So how are we going to help YOU get more done OR make more money??? Watch this new video AND –>> Read the Most Recent Blog Post about structuring your leveraged offerings!

Check out the NEW video I recorded for you to help you get EXCITED about updating and transforming your business this fall….there is NO time like the present to get more systematized, automated, organized and focused on what you’re doing, how you’re building your list and what you need to do to create more opportunities to serve more people and make more money in the process.




In addition to help more of you “get more done” and “get more leveraged” this fall….. I decided to bring back my very popular Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days Virtual Bootcamp and we start on September 25th! 


So if you’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to work with me, THIS IS IT! This is probably THE MOST AFFORDABLE way to get this type of in depth comprehensive training to start and grow your business as an entrepreneur PLUS you get me the whole time! I’m working live with each person in the program so YOU get what exactly YOU need to jumpstart YOUR business!


It’s interactive training and coaching personally with me (only 5 more seats available!). No one who teaches what I do is offering such a program….even if you’re in another program right now, don’t miss out on this one time I’m bringing this back. You can do this one too, I promise, it’s unlike the others and it’s actually what you need to make fast cash.


So, go check out what you get in this 90 day small group training program or ask me if you have questions ok? I want to see you build your business as fast as you can so you can start living the life you love sooner than later.


Oh and when you’re ready to register, enter PROMO CODE: 1000OFF to get in for 50% OFF but only through this weekend & only for the next 5 people! 
(payment plan available online)


Have a great week!


Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”

P.S.  Get your FREE Entrepreneur’s Success Kit plus a couple other Free Gifts online at!

P.P.S.  Ready to jumpstart your business in a BIG WAY? You probably need to be doing a LOT more marketing and sales – online and offline. I recommend you check out what I do at my 3 1/2 day live training twice a year. The next event is in November but there are a bunch of bonuses and early bird rates when you sign up now at:

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Hi there,

I hope you’re enjoying fall and getting ready for a spooky Halloween!

And now for your Spooky Surprise…

Get FREE Access Today to one of my most popular Webinars: 10 Steps to Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days!

Limited time offer….

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Watch today’s video


On this video I talk about how to get more social media followers, friends, fans and connections. You definitely want to listen in, this was one of the TOP QUESTIONS I got on a recent Facebook survey….

Check it out and tell me what you think!

Have a great rest of your week!

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Hi there, its Katrina Sawa here with a special blog post for subscribers and followers and friends!  

With the half way mark of 2013 just a few weeks away, I know that many of you are looking at ways to finally jumpstart your business into high gear.


Maybe you’re getting to the point where you know it’s finally time to take your business seriously and get the training and help you need. Maybe you’re just at a crossroads and aren’t sure which path to take without some personal direction.


Well, you’re not alone. I don’t know anyone who’s built a successful, smooth-running, consistent lead-generating, moneymaking machine of a business without getting the training and/or coaching they need for their specific situation. There’s a lot to do, set up, build and manage as a small business owner and boy can it be overwhelming….I know, I’ve been there too and every once in a while I still reach out to coaches and mentors to help me through a rough patch.


I‘ve received quite a few emails and I’ve spoken personally with dozens of you in the last few weeks and I hear that you’re a bit confused as to which of my programs, products or services is the best fit for you based on where you’re at right now or what you need help with most. You want a big picture business and marketing coach but you aren’t sure who or if I am the right fit for you?


Therefore, I thought I’d put some of my most popular programs and services in ONE email for you today so you can get a better feel for what’s available for you! (They are in order of price low to high FYI but I definitely wouldn’t make your decision based on that.)


Option 1: Jumpstart Your Website Webinar – Happens Quarterly! 
Growing your business by having more repeat business and referrals isn’t hard to do! But you ABSOLUTELY MUST have an effective, professionally designed and professionally written website as ONE very important component of your entire, overall marketing plan! No matter what type of business you’re in, this is really important….on this webinar I work closely with just 10 of you to show you EXACTLY what to do to uplevel, change up, develop new and/or tweak your site for more response.


