 3-day training event and deep dive around how to get more love in your life, money in your business to create your happiest life ever! Get more details and register here:

Where do you want to be 3, 5, 10 years from now?  What’s keeping you from enjoying the lifestyle you really want? Or from designing a profitable business around doing what you love?

Worry? Stress? Doubt? Money? Time? Others? Mindset?

I believe anyone can build the business of their dreams doing what they love IF they learn how to do so.

Most people however, when they set out to start up their own business, just think they can print a business card and design a quick website and have a business make them money. That’s not reality however.

The truth is, it takes time and training to be a business owner. We aren’t all born with the “how to know how to start and run a successful business” gene. We need to learn what to do and how to do it.

Take a nurse for example. If you wanted to become a nurse, you wouldn’t just walk into a hospital in some scrubs you bought for yourself and start poking people with needles right? You’d go to Nursing School for a few years to learn EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and how to do your job.

And even an attorney has to go to Law School. They can’t just walk into a courtroom and start trying a case! That would be against the law plus they’d most likely lose their case since they wouldn’t know what they’re doing right?

Yet entrepreneurs often think they can walk into their own business and start helping clients or selling their products and services without proper training. Now if you have previous sales and marketing training from another job or school, you could probably get somewhat far making money, you could. But you’ll get stuck somewhere. Most likely it will be in how to run your business efficiently and how not to be in chaos in the back end.

And for those without any or much sales and marketing training at all but maybe you know the backend systems, processes, financial end of it all, etc. you will most likely not know how to effectively sell or convert enough clients into your services in order to reach your goals.

There is so much to know when you start up your own business that it just makes sense to get help. It’s a lot faster too. Don’t fall into this trap and get stuck wasting time or money in the wrong places and not seeing results soon.

Here are 5 Simple Steps to Turning Your Ideas & Passions Into a Moneymaking Business:

#1:  Define your vision – think really BIG! (the new plan)

#2:  Choose your model (s) – do what feels right today

  • The Key to Designing Your Business Around the Kind of Lifestyle You Want to Live is…LEVERAGE
  • What can you add: membership model, group program, live event, online classes, teleclasses/webinars, ebooks and products, etc.?

#3: Basic business set up – technology, systems, team

  • Get the Help & Training You Need to Develop the Big Picture Plan for Your Business
  • Learn & Create Systems
    • Implement automated processes online for sales, follow up, communication, lead generation, etc.
  • Develop & Prewrite Templates
    • Write templates for follow up and other marketing tasks to delegate or reach more people faster
  • Duplicate & Replace Yourself
    • At home or work – hire someone to clean house or mow the lawn plus add team members

#4: Jumpstart your marketing – take massive imperfect action, implement like crazy

  •  Get in front of more people, more often and in more ways – massive marketing and lead generation is needed, more than most people think!
  •  Make it easier for people to buy – use online technology and your website as the hub of your business but also have Easy Yes Offers in person to make fast cash.
  •  Create your interactive, relationship marketing, follow up and sales system so that you can funnel more of the right prospects in at one time, not having to touch them all individually yourself right off the bat.

#5: Evolve – reflect, revise & what’s next?

For more information on how to JumpStart your small business with creative ideas and a clear plan to reach your unique target market find out how to talk with me in a complimentary Strategy Session, go fill out the questionnaire at Let’s plot out YOUR Big Picture Strategy now before it’s too late!

Here’s to building a business doing what you LOVE!!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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How does Freedom, Play and Fun look to you as a business owner?

Does your business give you the Freedom you need to Play and have Fun?

I recently joined a Livestream with Maria Appleqvist and Rhoda Liebig and this was the topic we focused on.

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, for business owners to focus on Freedom, Play and Fun, if they are stressing to make money. Many business owners have so much money stress;  they are always worried about paying their bills. I address this with many of my clients too.

Can you relate to this?

The problem is that many business owners have a roller-coaster cash flow – they have peaks and valleys in the cash flow. My goal is to get my clients to the level where they have a consistent revenue generating business. Once their income levels out, we work on increasing the revenue to the next level.

The key is to have consistent income. It becomes much easier to focus on Freedom, Play and Fun when you’re no longer worried if you have enough money coming in to pay your bills.

The keys to a consistent money-making machine of a business are:

  • Automating
  • Systems
  • Team – or Delegating
  • And Marketing – you have to do a lot more marketing to reach more people.

