Sneaky Email Subject Lines

What makes you open an email? Is it typically the subject line or are there emails you open just because of who sent it?

Some marketers pay a lot of money to copywriters to create amazing and engaging subject lines. Would you?

Imagine this:

You have an amazing message or story to share. You write it all out very thoughtfully in an email. You know your message or tips/advice, whatever it is that you’re sharing will change the lives of those who read it. You know it!

Yet, no one opens your emails… or like only 10% of the people you send it to open it, therefore only 10% of the people you intended to change their lives, weren’t impacted solely because they just weren’t excited enough or tempted enough to OPEN your email that day.

Instead, they just deleted it or moved it to trash.

Out of the 10% who did open it, 2% of those people replied back saying how moved they were, or that you helped them in some way.

Isn’t that what we want to have happen? Yet with 100% of the people we intend to see our message, right?

Well, you can have better results with your open rates in your email. You can get more engagement with your subscribers, clients and followers.

The key is getting a LOT more CREATIVE with your subject lines!


Now, I am no where near getting 100% open rate myself, nor do I even have 50% open rate and frankly that breaks my heart because I know that so much of the advice that I share can change the lives of those who read it too.

All I can do though is keep trying to “get your attention.” Sometimes that means I have to get a little sneaky or tricky with the subject lines!

Someone complained about my subject line recently “This made me think of you”. It was sort of sneaky I guess… but it was given to me by the interview series host that I am a part of and I know they probably paid a copyrighter to come up with this stuff so I used it. Plus, I added in text inside the email to really show how I thought it would apply to everyone who was on my list. I changed what they gave me a little bit to fit everyone here on my list, I thought.

When I thought about this though, I thought maybe I should share a little about “what makes up a good subject line” for your emails… I’ll bet everyone could use some good ideas for this!

I feel that there are 3 ways to write email subject lines, and mixing the first 2 of these styles up is good (from what I can tell).

  1. Plain and simple – Say what you mean and mean what you say. This is what I try to do more often than not. But please don’t put “Here’s my Newsletter”.
    1. Book launch is today
    2. Want to schedule a call?
    3. Event is open for registration now
    4. 5 tips for better client attraction
    5. 3 ways to build a website
    6. Please take my survey
    7. Webinar on Branding is tonight 5pm PST
  2. Sneaky – this is where people are more vague in their subject lines to get you to be curious and open to learn more or ‘find out’
    1. Have you tried this?
    2. Want to know my secret?
    3. This made me mad
    4. Time to CELEBRATE!
    5. Last call! Deadline today!
    6. Great news…
  3. Lie – this isn’t recommended actually but do you see people doing this? They ask you to open because of one reason then try to sell you in there for something else that has nothing to do with what the subject said. Nothing wrong with making offers in emails, just don’t bait and switch people I think.
  4. And what about all those emojis!?!?
    1. It’s fun to see emojis in email subject lines, my system won’t do it though so it’s annoying… some will, some won’t, but I would use them if you’re able!
    2. Or you can use brackets [ ] or *** in front of or around your subject line text too, anything you can do to make YOUR emails stand out in the bunch that come through people’s inboxes every day.

What do YOU think about email subject lines?

What do you like or don’t like?

Be careful though NOT doing in YOUR marketing what you “don’t like” as that may not work. You still want to do what WORKS.

Here’s to better email results for you and me – thanks for reading this!! Pass it on. 😉

What’s Next?



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Your thoughts on virtual trainings and courses

Recently I was prepping my materials and PowerPoint for my Speaker Success Bootcamp and it reminded me to ask you about virtual trainings and courses. Virtual trainings and courses can be the course YOU TAKE to help you learn how to run your business OR they can be the courses you OFFER for sale yourself.

  • Do you use virtual trainings and courses in your business? Host them?
  • Want to hold some?
  • Think you could make a lot more residual income if you offered virtual trainings and courses?
  • Do you attend virtual trainings and courses or buy them yourself?
  • All good questions right?

