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If you missed this year’s conference you definitely want to mark your calendar for next year’s eWomenNetwork Annual Conference! It’s literally the best conference I’ve ever gone to for high powered yet very friendly networking, brainstorming, training on your business and FUN with a capital F-U-N!! It’s always held in Dallas, TX and next year it’s happening August 7-10, 2014. Click here for info. I don’t promote conferences like this hardly at all, this is the main one I recommend and I DON’T even get a kickback or commission to do so!

I like to do my own, personal recap of the conference every year, sharing photos, experiences, a few tips and things I learned, etc. so that’s what today’s post is all about.

First off, I know you want to see pictures of WHO was there and WHO I saw or hung out with right? We’re a reality based world after all!!

Then, so what did I learn right?

I listened to speakers on trademarking in your business, changing the way you look at your business forever using leveraged business models, and so much more in the breakout sessions that I did attend. Typically at these types of events I don’t do a lot of listening to speakers although they are great! I prefer to spend the majority of my time connecting, networking and building relationships with the people at the conference so that when I follow up, I have more concrete things to follow up with and on and there is a lot more invested in the relationship rather than just a business card exchange.

If you want to learn how to maximize the conferences and events you go to there are two things you can do today!

  1. First, I have a FREE video training that I did on this topic while I was gone….if you haven’t seen it yet – go watch it on youtube now.
  2. Secondly, I have a very affordable product that I’ve created called my Tradeshow Networking Tool Kit – it has audios, workbook style tips and information as well as tons of examples of print handouts, signs, order forms and more! All for $57. Go find out more and pick it up today – it’s worth it to know how to work the room at any event I promise you!

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you to help you start, grow and market your business!

Make sure you’re signed up in the box to the right of this page to get the Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit because then you’ll for sure not miss an issue of my weekly ezine full of business and marketing trainings, videos like the one above, invitations to free teleclasses and so much more to help you! Sign up online now and get 5 Free Gifts too at http://www.JumpstartYourMarketing.com/freegifts.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach



“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”


P.S.  Do you believe enough in yourself to really go after what you want in your life AND your business? Confidence and clarity are the keys to much bigger success. Go find out how my new book, Love Yourself Successful can support you in achieving your dream lifestyle, profitable business and overall a happier YOU! Free Video & Audio online at www.LoveYourselfSuccessful.com

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I know that many of you are looking at ways to finally jumpstart your business into high gear.
The details are below and on the pages linked below so if you’ve been on the fence on working with me in some way, it’s time to get off and sign up!I don’t know anyone who’s built a successful, smooth-running, consistent lead-generating, moneymaking machine of a business without getting the training and/or coaching they need for their specific situation. There’s a lot to do, set up, build and manage as a small business owner and it be overwhelming. Let me help you to get the training, advice, support and more than you need to truly get your business on the right track for the rest of this year and beyond! 

The third workshop of this series is happening Sept 6th and it’s all about selling more online and offline, joint ventures, presenting yourself as a speaker and getting more gigs (the #1 marketing strategy for most biz owners) and more. I have 20 seats open if you want to regsiter and get this stuff “handled” or in place in your business. Friday, September 6th -Topics Discussed: how to become a speaker, designing your signature talks and speaker marketing materials, selling from the stage in person or on the phone/webinars/teleclasses, how to get booked, email templates for communication, how to launch and market your speaking and other events or classes/programs online and offline, developing promo materials, flyers, being an exhibitor at events and how to monetize that, build your list, offer free giveaways, doing joint ventures and having others promote your events and classes or products and services.


Option 2: 6-Figure Business Makeover – Entrepreneurial Group Training Program – Next class runs Sept 9 – Oct 14 
This short-term, high access group program will only be 20 entrepreneurs max so that each of you get laser coaching on each call for 6 weeks. This program is for current business owners and seasoned business owners to get the specific advice you need to tweak what you’re doing and monetize or systematize more of what you’re already doing. It’s 6 weeks of all laser coaching calls with me so it’s very focused on what YOU need NOW most.

(This isn’t such a timely option however one of the bonuses for getting this program is the 6 Figure Business Makeover program is FREE so I’m including it here today in case you want this extensive training course as well as the group program.)  