Option 2: Silver Mentor Program – Monthly Coaching and Membership 
Need ongoing accountability, resources, advice and ongoing trainings to help you get to the next level in your business, then the next, then the next? This month to month membership programs teaches you NEW and PROVEN marketing and business building strategies to help you grow your business. Plus you have access to my advice, laser coaching and more with the online member forum and open Q&A Calls.


Option 3: Jumpstart Your Biz Workshop Series – Online Marketing Focus!– Happens June 1st! 

The second workshop of this series is happeningJune 1st and it’s all about ONLINE MARKETING, WEBSITES, SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGGING, VIDEO MARKETING & Anything Electronic or Techy in Your Biz. I have 20 seats open if you want to regsiter and get this stuff “handled” or in place in your business. Saturday, June 1 – Topics Discussed: web design and development, technology needs training, copywriting for websites and marketing materials, social media and online marketing to direct traffic to your site, converting and opting in more subscribers to your site, systems for marketing and sales within your site or backend, blogging, video marketing and more (this will be good even if you don’t have control over your website like in a network marketing situation so you need this too, trust me) 



Option 4: 6-Figure Business Makeover – Entrepreneurial Group Training Program – Next class runs June 3 – July 8
This short-term, high access group program will only be 20 entrepreneurs max so that each of you get laser coaching on each call for 6 weeks. This program is for current business owners and seasoned business owners to get the specific advice you need to tweak what you’re doing and monetize or systematize more of what you’re already doing. It’s 6 weeks of all laser coaching calls with me so it’s very focused on what YOU need NOW most.


This is a do-it-yourself at your own pace type of program BUT it’s my most powerful, all inclusive training that I’ve ever done AND it includes TONS of BONUSES right now in launch mode so I threw it in here because you can also “work with me” when you invest in this program if you do it quick and are one of the next 6 people to sign up for this – you get all the bonuses listed on the page which include the 6 Figure Business Makeover, the Silver Program and 24/7 access to me personally through mid-July.


Option 6: VIP Day with Me 
If you like getting advice FAST and all at once for the most part, this VIP Day is for you. It will be big picture planning in person near my home in the Sacramento, CA area (or I could do them virtually as needed but in person is way more fun and productive). It’s also the how-to, nitty gritty detailed advice you need to get all the big plans done and in place. We can plot out your next big program, product or launch, we can turn you into a speaker in one day, we can help you outline your book and how to get it marketed, we can also help start ups get systems and client attraction activities in place. It depends where you are and what you need but we work fast and furiously in one day plus a couple follow up calls to give you and your business a BIG jumpstart.


If you know you need ONE mentor for a while and you need to “get stuff done” then this could be the perfect fit for you. I’m all about implementation and getting stuff done that will help you attract more clients, make more money and enjoy a happier lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. You receive homework after our calls every other week, you have constant access to me throughout our time together and occasionally I also throw in other bonus programs, products or event access to my 1on1 coaching clients too.


Option 8: The Live Big Mastermind – Enrollment Open Now, 8 Spots Available!
This is my only annual group and 1on1 coaching program, this is A-Z as well but you get me on speed dial all year plus the support of up to 11 other highly motivated and caring entrepreneurs along the way. This program you get all my templates and resources that I use to make your life easy. There are 3 group calls a month so you are never alone in the running of your business. There are live retreats and masterminds, you have full FREE Access to just about all my other programs and events too to maximum growth and success!



If you have any questions on ANY of this please don’t hesitate to email or call me. I’m happy to discuss any of these options (or other products, etc.) with you if you still are unsure. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to complete happiness and success this year! 


Katrina Sawa 
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach 
And Love & Money Mentor 
(916) 872-4000


P.S. I hope to have the chance to work with you this year! 