You have to learn how to be more efficient and effective with your marketing and your operations to grow your business and to manage it.  These are areas that I help my clients with.

I’ve been in business for almost 16 years and I’ve learned a lot from the mentors and masterminds I’ve had or been involved in.  And I learned by making my own mistakes.  I’ve been fortunate to see behind the scenes of several millionaire’s operations.

Once you get everything set up to flow smoothly and generate income consistently, you’ll have the freedom to leave your office to go out and connect with more people. You’ll need to make those valuable connections to help you grow your business.

Step #1 of my Jumpstart Your Marketing System is that you get in front of more people, more often and in more ways. And it WORKS!

Click here to view the video – you’ll learn more strategies and find out how YOU too can have more Freedom to Play and have Fun!

Leave your comments, let me know what you think!

Here’s to Building the Business of your Dreams! 


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

PS:  Watch or Read my Recent Blog Post for Jumpstarting Your Business.  

PPS:  Catch Up on my Video Biz Tips on YouTube.

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SPEAKING is the Number 1 marketing strategy to attract more clients these days.  Speaking in your business can help you grow and scale your business to make it consistently profitable.

I’ve been speaking for several years both locally and for speaking gigs that I travel to. Being a speaker doesn’t always mean you are speaking from the stage.  Today, technology has made it possible to have virtual speaking gigs. For example, I also appear on others’ radio shows & podcasts.  I broadcast using Facebook Live and I do webinars and teleclasses.

speaker successI also host the “Sacramento Speakers and Entrepreneurs Network” where members and guests receive focused Speaker Training.  We also have speakers present in person at our live meetings and online in our virtual meetings or Webinars as you can see in the photo of a recent Virtual Meeting on Zoom.

It makes no difference whether you are speaking in person to a group at an event or meeting, whether you are hosting your own event where you are speaking in person, or whether you are speaking virtually – You Are Still Speaking.

Many of you have heard me say “Speaking is your Fastest Path to Cash” and it really is! I’ve been Speaking for several years and it has helped me attract more clients and sell more of my programs and products which has resulted in growth of my business and more income.

I am so passionate about helping others learn to be sought-out speakers, to avoid mistakes that many speakers make, and to use this strategy effectively. I have created programs and I host a LIVE Event/workshop to show entrepreneurs how to get comfortable and confident with presenting their talk, how to deliver their talks, what they need to market themselves to get more bookings, to use PowerPoint effectively, how to monetize their talks, follow-up, and more.

If you have started speaking a little but your efforts haven’t resulted in making enough money to justify your time, this Event is for you. Maybe you are thinking about speaking in your business but you have no idea what topics you should speak about, you don’t know how to present your talk, how to handle back of the room displays and sales, or maybe the thought of standing up before others to speak makes you a bit uncomfortable. If any of this resonates, this Event is for you!

My “Speaker Success Bootcamp” LIVE event, is a hands-on, interactive workshop in Sacramento, June 14th-16th . Some of the topics will help uncover gaps that many speakers experience that hinder their ability to be successful, including:

  • How you are missing out on thousands of dollars in sales and new clients every single month depending on what you offer/sell;
  • What’s lacking to build credibility and exposure for yourself and your business;
  • How you are missing out on thousands of dollars in sales and new clients because you don’t know how to effectively close sales from the stage, back of the room or in your follow up;
  • Why it’s difficult for you to get repeat invitations due to poorly designed presentations or talks that aren’t content or audience focused;

My VIP attendees will also receive BONUSES that all speakers need. One HUGE BONUS that I include is a 5 Minute Recorded Video of YOU on STAGE Rocking Your Talk. All speakers need video of your presentation(s) on your website because promotors want to see what you look like, sound like and how you deliver your message. This bonus alone has a value of up to $1,400.

speaker successOne of my clients has attended this workshop twice and she already has two videos of her speaking on stage uploaded on her website!  If you already have one or two videos of yourself, you can use this one for filler or to create a fun SIZZLE REEL!!

Because there is so much covered in this workshop, you’ll receive 3- days of training, coaching and guidance to help you emerge as a Dynamic Speaker.

I’ve recently opened Registration for this Event and I’m offering Super Early Bird Rates to the first 50 people who register. You can attend this 3-day workshop with a General Admission Ticket and get the Live training for just $97.

