This form of marketing (or model if you will) can be extremely lucrative you know? Have you given this any thought for your own business and marketing funnel?

Almost any type of business could potentially add some kind of membership model to their business – both retail or store front, online businesses or almost any service professional and probably many product based companies too.

Some examples of membership programs that many of you might already be a member of and not even realize it (or see it as an opportunity for you) are:

  • Netflix – movie rentals in the mail
  • Wine club
  • Online service such as, or – I use these services (among many)
  • Door to door dry cleaning service
  • Product refill orders such as for Juice Plus or beauty products
  • Your website hosting services
  • Memberships in networking or professional organizations
  • Some advertising you might do like yellow pages for example

Each of these companies or services are charging your credit card (most likely) each month based on your signup and agreement to receive their offer/products/services on a monthly basis for an agreed upon fee. They will continue to charge your card unless you cancel which you have to either do in writing or online most often but continuation or cancellation is up to you.

They don’t have to keep selling you each month; it’s recurring income for them – hence constant cash flow!

You can do this too most likely with a little creativity – you just need to brainstorm on:

  • WHAT this would look like in YOUR business.
  • Who it would be attractive to (who’d want to buy it/sign up for it).
  • What you would offer (that wouldn’t take up a lot of your time and be cost effective)
  • How to best set it up so you can automate this as much as possible.
  • How much to charge.
  • How to structure and market it to your list

Other examples of this include memberships such as:

  • My Silver Marketing Mentor Program – get all the details at basically it includes one teleclass each month that you can listen in on, get the CD by mail, access to personal 1on1 time with me once a month over the phone for laser coaching, my backend online Mentor Resources page which houses all my past teleclass recordings, articles, samples, templates and tons of resources just for my Mentor Members – ALL FOR ONLY $47/MO (best deal with my personal coaching of all these 3)!

  • One of my coaches, Alexandria Brown, Silver Motivation Mastermind Group – get all the details at AlexandriaBrown.comher program includes access to her monthly teleclass and the CD by mail, her printed newsletter and access to her online forum – ALL FOR ONLY $47/MO TOO!
  • My other coach David Neagle’s Silver Level Coaching Program – get all the details at – his program includes 1 teaching call each month and the CD’s mailed plus 10% off his programs (after 3 months) – ALL FOR ONLY $97/MO.
  • Yes, these examples are all for coaching and consulting services primarily (see how easy it could be though?), however there are many business owners I’ve consulted with that had ‘regular type businesses’ who we were able to come up with a cool membership idea for as well to give them extra cash flow such as:

    • Day spas and Medspas
    • Home furnishings and decor stores
    • Gift basket companies
    • Network Marketing companies
    • Fitness Trainers and Gyms
    • Bookkeepers
    • Photographers
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Chiropractors
    • Personal Makeup Artists

    It’s really just all about leverage – leveraging your time, expertise and packaging it in such a way that it benefits your customers AND it helps to provide YOU the type of lifestyle you want to lead.

    Put your thinking cap on or
    contact me and let’s brainstorm on some cash flow generating ideas for YOUR business ASAP!!

    –Kat Out.

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    –Kat Out

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    I realize that when you first started your business you may not have thought about EVERYTHING that would be involved with running a successful business, right?

    You had a passion and interest in a particular product or service that you could offer and that you believed others would want. But there’s a LOT more to running a successful business than what meets the eye.

    Here are some very common mistakes I see my clients and others I meet making every month in their businesses. The ones who end up being successful are the ones who REALIZE this and take steps to FIX their issues.

    What mistakes are YOU making?

    1. Not marketing to everyone you know
    2. Not having a consistent follow up marketing system
    3. Being afraid of networking and not learning how to overcome it
    4. Thinking if they build it, they will come
    5. Cutting back on marketing first when times are tough
    6. Lack of understanding of what types of marketing will work for their business and what won’t
    7. Planning too much and not DOING anything
    8. Giving up too soon
    9. Not estimating enough start up costs and expenditures
    10. Letting their own opinions about marketing get in the way of what they decide to do to market their business
    11. Thinking they can do it all themselves and need to
    12. Not asking for help
    13. Spending too much time on things that are not making them money
    14. Not getting professional help from the start with certain aspects of their business
    15. Compromising quality and professionalism to save money
    16. Not really knowing and understanding their target market
    17. Not knowing their competition or following them too closely without knowing if what they’re doing is working or not
    18. Making decisions in their marketing based on what types of marketing THEY like or don’t like to be targeted with
    19. Not continually learning about new techniques and practices
    20. Not keeping up with technology to better build your business
    21. Thinking that marketing = expensive

    What are YOU going to do about the ones you identify with?
    I hope this gives you some things to think about. Remember, to get a plan in order so you DON’T end up making these common mistakes and to get a more specific and targeted approach to your marketing and business growth I’m happy to sit down with you in a 1-on-1 Planning Meeting. I recently changed the format of these meetings by the way, now you get 3 meetings, each 2 weeks apart from each other so you can better implement the strategies we discuss – all for one price! Go to to find out more.