“I have been a member of Katrina’s Mastermind group for the past year. I cannot tell you what a blessing this has been to me and my business. Being a very creative right brained Astrologer, Intuitive reader, healer and silk painter, I had no clue on how to promote my business. I now have a beautiful, functional website, I am doing teleclasses and newsletters monthly and I have learned how to promote myself. My business is growing steadily and I cannot tell you enough good things about Katrina and her style of coaching. I would not be where I am today without her expertise! Her coaching style is so nurturing and she gives so much!  Her knowledge of marketing just blows me away! Joining Katrina’s mastermind group was one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. Through this program I have gained the confidence to see success for myself.” ~ Debra Sholly, Astrologer, Intuitive Healer, Baton Rouge, LA


“When I first began working with Katrina, I had some serious gaps in my knowledge of how to market my business online. Not only did I not know how to do anything  but the few things I did know how to do I had HUGE resistance to. I couldn’t get myself to do anything. Well, the other day I kicked off a new program, and something clicked into place. I feel like this has become TREMENDOUSLY easier for me. It was such a huge hump to get over and was so overwhelming- from coming up with a program, doing a call, planning emails, marketing on social media, reaching out for help, reaching out to individuals- and not to mention actually creating the darn program. Now it not only feels more simple, but it also feels FUN! I wasn’t expecting that. Ha. And that’s all because I hired Katrina. No way I would’ve gotten to this point on my own.” ~ Miranda Zukowski, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, New Jersey



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Learn everything you need to know to start up, grow, expand and market your small business or online business the right way from the start.

Stop wasting time and money in the WRONG PLACES or with the WRONG PEOPLE AND PROGRAMS!

I’ve put together everything I know about how I built by multi-six-figure coaching and information marketing business into ONE 90 day program and the best part is that there is also TOTAL ACCESS TO ME in this program too!

No other ‘guru’ or ‘expert’ out there teaching EVERYTHING I do in such a comprehensive, step-by-step way PLUS none of them give you as much ACCESS to them to ask questions and get personal advice than I do.  This is what you need as an entrepreneur, you need the training but you also need to know how it applies directly to YOUR business with direct

Go find out now what this program consists of, how you can be hand selected by me to attend and more, go to the JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days Virtual Bootcamp webpage now!

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I hope you’ve had an awesome summer (or winter for those of you in other countries!)? It seems like many of you tend to not work so hard during the summer months, is that true?

So are you ready to get BACK TO BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS OR WHAT? I say YES! If you have systems in place, you can take time off and you’re still building your business – is YOUR business a smooth running, money making machine on its own yet?

(Click here or the video image to HEAR what I have to say about Direct, Segmented & Targeted Marketing Strategies)

I wanted to talk about how to be more strategic with your marketing by segmenting your list and targeting specific groups of people, prospects and referral sources. I gave a couple of examples on the video on what to do with that and why.

The main reason is that your messages are more relevant.

The other reason is so its more personal to the recipient.

Much of what you could be sending, saying or posting in your marketing could just not be hitting the hot buttons of who’s seeing your messages.

You aren’t talking to ENOUGH people either – I know that for a fact because no business owner is.

You may need to do 50-300% MORE MARKETING
than you’re doing now to actually reach the amount of people you need to reach to be able to get the percentage of those people who will respond to engage with you in order to get the right number of people to buy your products and services in order to hit the money goals you may have.

Its a numbers game but are you hitting big enough numbers? Do you even know? If you don’t know your numbers – how many people you need to reach every month in order to hit your goals then I want to help you.

If you aren’t seeing the kinds of results you want
from whatever you may be currently doing in your marketing or business right now then I want to help you.

If you aren’t really doing what you’re meant to be doing or charging what you know you’re worth then I want to help you.

Let’s figure out a plan together,
outline your next steps as well as the marketing and revenue generating activities you need to be doing EVERY DAY in your business to reach your goals.

Don’t be scared to talk to me because you think you’re not ready yet. Or you think I’m going to just pile more work on you when you’re already too busy. I hear those excuses all the time.

Trust me, my goal is to make this business EASIER for you and more streamlined, strategic, more creative, fun and WAY MORE PROFITABLE for you. You ARE working too hard. Let me help you.

GET STARTED SOMEWHERE! Click here for all the details!