This is a do-it-yourself at your own pace type of program BUT it’s my most powerful, all inclusive training that I’ve ever done AND it includes TONS of BONUSES right now in launch mode so I threw it in here because you can also “work with me” when you invest in this program if you do it quick and are one of the next 6 people to sign up for this – you get all the bonuses listed on the page which include the 6 Figure Business Makeover, the Silver Program and 24/7 access to me personally through mid-July.

(This is timely too but only for those who want the super duper all inclusive way to work with me – is this you?) 

Option 4: The Live Big Mastermind – Enrollment Open Now, 6 Spots Available! 

This is my only annual group and 1on1 coaching program, this is A-Z as well but you get me on speed dial all year plus the support of up to 11 other highly motivated and caring entrepreneurs along the way. This program you get all my templates and resources that I use to make your life easy. There are 3 group calls a month so you are never alone in the running of your business. There are live retreats and masterminds, you have full FREE Access to just about all my other programs and events too to maximum growth and success!


Option 5: Jumpstart Your Business on your own with some of my do-it-yourself marketing and business planning and implementation products 

My most popular product is of course my Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System because no one does enough follow up or lead generation. Right now you can get a bunch of bonuses that include the best ways to market and get more leads (online and offline) when you pick up the Follow Up System through this special offer page – click here. You can also check out all the other products, books, webinars and teleseries that are ready for instant download now by going to my products page here. Enjoy! Many of these pages have instructional videos on them too where you’ll even just get some great ideas!  Get started somewhere!


If you have any questions on ANY of this please don’t hesitate to email or call me. I’m happy to discuss any of these options (or other products, etc.) with you if you still are unsure. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to complete happiness and success this year!

P.S. I hope to have the chance to work with you this year! Let’s kick your business into high gear before this year flies by!


What a Few Clients Say About Working in a Group Program with Katrina Sawa: 

“Before I started working with Katrina I did not know how to get my new business off the ground or how to revive our existing business. Katrina helped me do both with enthusiasm coupled with “out of the box” ideas. I now have road map for my website business and our graphic design business has had more interest and activity than we’ve had in over a year. Thank you Katrina.” ~ Stephanie Schriger, Owner, RealToughCookie.com, DesignandGraphics.com 

“Katrina helped me get focused with an action plan and defined goals. Plain and simple, saying that my experience with Katrina was “worth it”, does not nearly do it justice. This was an invaluable experience, one that potentially could completely change my business.” ~ Kevin Harris, Owner, Chicago IL www.quicksolvers.com 

“Katrina is serious and fun when it comes to helping you zero in on your business model and structure. She’s got a knack for finding possible streams of income that you can start building and implementing right away. I also find her to be honest and upfront about her own business experiences which is so refreshing.” ~ Helen Kim, Founder, New York, www.YourMoneyRelationship.com 

I am amazed at how much material we covered in such a short period of time. You didn’t waste any time getting down to business. You focused like a laser beam and the direction you provided was right on target, practical and specific. In fact, I began rethinking several of my marketing strategies right after our first call. It all made perfect sense. Often as entrepreneurs we can be our own worst enemy and you need someone like Katrina to push the levers you can’t or won’t for yourself. Katrina, I can’t thank you enough.” ~ Veronica Mayo, Founder, Vemayca Cosmetic Bags, www.vemayca.com 

“When Katrina promises to deliver, she OVER delivers! When I attended her JumpStart group program, I received more resources and help from her than I’ve ever gotten from any other coach, course, or seminar in my life! She helped me get crystal clear on how to develop winning programs and I am pleased to say that I earned more money this past September than I have in any month in the past 9 years! How do you spell business success? 2 words: Katrina Sawa!” ~ Linda Allred, THE Bad Habit Breaker/Certified Hypnotist www.LindaAllred.com
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What if you didn’t have to struggle with painful thoughts and emotions? What if you were able to access happiness, peace and experience profound well being anytime, NO MATTER what is going on in around you? Is there a way to live stress free, without worry and attract the love, success and spiritual alignment you desire?

It’s completely possible! In fact, we are SUPPOSED to feel great! We are meant to learn, expand and THRIVE, throughout the journey of our lives. Life is supposed to be juicy and exciting! That is why I’m so excited to be part of this special, one time FREE virtual event!

