Hi there, Katrina here with a quick video message regarding the February LOVE Check Up! 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you have some fun, romantic plans with your sweetie if you have one. We have Jason’s daughter tonight so it’s a family friendly V-day for us….but nevertheless, I couldn’t be happier! 

And I want you to be happy too….check out the quick video message I’m sending you about the 4 types of LOVE you want to make sure you’re focusing on in your personal life because these are the key things that got me to my first 6-figure year in my business a few years ago!! 

Yes, seriously…focusing on LOVE got me to 6 figures in REVENUE without doing ANYTHING DIFFERENT IN MY MARKETING. I sware to you. 

Now go watch and then do something about it will ya!?!?!?! If you need more revenues….LOVE could be YOUR missing link too, just like it was for me. And the best part is….FIXING THIS STUFF IS TOTALLY FREE!!! It doesn’t cost anything like some forms of marketing do! Can a get a whoo hoo??? 

On the video I also remind you about the Love Yourself Teleseries too….because you can still get a FREE copy of my book, Love Yourself Successfulif you act by the end of the day tomorrow! 

I want to invite you to listen into my 3-Part 
Love Yourself Successful Teleseries

On this 3 hour long series of recordings (that you can listen to anytime at your own pace) you will haveaccess to me talking about the book and the major concepts of the book which allow for discovery about your love life PLUS I give you action exercises on the recording to do to improve your communication with your loved one, develop your own true needs and so much more. 

Go find out how this 3 hour series can change your life today!


PLUS FOR EVERYONE who registers for the teleseries BEFORE the end the of day tomorrow…I will personally sign one of my books and ship it off to you for no additional charge! My gift to you for Valentine’s Day! 

If you’ve already read the book and loved it, you can gift it to a friend! 


If you have any questions on ANY of this please don’t hesitate to email or call me. 
I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to complete happiness! 


Katrina Sawa 
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach 
And Love & Money Mentor 
(916) 872-4000 

P.S. Thanks for supporting me on my journey, let me know what I can do to help you along on yours! This book and the teleseries is about a LOT more than just your love life so if there is ANYTHING in your personal life that’s affecting the way you do your business – its hurting you. It could be toxic people, surroundings, financial status, head trash or other…..I urge you to go listen in on this affordable 3 hours to see how it can help you.Register or find out more here now. 

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