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This particular topic has arisen for me this week because so many women who’ve come to me for help with their businesses have been so extremely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with all the things they think they need to do, the things they are already doing plus they’re usually not just running a business but they have a household kids and a husband usually to manage too. That’s a lot.


One of the things I love to do is coach women entrepreneurs how to manage being overwhelmed in their business, how to create better and more effective systems, processes, marketing and teams to take away much of their overwhelm so they can live a happier life.


We can be overwhelmed with our business, our to-do lists, our email, our prospecting and follow up – so much so that none of it gets done right? Ever been there? So stuck on what to do that you can’t do anything productive at all?

Well when (or if) that happens to you, I hope you stop to think first:

“What’s the big goal that I’m trying to achieve? What are the most productive things I can do to get me there?”

Then of course you want to prioritize those things and hold yourself accountable (or get someone else to) and get to work. Easier said than done huh?

Especially if life throws you a curveball with issues in your relationship, a death or sickness in the family, a child moving out to college or some other life-changing or tragic occurrence.

How are you supposed to focus then? How are you supposed to get things done then?

Well I may not be a psychotherapist or anything along those lines but what I do know is that it revolves around how you let yourself BE, feel and adapt to what’s going on that will make or break your results, your transformation or your lessons learned from that particular situation.

You can cuddle up on your sofa with a good chic flick and wallow in your sadness (ok maybe do that for a day), or you can stand strong and tall and get back up on that horse so to speak; surrounding yourself with those who care about you, those who will pull you up and inspire you to perform your greatness.

How this relates to your business as an entrepreneur is so obvious to me but might not be to you; let me explain…

In your business you will have ups and downs. You will have successes and failures. You will have big boosts of revenue and big valleys of nothing at some point.

It’s your big picture vision, your belief in yourself and what you’re meant to do here on our planet and your stick-to-it determination to keep going, stepping up and stepping out regardless of what’s going on in your life that will ensure your ultimate success and happiness.

So, I say, don’t let that go.

  • DON’T: Let others bring you down or discourage you.
  • DON’T: Settle for less than you deserve (with anything – in business, love or life).
  • DON’T: Doubt your abilities, experience or self-worth


  • DO: Give and receive love
  • DO: Give and receive advice and knowledge freely
  • DO: Appreciate YOU and what you’re worth
  • DO: Hold out for what matters most to you (the right clients, relationship, home)
  • DO: Feel and be whatever it is that you need to feel or be to experience what you need to experience to be able to work through the situation and move on

Holding feeling and thoughts inside won’t work, especially for us women, we know the secret to success, it’s our own ability to BE who we are and express what we feel. If we all did that (the men too) this world would be such a better, more loving place.


For more information on how to JumpStart your small business (and your LIFE) with creative marketing and business building ideas and a clear plan to reach your unique target market find out how to talk with me in a complimentary Strategy Session, go fill out the questionnaire at Let’s plot out YOUR Big Picture Vision and Strategy now before it’s too late!

© Copyright 2011 K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? To publish this article in your ezine or website please include the following blurb: Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and International JumpStart Your Biz Coach who’s helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and their personal life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself business-building products. She’s been featured on various news talk shows and radio shows including Oprah and Friends XM Radio. Go online now to get started with her F.ree Entrepreneur’s Success Kit at!

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How could this be you ask?

Business owners or wanna be business owners have so many options these days, it’s amazing.

With the Internet, you can reach millions of people to sell your products or services, you just may not know how to do that and need to learn.

In fact, it’s been tested by some of the big internet players out there that much of the marketing and advertising options that cost money don’t work as well as the free strategies that are available to anyone.

Therefore, it’s true, you can start a business with no money.

Now of course it’s important that you have a website and some business cards and those may cost some money. However, if you have the right, product, program or service that people want and you go out and talk to people about it, you can literally sell it if you provide the value and give a good offer.

Meaning you can take payment on the spot! I’ve done it, most of my clients have done it. We don’t just sit around waiting for the website to be done to start selling; you can sell immediately.

When people like, trust and connect with you, they don’t always need to see your site, references or any print marketing materials before they are willing to invest.