My colleague and happiness emissary, Lela Texeira, has brought together 21 top happiness experts to bring you powerful tools, tips and practices to help you live the vibrant, joyful life you know is possible.

FREE Telesummit – The Art of Everyday Happiness 

August 12 – September 2

So click below to reserve your spot: 




Hope you will join us and take this opportunity to experience more joy in your life!

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When I go to Dallas for eWomenNetwork, I’m joining up with 3 of my friends and we’ll have a super big booth in the expo area; in fact we’re calling ourselves the Women’s Business Empowerment Collective because we’ve come together this summer to help 1000’s of entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level as fast as possible.

We’ve put together a BIG PRIZE PACKAGE WORTH $11,259 that includes all of each of our top products, books, programs, trainings and live events!

Yes, ONE LUCKY entrepreneur will walk away with this entire prize package!

But the great part is that EVERYONE WHO ENTERS ONLINE OR AT THE CONFERENCE (so you don’t have to go to Dallas to enter, you can enter NOW here: www.EWNC2013FreeGift.com) – EVERYONE WHO ENTERS this drawing will win hundred’s of dollars in free product and gifts instantly.


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I have a very special offer for you today that if you need clients now or need help to jumpstart your business YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT IGNORE OR REFUSE….IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!  But only through tomorrow, Sunday at 5 pm PST, that’s it.  

You see, I know that what I do with clients 1on1 or even what I can do in my small group interactive calls is priceless for them. I’m so confident that I can help any one of you who needs to know what to do in your business to grow it, market it, start it, and more that I want to put my money where my mouth is!

That’s why for this weekend only I’m letting you into my Silver Mentor Coaching Program FOR FREE for 30 DAYS!!

Yes, completely FREE. All you have to do is register online with the special button below, make sure you register with the REGISTER NOW BUTTON, and then if you want more info about the program and what you’ll get instant access to, go to the FIND OUT MORE button. (but don’t register there)

My clients have told me things like:

  • “Kat I’ve never gotten so much information from one coach in such a short amount of time.”
  • “I’ve learned more from you in one hour than I have in months with anyone else I’ve worked with on my business!”
  • “You totally get me and where I’m at and what I want to do”

What if you can have the same results in just 30 days in this program…for FREE?

Won’t you kick yourself if you DON’T DO THIS and you could have gotten your big business breakthrough or finally that all encompassing plan done or whatever you need right now in your business, we will help you get it done, build it, create it, launch it, sell it and more.

This offer is void after tomorrow Sunday at 5pm PST so hurry and register now! (Yes you have to use your ccard still on the order page because it is a monthly membership but I will give you plenty of reminders to cancel if you don’t want to stay in the program after your free 30 days. Nothing will be charged if you use the REGISTER NOW BUTTON to sign up). FIND OUT MORE


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Video Tip of the Week….it’s about Consistency.

This week’s video tip is about how to manage a consistent flow of leads coming into your business, doing consistent marketing, consistency in your follow up …. all of which lead to more consistent follow up.

So how do you become more consistent?


Watch and learn, come talk with me about it if you want too in a complimentary business strategy session by clicking here: http://www.AskKat.biz.

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How would your life change if you decided to be the STAR in your own life?

No more minimizing your unique skills, talents, and abilities.

No more putting your needs and desires on the back burner.

No more waiting for someday…

July 13th is your day to make yourself the priority and discover how to become the star in your own life.

So many of us run around spending time, energy and resources supporting other lead characters…

We don’t stop, get still and take the time to find our voice, calling, and dream.

Announcing the first Women’s Empowerment Series event in Sacramento:

Summer Star & Style
July 13th, 2013
Location: Sacramento, CA

It’s time to learn from 5 dynamic speakers (myself included) how to step into YOUR light and shine.  Be inspired to step fully into your dream… the place where you truly belong… your stage and your people are waiting for you to arrive.

I want you to be encouraged, inspired, and empowered to stand up, be seen and SHINE!

This is how you make 2013 your best year ever and finally get what you want.

You’ll join a powerful, supportive community of women who are on a mission to make a difference. And you’ll step more fully into making your dream a reality.

The successful Women’s Empowerment Series has already had over 150 attendees in the Bay Area this year and we’re looking to be even more successful in Sacramento.

This is your invitation to join me at – Summer Star & Style!