    Do you have a question you want an answer to??

    Submit it online to me right now!

    © Copyright 2008 K. Sawa Marketing

    –Kat Out !

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    For many entrepreneurs networking is a must to build your contact list the fastest way possible. After all, networking is one of the least expensive, most effective forms of marketing that you can do!

    Besides if you have no customers yet and nothing to do – you have to do something! Networking is also the best way to build relationships; no other form of marketing or advertising can do this for you. People buy from people they like and connect with.

    I’ve been self employed for five years and I’m still networking; I’m just more selective now on where and who I network with. When I first started out I joined four local chambers, a women’s organization and a leads group and I was at every event all the time.

    As my business started picking up, I reduced the number of groups I was involved in and remained in only those that were the best fit for me and that brought me the most clients. I was extremely active in those that I stayed in so that I would be well known; basically I became the Go-to-Gal for my industry and associations.

    This is what you want. You want for others to see you as the expert in your field. The key is though to be selfless, generous and knowledgeable in the process.

    These days I’m networking even online through various social networking sites, business networking sites and other membership sites that I belong to but this takes time and finesse as well.

    Rarely do I see very many really good networkers though so I urge you to learn more, practice your skills, focus on giving to others and really work at becoming the best networker you can because it will pay off with more customers and bigger profits.

    Here are a few habits that a good networker typically exudes; they will:

    • Go with a goal
    • Be prepared, mentally and with materials
    • Arrive early and stay late
    • Work the room
    • Master their ‘commercials’ and alter them as needed
    • Introduce others around
    • Pass people off nicely and move on
    • Ask questions of the other person
    • Know to listen more than they talk
    • Take notes on cards
    • Quickly and repeatedly follow up

    So, how to you match up? What are you doing?

    One thing I want to remind you of is that no matter which ones you are doing if you are NOT doing the very last one listed – the FOLLOW UP – then I can tell you right now that you are absolutely wasting your time (and money) doing the networking in the first place!!

    I can’t stress to you enough that if you find yourself not being able to get your follow up done – then figure out someone to delegate this to. It’s worth whatever it costs to pay someone to do this for you because it could mean the difference between one sale and fourteen sales!

    P.S. Want my help getting some clarity in your business or business idea? I can take your ideas or current business and literally figure out how to put it into OVERDRIVE within a really short amount of time. Contact me or sign up for one of my 1on1 services!

    –Kat Out !
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    JumpStart Your Marketing with:

    • Strategic Marketing or Action Plans
    • Press Releases, Media Relations & Promotions
    • Marketing Planning/Brainstorming Meetings
    • Ad Placement and Coordination
    • Graphic Design – Marketing Materials, Logo and Ads
    • Website Design – Copywriting, Layout, Coordination
    • Direct Mail and Email Campaign Development
    • Speaking, Sales Training to Groups or Individuals
    • Special Event Planning, Tradeshow Booth Prep
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    I’m giving you some of my Sales Letter Writing Tips this week – BUT I CAUTION YOU…..these are not easy to use if you don’t typically think on a sales and marketing level. I don’t care if you KNOW YOUR BUSINESS or not; that does not mean you know how to write an effective sales letter, sales page or compelling online (or offline) content.

    So, if you read over this and still want some help manipulating, editing or writing your content for you then I highly suggest you contact me or just go sign up for my 1-On-1 Marketing Planning Meeting right now ok? You want to make sure it’s done right the first time.

    “8 Things About Writing a Sales Letter Every Small Business Should Know”

    1. The more expensive your product or service is, the longer the sales letter should be.

    2. Headlines should be really big and stand out, possibly using a RED font – that is always the best color for a heading or for continued big, bold text throughout your letter. You can highlight certain text with your highlighter tool in Word or whatever you use. You should also put your headlines in quotes.

    3. Use facts, tell stories about you or your client’s experiences. Use bullets to show what they will learn/get/receive or how it will benefit them.

    4. Use testimonials from clients, vendors, etc. Try to get their photos, use their full names and companies for added credibility and you can even have them make an audio of their testimonial to add to your website and link on your letter.

    5. Build up the program/service/product through the whole letter with supporting facts, using teaser text and attention getting phrases they’ll be sure to relate to.