For those of you who aren’t as comfortable talking about yourself and what you offer then this can be a bit more challenging so you want to learn how to get over this. Makes sense right?

Now don’t get me wrong you do want all the basics building a business the right way from the start can give you but you can do that while or shortly after you start making money with ‘your thing’.

Now the challenge becomes either what is ‘your thing’ or how to offer/sell ‘your thing’ because what you may think is going to work may not.

That’s not your fault though, we aren’t born with the skills we need to be a successful entrepreneur. We aren’t really even taught those stills in college or masters programs in fact.

Entrepreneurial skills are more effective and up-to-date when learned by someone else doing what you want to do, someone who’s been where you are and can show you how to get where they are now, they could be teaching what you need to learn, making the kind of money you want to make or living the lifestyle you want to live.

That’s how I got to where I am in my business. I started with a shoestring budget which was basically a few thousands dollars I borrowed from my mom. I hired a coach who helped me FOCUS on WHAT to do and went out and networked every week and I followed up; and I got clients! As I grew the number of clients I had, I began investing in the other basic business necessities I needed like a website, marketing materials, an assistant, other technology and systems, etc.

That first coach helped steer me in the right direction but even then, they didn’t have the type of entrepreneurial training program or process that I really could have used, hardly anyone does even still to this day.

That’s what I saw a couple years ago that was missing…

No wonder some small business owners and entrepreneurs still don’t really know how to build a successful business or what it takes to start getting clients or what the basics of building a successful business really are!

That’s why I’ve been running my Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days Virtual Bootcamp for almost 2 years now with such success for its participants – its exactly what most entrepreneurs need to fill in the gaps, lay out the entire plan, show you the how to do everything, set up the basic systems and marketing to build a successful business and more!

I look forward to working with you to help you get a jumpstart on your marketing and your business!

© Copyright 2011 K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? To publish this article in your ezine or website please include the following blurb: Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and International JumpStart Your Biz Coach who’s helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and their personal life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself business-building products. She’s been featured on various news talk shows and radio shows including Oprah and Friends XM Radio. Go online now to get started with her F.ree Entrepreneur’s Success Kit at!

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Hi everyone! This is Dawn Cullo ~ Katrina’s Online Business manager.  While she is away having fun in New York I thought that I would jump on her blog and create a post.

A few weeks ago Katrina recorded a special 1 hour Blog Talk Radio show called “How to Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days or Less!”  During the show she talked about how to make your life simpler, easier and learn what you should be focusing on so you finally can stop spinning your wheels not knowing where you’re going or what to do and finally reach your big goals.

The reason why I am sharing this with you is because it is a really good show and it is FREE to listen to.  Just hop over to her Radio page at and download the episode to your computer.

On this show Katrina covered her entire 10 step JumpStart Your Business System and  specifically how to clarify your big picture vision of what you really want and what else is possible.   She talked about why developing your signature system is so crucial to the success of your business and how it will simplify your life while making you more money and how to then jumpstart your own business in 90 days or less.  I know that I took a lot of notes during the show as her content was great.

The other reason why I am sharing this information with you is because during the radio show she talked about her JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days virtual bootcamp which starts on July 11.  She is offering a special summer school pricing on her next virtual bootcamp and you can check out the details of her offer here

If you have any questions about her radio show or the next bootcamp you can email me at dawn@JumpStartYourMarketing

Dawn Cullo

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Deanna Lemas Fenton is CEO of Compass Strategies, an online marketing company with a single minded goal of guiding entrepreneurs to online marketing success. Compass Strategies offers website design, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media marketing services that will turn your website into a 24/7 profit generating machine.



With expertise in technology, marketing and corporate training, Deanna is that most rare breed of online marketing professional. Not only does she understand the technologies and strategies that drive online marketing, but she communicates them in a way that is easily understood, with no “geek-speak”. Deanna considers herself a marketer first and a technology person, second, and her passion is working with entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to help them build successful businesses in the sometimes confusing world of the web.
You can learn more about Deanna on her site at

To learn more about the JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days Virtual Bootcamp click here –

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