You’re going to enjoy a delicious catered lunch, mini spa treatment and FREE MASSAGE – all in a nurturing, supportive environment.

To watch the short preview video – CLICK HERE

Or, to skip ahead for all the details and to register – CLICK HERE

It’s going to be a truly transformational day that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered to take your life and business to the next level.

You’ll walk away with powerful breakthroughs in 5 BIG areas of your life and business:

Key Area #1 – Be the Star in Your Own Life!

Learn how to stop playing the costar or supporting actor/actress in your life.  Only you

can step into the lead role you are called to step into.  Your people are waiting for you to show up and shine.

Key Area #2 – Get Inspiration to Follow Your Dreams!

Get inspiration and powerful new ideas for turning your talents into a successful (or even MORE successful) business. You’ll leave motivated to take the next big step in your business.

Key Area #3 – Attract Clients and Make Money NOW!

Get answers to the questions of “How do I find clients?” and “How can I make more money?” Learn the biggest mistakes small business owners make and how to increase your business in less than a week! Discover an easy system to start, grow and market your business th

at allows you to attract more of your ideal clients.

Key Area #4 – Your Image IS Your Business!

You are a walking advertisement for your business. Better than business cards and brochures, your image tells the story before you say a word. Discover how to represent yourself authentically.

Key Area #5 – Ignite YOUR Fame Flame!

Discover how your home can support you in taking center stage and living your passion. Learn the secret ingredients for fanning your ‘fame flame’. Get ready to shine and be seen.

Here are those links again:

To watch the short preview view – CLICK HERE 

Or, to skip ahead to get all the details and register – CLICK HERE

I look forward to having you join us.





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Hi there, its Katrina here with a quick reminder and your “homework”.  What you say? Yes, I said your homework! 

Most of you are not speaking enough if you are already speaking and you’re certainly not following up well from your speaking gigs or I’d be hearing a lot more from you and that all means you’re missing out on THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE MONTH by not doing more speaking (online and offline) or by monetizing and maximizlng each and every opportunity in many different ways.

Go watch the NEW VIDEO I added to this page just last  week….regardless of what level of speaker you are or what you’ve done or what business you’re in. You’ll get some clarity around how important this is for YOU and YOUR business!   

“The free speaker teleclass was good and I have the 6 steps to use speaking to market my business.  I had heard that speaking was a must do and did not know how that would relate to my product.  The teleclass helped to make it clearer how to use speaking and what it really means to use speaking as a marketing tool.  I look forward to listening to more classes and have already signed up for the 6 week class to learn and implement the how to of the 6 steps.” ~ Marianne Black, personalizedexpeditions.com


Crunch the numbers for what you could sell or how much more you could make or how many more clients you could get or help if you got in front of 500-1000 more interested people every month. If that doesn’t make you want to speak more by looking at what it could create for you, then I don’t know what will!

When you reserve your seat in this new Speaker Training Program by midnight TODAY Monday, July 1st you can get in for 50% off! I don’t know if I’ll ever teach this program live again and I can only take 30 people and HALF the seats are already spoken for now! 

If you have any questions on ANY of this please don’t hesitate to email or call me. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to complete happiness and success this year!


The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
And Love & Money Mentor

P.S. I hope to have the chance to work with you this year! Let’s kick your business into high gear before this year flies by!

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As an entrepreneur or small business owner you have probably identified times of the month or year when they may be more of a lull for you in business, is that right? If you’re newer to business maybe you haven’t discovered this yet but you will, watch for it and pay attention.

Not every business is slower during the summer, for example outdoor yard product or service companies, entertainment venues, tourism type businesses and more are quite busy.

However many coaching type businesses or online businesses are usually a little slower during the summer (and the holidays too). People have their kids out of school and might not be by their computer as much as they were during the school year. People have more distractions going on too with graduations, family vacations, bar-b-ques, outings and more.

Therefore if you do notice some slow downs in the summertime, you may want to be prepared for it. I have a few tips on how to be prepared for lulls, slow periods, lack of customers or even extra time on your hands and what to DO about it!