And if you are ready to step out and GO BIG by purchasing the VIP ticket, you will receive:

  • An extra session before the event starts where you will get dialed in and crystal clear;
  • My “Jumpstart Speaker Training System” – a 6 week home study course that you can start working on before the event, if you’d like;
  • And the mega bonus – the 5-minute Recorded Video of You Rocking your Talk on stage.

The VIP ticket is your Best Value and the option most serious speakers will choose. It is also special priced at $597. for a limited time until the first 50 people sign up.

If you’ve been thinking about Speaker Training, you WANT someone who has the experience to coach you and train you. You want someone who’s made the mistakes when they were starting out in the speaking arena and who has learned what works and what doesn’t.

So head over to the Event Information & Registration Page today      at

Take a look at everything that I’m offering in this Workshop.  Register soon to take advantage of these super low rates and to get the VIP BONUSES if you register for the VIP ticket.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there to guide you on your Path to Becoming a Sought-After Speaker!  This training will be a game-changer for you!

Here’s to Your Speaking Success!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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Many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck after hitting a plateau in their business. It’s frustrating when you feel you’ve hit a wall!

I understand the feeling that many entrepreneurs and business owners face – you think you’re doing all of the right things to take your business to the next level, but the results just don’t come. I really wish that I’d had access to this training series in the early stages of my business.

If this describes where you’ve found yourself at the beginning of the year, then I’m happy to tell you about an online interview series that my friend, David Durham has organized called “The Rocket Entrepreneur: Blast Past Plateau and Make More Money Than Ever in 2018”.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time!

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***This is a Guest blog post about referral marketing is by Coach/Speaker, Mickey Griffith.  

“The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

How many times have we heard that? In school, in business, at home when we hear ourselves saying it to our children or ourselves? Reminding ourselves that we shouldn’t leave things undone. Get busy. Get in motion. Get something done, don’t just talk about it. So then, what it should really say is, “The Road to Hell is paved with procrastination.”

The Road to Success is paved with good intentions! Especially when it comes to referral marketing.

If building referral marketing success is a process of developing and using business contacts as a way to build business, then the road to Success should be paved with good intentions. Or more specifically; good intent. Having good intentions is the base gravel for the road and dictates the strength of the foundation on which the referral marketing traffic is going to travel.

What is your true intent in regards to your referral marketing activities? Are you engaged in a process of motivating your referral partners by truly helping them, or are you just doing the minimum to maintain the relationship?

People will eventually see through a facade. Are you practicing open, honest communication with those in your referral network? Having a foundation of good intentions is essential in traveling a smooth road to referral marketing success.

Honest, good intent will help you avoid common referral marketing mistakes.

Good intent will keep you from pouncing on potential new referrals, pushing them away or forcing a referral that isn’t quite ready yet. Try to make sure the true intent was not just to make yourself look good in your referral network.

Passing a referral at your meeting might feel good, but it does not help the person being referred and can in fact damage the very relationship you’re trying to build.

This one should be easy, but is often overlooked, especially by those new to the referral marketing process: Good intent should keep you from meeting with people in your referral network for a one-to-one and then trying to sell them your goods or services.

The one-to-one meeting is about building a relationship and if you are immediately trying to sell to people in your referral network, it will quickly be public knowledge that your intent is really just to sell.

Where the rubber meets the road. Sometimes looking in the mirror can be tough, but try doing a thorough examination. Be careful not to misdiagnose your intent.

Are you really involving yourself to help others as a means of growing your own business? Notice the “help others” comes first in that statement. Selfless giving is not always hereditary, it can be developed, and it really is essential to building good will with people you are trying to do business with by referral.

Finally, old adages don’t die easily. The road to hell is paved with procrastination. New habits take exercise and the more you exercise good intentions the more success you should see, just ahead.

Keep Shining!

Mickey Griffith

About Mickey Griffith

referral marketingMickey Griffith is a speaker and coach. He brings to the audience his passion for business behavior, relationship management, and leadership principles. With more than 20 years of marketing experience, and a specialty in referral marketing, Mickey inspires entrepreneurs with valuable tools to grow their business. As an engaging speaker, his mission is to create more productive, meaningful improvement in business and organizational relationships.  Find out more about Mickey’s business at

I hope you enjoyed this guest post.

Talk to You Again Soon!! 


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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