    6. Answer any potential objections in the letter before getting to the price. Brainstorm or survey current clients on what exactly are the most important hot buttons or objections they might have in regards to your products or services – and then reassure them that your product/service can solve that problem/fill that need.

    7. Throw in a FREE BONUS! Try offering a bonus or two or three instead of a discount. You can develop something I’m sure that others will want and that doesn’t cost you a lot of extra time or money if you really think about it.

    8. Finally let them know the price. Offer easy ways to pay like “click here to buy now” using a shopping cart, or “you can make 3 easy payments of $$$”; offering a payment plan option is much better than giving an early bird discount and losing money on your product/service.

    © Copyright 2007 K. Sawa Marketing

    WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE?You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Katrina Sawa is a Relationship Marketing Coach, Speaker and Award Winning Ezine Publisher who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs make the most of their marketing dollars and time by developing creative, effective marketing and follow up systems for her clients. For more info on her planning meetings, do-it-yourself products or email newsletter set up service visit her at and you’ll get her FREE REPORT: “The Top 3 Ways to JumpStart Your Marketing”.

    –Katrina Out

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    Ok, so what happened this week was an unsuspecting new business to the Folsom area (local suburb) was trying to drum up some new business, right? Sounds simple.

    But what they did, ended up being not only a CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PUBLICITY

    But depending on how they “clean it up”, it could be a huge CREDIBILITY KILLER as well.

    Now, I’m not going to mention their name because I ended up talking with them and they are generally very nice; they just made an ASTRONOMICAL EMAIL MISTAKE.

    So, being a new business, they thought they’d start by email blasting out all the businesses in the local Folsom Chamber of Commerce about their B2B service they offer. That probably seemed like the quickest, easiest thing to do (in their mind).

    They probably went on to the chamber website and cut and pasted all the email addresses they could find because I’m a member there and I know they don’t sell that list. So, tons of time spent doing this, right?

    Well, yesterday, I received an email from these folks with the word “newsletter” in the subject line (I knew I had to talk to them about that for one), opened it up and read a little bit. It was basically a text message about their services with a couple links to their website mixed in but no other ‘real’ content.

    The email had a message at the bottom saying people could unsubscribe by replying with the word unsubscribe in the subject line. It wasn’t personalized with any one’s name or email address though to contact.

    It started out though by a “Welcome to our first newsletter” message which I thought was weird since I didn’t remember meeting anyone from that company recently. But knowing I could be mistaken since I do talk to a lot of people each week, I thought I would reply and ask them where we met.

    So, I replied (only to the one person who sent it to me of course in the TO line, not to the ‘reply all’ button).

    I asked them if we met at a recent event or ?? Then I also mentioned that I help small businesses with their email marketing campaigns and theirs was breaking a few sp’am laws – FYI. I told them about my service for that briefly and sent it off.

    They responded back (good to know they weren’t a spam piece themselves thankfully). We had a dialog back and forth a couple times (this was pretty late Tuesday night).

    I thought nothing of it but hmmm, maybe I’ll get a new client and help them maximize their email marketing campaign?

    Then the following morning (today – Wednesday) bright and early I started getting calls….

    Now for some of you who know me, it’s rare to ever catch me anywhere before 10:00 am, much less on the phone even before my coffee BUT at 7:30 am the phone started ringing, and ringing, and ringing. After the 3rd call before 8:30 am (of course I wasn’t answering but …) I figured something was up. I stumbled to my computer and found a bunch of emails and a few messages from angry soles who had been receiving every correspondence between the two of us the night before.

    I quickly learned that somehow the “reply” button wasn’t just replying to the one person who sent the newsletter to me in the first place but it was going to EVERYONE they sent it to. WOW! People kept saying unsubscribe me, delete me from your list, etc. Now, for someone like me to get those when I do this weekly ezine myself I thought I better do something because these people think these messages are coming from me – and I’m the one trying to FIX THE PROBLEM!

    Apparently what had happened was he accidentally somehow programmed the reply address to reply to all (no idea how, he’s a techie though).

    So, I first listened to the messages, one was from another marketing colleague who understood what was happening and she was alerting me which was nice but the other woman was pretty irate. I called her back to let her know that it wasn’t me, it was another company and I’d call them to figure it out but by then I had already pulled up the company’s website and gave her their phone number.

    When I called the guy I had emailed with, he was actually expecting my call, it was funny. I kind of felt sorry for the guy really as he probably had a REALLY, REALLY BAD DAY.