I think we all want to find some residual income streams, am I right? There’s some easy business models that fit the bill for this such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing (making money referring programs, products, systems and technology) – I make a few hundred dollars a month right now using affiliate marketing. Some of my friends make thousands each month; it’s a much bigger strategy for them.
  • Membership Programs (having people pay you a monthly fee to get recurring training or knowledge of some sort from you) – I’m inching up with my Int’l Entrepreneur Network now for this, at $7/month, you can make a nice bit of cash each month if you can get a few hundred people (or even a few thousand!). It’s not as easy as it sounds however.
  • Then there’s creating and running virtual trainings and courses, perhaps doing them over and over again live OR boxing them up into Home Study Programs or Courses after you do them live. I have a few of those and I’m actually thinking of bringing some LIVE trainings back this year and next year. I’d love to hear your thoughts about a few of the programs that could help you jumpstart your business this year? I created a quick poll on Facebook. Will you go take the poll for me?? I’d really appreciate your input.

— >>>> Take Kat’s Quick One Question Poll Now <<<< —


JOIN ME for upcoming calls – look on my event page, or review recent ones on my YouTube!


Here’s a quick tip about creating virtual trainings and courses:

FIRST: Figure out which type of program will fit YOU, Your Lifestyle, Your Personality and Your Clients. That means, brainstorm about and determine if you should host an ongoing program, or what I call a “start/stop program” that has a specific start date and end date (could be more difficult to fill on time if you’re new to this). Do you want a short term (3-6 week) or longer term program (90 days)? Do you like the 30 day challenge model with daily interaction? The decision is yours however you want to decide carefully based on many factors:

  • How you like to deliver
  • How your clients like to attend or consume info
  • How likely it is that you have hot prospects
  • Price you want to charge
    • Will this be a lower priced offering to get people to “try you out” or a deeper, more comprehensive training farther down your “funnel” and more expensive?

Streamlining, systematizing and delegating more in your business can allow you more free time, vacation time and self-care or family time you know. It is possible, but you have to make time to implement these kinds of offers in your business.

YOU can do this and I can help!! 😉 Reach out and let’s chat!! I can support you around a LOT more than just marketing and business stuff you know. I help with the ENTIRE JOURNEY. I’ll do a FREE Call with you this month… just answer the questions here to get started. XOXO Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!!

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


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I’m back from my five day speaking tour in Dallas, and today, I want to share some ideas with you about creating content.  Generating content is a topic that is many of my clients and a few in my Mastermind Group are currently struggling with.  I’ve gotten many questions about creating content in the past week.

First, you HAVE to do MORE content marketing.  Some common objections I hear about generating content are:

  • There is a lot of content in the world already.
  • Someone may have already written something on a topic that you want to write about.
  • You may have concerns that people may not care to hear what you have to say on the subject.
  • Someone else knows more about the topic than you do.

 Creating Content in Your MarketingHere are my Tips to Create More Content

  • Overcome Your Objections: Don’t let fear that your content isn’t good enough hold you back from generating more content. Remember, there are billions of people on the planet and you only have to attract a small portion of that entire population to have them hear your message and buy from you.  Some people don’t realize that they can find content on the Internet, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, etc.  And some people may like your content more than others.  There will be enough people who will like what you have to say.
  • RePurpose Your Content – everywhere and in many different ways. If you write an article, post it on your website’s blog and have it scheduled to post on your social media sites, post it on LinkedIn Pulse,  create a video about it – just like I’m doing here.   You can also post your video to your blog on your website and on your social media sites.  There are many ways to have just one piece of content touch many in a variety of different ways.

Check out the video below for more detail about my Ideas for Creating Content in Your Marketing!

Video Biz Tip: Ideas for Creating Content in Your Marketing!

If you are struggling to come up with content topics, I recommend you develop a list with the top 12 topics that would make sense for you to talk about. For example, if you are in the Beauty Industry, your topics might include: skincare, chemicals in products, hairstyles, etc.   Got it?  Now take each of your top 12 topics and break down each topic into 3-5 sub-topics because your main topic might be too broad to use. Sometimes you’ll be able to break down your sub-topics include 3-5 additional sub-topics.  This method will give you more options to create content about.

You don’t have to write all of your content.  You can record yourself talking about it and have it transcribed.  Once you edit the transcription, it becomes a form of written content.  I hope this gets your juices flowing and get your content ideas going.

Remember, if you need help with the technical side of things, I have a tech team available to assist you.  Go to:

If you’d like to get more tips like this, make sure you are getting my email newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, go to You’ll get valuable free gifts just for signing up. One of those gifts is to talk to me in a FREE one-on-one strategy session.   I can help you identify what you need quickly.

Talk you to again soon!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What
You LOVE!”

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