What else you can do to attract more prospects and customers during slow times:

  • Hold more frequent free calls, webinars or events to drive traffic to your website and trainings
  • Do weekly email blasts – either newsletters or special announcements to engage your audience more often
  • Get to be a featured expert on other people’s calls, webinars, events and telesummits online
  • Write lots of articles and blog posts for your blog, email newsletter, other people’s email newsletters, online websites, organizations you belong to etc.
  • Send something in the mail to your best customers and prospects for upsells, special sales, referrals and more
  • Call through your database to touch base with everyone personally – it does make a big difference when you do this

What else you can do to work ON your business and uplevel your business during slow times:

  • Take a training class or program (in person or virtually) to hone a skill for your expertise or learn more how to better market and sell in your business (the two most important things you’ll ever need to know as a small business owner)
  • Take a vacation yourself – you deserve it!
  • Brainstorm with a business owner buddy to help each other in business
  • Get into a group coaching program or mastermind so you can find out what could be missing in your business, your marketing or other area for success
  • Develop relationships with complimentary business owners, joint venture partners and others who could potentially refer business to you – determine ways to help each other
  • Write a book or at least more content so when you get busy you have stuff already to go on your blog or newsletter
  • Develop a new program, product or service that you can offer to your customers or prospects – figure out all the details, plot out what you’ll do, sell, how to offer and market it, and get it going
  • Record a bunch of videos and save them to launch or post when you’re busier and won’t have time
  • Make updates to your website to make sure it’s professional, functional and that it converts at the highest level

Whatever you decide to do when business is slow, don’t just stop taking action. Continue taking action, giving value, offering your programs, products and services. People do have to read you or delete you so you can still be on top of mind.

Don’t get discouraged just plan ahead for the lull for next year, save up money if you have to. Plan to take time off or work a lot ON your business and you’ll make the best use of your time.

For more information on how to JumpStart your small business with creative ideas and a clear plan to reach your unique target market find out how to talk with me in a complimentary Strategy Session, go fill out the questionnaire at www.AskKat.biz.  Let’s plot out YOUR Big Picture Strategy and Action Plan on what to do now before it’s too late! 

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Are you tired of all the hypy sales and marketing tactics that are out there on the Internet now? 

Are you trying to figure out how to stand out in your business and as an expert without doing all those crazy gimmicks and things?

I’m talking about being able to be yourself, be authentically you and being loved and appreciated (and well paid!) for it. At one point in my business I got a little away from being “me”. I followed mentors who led me down a path that wasn’t truly authentically me because I thought that’s what I needed to do.

After a few years I realized what had happened and I had to turn things back around. Now I may not be making the millions of dollars a year that some of my mentors are making due to not following their lead; however I am much happier and fulfilled because of following my own authentic path. I went with my gut and what message I felt I needed to bring to the world and am doing that work with ease and influence.

But how do we do this without seeming weak or without sharing too much? How do we do this AND still build a large responsive list of fans, followers and customers so that we can reach or exceed our money goals? There can be a good balance. You can achieve it all.

It’s true there is a lot to DO in your business to really stand out. All the marketing strategies, online business set up basics, offline relationship building activities; it’s a lot to do. But there is a way to do it all while being totally and truly authentically you in the process. In fact it’s more difficult to do all the marketing when you aren’t in tune with why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Here is a list of 11 things to “check yourself with” if you want to see if you’re on track or if you need to switch things up a bit.

  1. Know your big why and your ultimate vision
  2. Stay true to your values
  3. Speak your message loud and proud
  4. Build meaningful relationships
  5. Give back whenever possible
  6. Charge what you’re worth
  7. Deliver crazy amounts of value
  8. Listen to your intuition
  9. Take decisive action
  10. Love yourself fully
  11. Think bigger than you’ve ever thought and GO FOR IT!

My hope is that this short list will inspire you to play a bigger game, really build a business that you’re passionate about and help you to keep on top of mind what’s important in your life so that you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you lose sight of your why or your big vision it will be very hard to build a successful and profitable business. Don’t get too busy in the day-to-day activities that you lose sight of what’s important to you and the people that you serve. Stay authentically you and it will all work out in the end I know it.

For more information on how to JumpStart your small business with creative ideas and a clear plan to reach your unique target market find out how to talk with me in a complimentary Strategy Session, go fill out the questionnaire at www.AskKat.biz.  Let’s plot out YOUR Big Picture Strategy and Action Plan on what to do now before it’s too late! 


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