    I told him this was going to be detrimental to his business’ success, especially since he just messed with the whole entire chamber of commerce! I urged him to call the chamber right away and explain the situation, gave him the number and the person to contact because they don’t take spamming lightly at this chamber. It would help his chances of not getting black-balled if this got around to them; plus I also suggested he joined as soon as possible too. (I even volunteered to introduce him around to smooth things out if need be – always giving, that’s what I do.)

    He actually felt so bad I believe he finally emailed everyone back one by one to admit and explain his mistake. Which was good for me because the calls weren’t stopping. I had to change my voice mail and not answer the phone for the first half of the day – I left a detailed message explaining the issue with the “newsletter” email blast and gave out the company’s number to call even.

    Luckily, the calls and emails stopped. He dismantled the email address and the list and I might get a customer out of the whole ordeal.

    So, a few lessons to learn here are:

    1. Do not cut and paste random email addresses into any email blast you are sending
    2. Do not use Outlook to send large email blasts or newsletters (many reasons why)
    3. Do not send any email blasts to people you don’t know (only about .01% of companies will do well with this)
    4. Do not send out sales pitches disguised as newsletters (you can send out sales blasts to your list but send them separately from your regular newsletter and make sure you explain what you’re doing)
    5. Do not put email addresses of those you are sending email blasts to in the TO or CC line of your email, put them all in the BCC line (if you MUST use Outlook, which I don’t recommend).
    6. Do explain what you are doing when you send out your first newsletter – how you know them, why you put them on your list, what you plan on telling them in upcoming issues, how they will benefit, what you will offer, etc.
    7. Do put complete contact information in every email
    8. Do put easy opt-out links in every email – not a message telling them to reply with unsubscribe in the subject line – many people are afraid to do that in case your email is spam in the first place and they might get a virus.
    9. Do use a professional, preferably online, email marketing program to send all your email newsletters, blasts and sales pitch blasts – I highly recommend subscribing to the one I use, Constant Contact; it’s affordable, easy to use, follows all the spam laws and you can easily track all emails sent, opened, clicked through, etc.
    10. Finally, if you don’t want to or can’t figure how to get this all going CORRECTLY on your own, I can help you set it up and brainstorm what you’re going to say, how to say it and how to really attract the attention of your contact list on a regular basis in order to get more repeat and referral business – GUARANTEED! Find out about my Easy Ezine Set Up Service using Constant Contact now.

    Ok, so that’s all I have to say about that, I hope that you tread very lightly with your next email marketing campaign. But I don’t want to scare you off from doing one. My emails bring me lots of business every week! They also allow me to stay on top of the minds of everyone on my list every week because everyone on that list has to either read me or delete me! Rarely do they “unsubscribe” since I give so much valuable info.

    I just want you to do your email campaigns in a way that is professional, effective and helpful to the user. I really can help you get one going in no time so what are you waiting for?

    — Kat Out

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    If you’ve never participated in a teleclass before here is everything you want to know about this fast, fun and interactive way to learn new marketing skills.

    You might think of the Marketing TeleClasses as “instant marketing workshops by telephone”.

    They are live, interactive training sessions conducted over the telephone through state-of-the-art teleconferencing bridge systems.

    You will receive timely tips, tools, strategies and techniques over the telephone that can benefit your life and business immediately. All of this from the convenience of your home or office and with no travel time.

    If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to learn more of the fundamental principles of attracting clients to your business these Marketing TeleClasses are perfect for you.

    You’ll learn hands-on, how-to skills that can be implemented right away to market your services more effectively. These aren’t just theories and concepts you’ll learn, but proven strategies that work to build your business taught by experienced marketing practitioners.

    Here’s exactly how the Marketing TeleClasses work. They are conducted over a “high-tech bridge telephone line.” It’s just as simple as making a phone call. All you do is dial the bridge telephone number (you’ll get the telephone number to the line when you enroll) and join us on the call. That’s it!

    There will be anywhere from a dozen to over a hundred people in each TeleClass – depending on the topic. The more, the better.

    How much does it cost?

    Since you can call from anywhere in the world and the telephone bridges are located in random states around the country, for most people there is a long distance charge for placing the call. But if you compare the savings of time, money and effort (not having to leave your home or office and drive to a seminar location) the average cost of a teleseminar – $6 per call is a great deal!

    Each TeleClass is typically 60 minutes long. I give you more hands-on information than many other TeleClasses however and then I allow extra time for questions at the end.

    If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants practical support in putting your marketing ideas into action – these Marketing TeleClasses are definitely for you.

    Sign up for my Mentor Program and listen in on the next Teleseminar!

    — Kat Out

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    Getting referrals through an online affiliate tracking and promotion program can skyrocket the number of referrals you get each month…what would that mean to your PROFITS?

    So, you’re already getting a lot of referrals or you claim to work by referral only but how many of you are actively marketing those so-called referral sources? Not very many people I talk to…

    In this last year I’ve become aware of online affiliate tracking and promotion programs that people in some of the circles I travel in (infoproduct and online marketing) are making a ton of money with.

    An affiliate is just like a referral source.

    An affiliate can be anyone who sends people to you, forwards your emails, suggests your services and recommends your products.

    I get a lot of referrals too, in fact so many it’s really hard to track them and THANK THEM!

    Plus, many times a referral turns into a pretty big client (with a big profit) and it’s hard to remember who actually referred them to me 3 or 4 months into the project in order to send them a nice thank you gift which is always good to do.

    I give about 40-50 referrals every month and sometimes I give them out at a chamber mixer, writing someone’s website on the back of my card and handing it to someone I hardly even know. Sometimes I get asked by email for a referral and I send one back to the person cc’ing the person I actually referred. You probably think this is pretty good tracking but it’s really not. Because 5 minutes later, I’ve forgotten about it and I’m talking to or emailing someone else about another subject. Life is just too fast these days.

    I’m currently an affiliate of about 15 other professionals that I’ve met in the last year – Ali Brown of course, you read about her and my mastermind group often, but also my web designer, my shopping cart and merchant account company, a publicity guy I know and many other companies and professionals.

    I’m doing this because I can. I would refer to them anyway but because they have an actual affiliate program where I could make money when I send people to them who sign up for their products or services – why not?

    I wouldn’t become an affiliate and promote someone or something I didn’t feel was a good product or service regardless of what they were going to pay me – hopefully you wouldn’t either.

    So, it took me a few months to get to this on my own shopping cart but I now have my own affiliate program online – yeah! It’s still not totally finished; I haven’t written the sales page on my website or created all the great resources that I could so my affiliates could promote me with banner ads and such.

    This is what you do:

    • I have a signup link ready to go.
    • It costs you nothing to join.
    • You will be emailed your ‘unique affiliate link’.
    • Then you cut and paste that unique link into your emails or correspondence when you refer business to me or forward my emails to your friends.
    • Then my shopping cart tracks anyone with a cookie who clicks on that link to get to my website.
    • Then if they buy anything EVER (up to 2 years) online (which all of my products and services are paid for online now) the shopping cart knows they were referred by you.
    • You receive a check (when the commission amount adds up to a minimum amount).
    • You get paid 20% of everything I sell just for telling people about me which you would do anyway right?
    • So what are you waiting for?
    • Sign up here now!

    Here’s an example of what you could say in your forwarded email (using your unique affiliate link hyperlinked where my website url is):

    “There is a company I want to recommend to you today, it’s K. Sawa Marketing here in Sacramento. Katrina Sawa, the owner and Marketing Coach, is such a great resource for me in my business and her website has all kinds of great marketing and networking info, events and resources I use all the time. I highly recommend you visit now and get the FREE REPORT: “Top 3 Ways to JumpStart Your Marketing”! Plus receive a free subscription to the ‘Get Networking’ weekly ezine chock full of free marketing and networking tips, advice, resources and opportunities just for entrepreneurs and small business owners.”

    Ok, so I’m talking about this with you today because:

    1. I would love it if you signed up for my affiliate program to see how it worked, see the emails I send out, see how to promote me all while making more mon.ey!
    2. You can set this up too for your own business.

    If you have a shopping cart, you probably have an affiliate option, if you don’t know, ask. If you don’t have a shopping cart but you have a website or even if you don’t have a website there are companies out there that offer online programs you can subscribe to that will run your affiliate program for you.

    One of those programs is YOURsoft affiliate software. One of my publicity friends uses this program; I’ve signed up for his and it’s really user friendly. You do have to pay a little for set up or installation depending on whether you have or don’t have a website to host it on. But remember, you’re going to be getting more referrals than ever when you promote this to everyone you know to sign up – so you’ll be making more money and can justify this investment to boost your sales, right? See what you think about that program; you don’t even have to have a website or sell anything online – this is a tracking and promotion system.

    Or my shopping cart is a pretty reasonably priced option too if eventually you will add a cart to your site, you could add it now for the affiliate program and worry about selling on it later but at least it’s there when you need it.

    Sure you can keep getting referrals slowly like you are, one by one. But if you give your contacts an option to refer you and make mo.ney in the process you might get twice as many each month!

    I’m thinking that would really BOOST YOUR INCO.ME, RIGHT?

    Good luck with this and Happy Networking!

    — Kat Out

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