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Date: TUESDAY, April 24TH @ 5:00 PM (PST)
Topic: How to Teach Live Calls & Programs to Boost Your Business

Find out why you want to embrace the new marketing strategies such as doing video marketing, mobile marketing, live streaming video shows, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts, radio shows, etc.

There are always ways to incorporate some of these types of marketing to promote your business – in any industry, you just have to get creative.

Come to this call and get a bunch of ideas and examples of how to implement one or two of these strategies asap. Also learn the pros and cons of the time commitments, learning curves and ROI from these strategies as well.


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If you haven’t seen my posts on Facebook lately I’m currently in the process of restructuring my team. Not something I really WANTED to do, more like forced to do since my main VA (OBM) just left me to go back and work in an office. I know it was a good move for her so that’s good but for me, yes, I’m a little left in disarray for a few weeks until we get someone in place to manage what she was doing (which was managing the entire 10+ person team!).

I can’t believe how it takes a village to run my business now…so far from the days of my one little assistant in my home office 9 years ago…

We’ll be fine I know it, my team luckily seems to know what they’re supposed to do and it seems pretty well organized. So boy am I grateful for systems, automation and processes!

Trust me, if you are in business for yourself and you don’t have a lot of systems and processes for things plus the online technology to back it all up AND to run much of your business – then you really want to work on this sooner rather than later. Because all too often I see someone who’s running the entire show in their business being the sole income provider sometimes and then “life happens”. Someone in the family gets sick, laid off or worse…dies! 

What would happen to YOUR business RIGHT NOW if something really bad happened and YOU couldn’t do the work?

  • Do you have money coming in elsewhere or automatically?
  • Who would continue the marketing, sales, follow up and client relations?

This is my BIG NUDGE to you to not to wait to put this stuff in place, especially if you don’t have anyone else to rely on financially….I can help you get things organized, set up, systematized PLUS in the process I’m positive I can help MONETIZE everything you’re doing more too! Can I hear a whoo hoo on that?

I’d love to talk with you to see where you are, what needs to get set up and how ASAP and then we can see if I’m a good fit to help you. If you’d like to do that kind of CHECK-IN CALL with me ASAP, I’m talking in the next couple of weeks – then go fill out my free biz quiz form now and I’ll be in touch!

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Are you willing to do what it takes?

Are you ready to make some HUGE shifts in your business, stop working so hard and start making more money FAST? Take a minute to stop and really think about this because many small business owner SAY they are, yet they aren’t willing to do what it takes to get there.

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs go out of business because they don’t realize what all it takes to successfully run their own ‘profitable’ business. They get in over their head quick and either struggle for years because they’re too stubborn to ask for help before they go bankrupt or they simply burn out. Some run out of money pretty quickly and hold on to their every last dollar instead of ‘going all in’ because they KNOW it will be ok.

If your goal is to reach or exceed 6+ figures in revenues in your business you better be prepared to do some pretty BIG THINGS and invest heavily in your business AND in yourself along the way to get there. It doesn’t all have to be hard work or long hours because that’s definitely not a requirement. But you’ve got to have the right systems, business structure, programs, products and services that you’re passionate about in order for you to create a more smooth-running business machine.

And most importantly, you need to be doing the right marketing that works in today’s world. Are you stuck in the old marketing ways? Because most of them just don’t work anymore.

This is where I come in! I have a diverse amount of knowledge on all kinds of different marketing and technological strategies, and I am committed to bring all that expertise to you without you having to spend that extra cash on learning it all yourself! Because of my experience, there isn’t any type of business or professional that I can’t come up with new, affordable and effective ways to market your business for.

I am so excited to introduce you to my new all-access, private group coaching program called the 6-Figure Business Makeover. This program will give you all the tools you need to transform your business into a smooth-running, lead-generating, global selling machine where you will learn how to work less and leverage your time and expertise.

For full program details, check out

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Are You Frustrated or Feeling Stuck in Your Business Trying to Figure Out How to Get More Clients & Make More Money?

Not all entrepreneurs know how to market your business though, you know your product or service well but not necessarily how to get new or repeat clients. I built my business the traditional way yet realized a few short years ago I could do much more – I went global!

So, now I’m implementing some traditional forms of marketing in my business (such as networking, speaking, publicity, writing articles, live events, good follow up and more) and some more modern, international forms of marketing in my business (such as teleclasses, social networking, blogging, webinars, joint ventures, becoming an author, memberships, information marketing, pay per click and more).

Are a few of these some things you’ve been considering implementing in YOUR business but you just don’t know where to start??

Now I’m teaching everything I’ve learned and continue to learn to other entrepreneurs like you!

So, first you need to know WHAT TO DO, then you need to know HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT so you get the results you’re looking for but then you also may need ONGOING ACCOUNTABILITY AND FOCUSED attention to make sure you stay on track, keep moving forward, come up with new ideas and take those leaps of faith that will ultimately bring you to your goals.

Well this Silver Mentor Program will do EXACTLY THAT and more.

My Silver Mentor Program Includes:
– Access to a Private Monthly Teleclass
– Access to a Private Monthly Open Q&A Call
– Recordings of all Teleclasses & Q&A Calls
– Private Online Access to the Silver Mentor Online Forum
– Special Discounts and Offers
– Kat’s Big Money Marketing Rolodex

On Monday, March 5th I am hosting my Silver Mentor Q&A call where you can come and pick my brain! You can get access to the Q&A call scheduled for Mondays if you register NOW! To find out more or to register go here –

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Have you ever designed a new program, product or service or had an idea for one that you had no idea how to price?  Oftentimes, do you wonder if your ideal prospects will pay you what you’re worth?

When you think about pricing your programs, products, and services in your business, it can be a tricky decision. However, no matter what you charge, if you don’t show to your prospects the value of what they’re going to receive, learn or walk away with after buying your program, product or service, then the price doesn’t matter.

If you can show enough value, you can charge really high prices. You would be surprised what some people would be willing to pay if they see that what you’re offering is the exact solution to the biggest problem they have.

 Don’t be scared to raise your rate. Don’t be scared to charge a premium for your services or for working with YOU rather than one of your PEOPLE.  It basically comes down to your own confidence and the wording you use to describe what you do and how it will help people.

What’s important is learning how to speak and write about the value you’re going to share or that your prospects are going to receive. That is the key to getting paid what you’re worth.  This is a learned skill however for most entrepreneurs, you usually aren’t born with the ability to talk or write in a sales and marketing way while still exuding the value of what you offer by talking about what matters most to THEM about what you do.

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I’m giving you some of my Sales Letter Writing Tips this week – BUT I CAUTION YOU…..these are not easy to use if you don’t typically think on a sales and marketing level. I don’t care if you KNOW YOUR BUSINESS or not; that does not mean you know how to write an effective sales letter, sales page or compelling online (or offline) content.

So, if you read over this and still want some help manipulating, editing or writing your content for you then I highly suggest you contact me or just go sign up for my 1-On-1 Marketing Planning Meeting right now ok? You want to make sure it’s done right the first time.

“8 Things About Writing a Sales Letter Every Small Business Should Know”

1. The more expensive your product or service is, the longer the sales letter should be.

2. Headlines should be really big and stand out, possibly using a RED font – that is always the best color for a heading or for continued big, bold text throughout your letter. You can highlight certain text with your highlighter tool in Word or whatever you use. You should also put your headlines in quotes.

3. Use facts, tell stories about you or your client’s experiences. Use bullets to show what they will learn/get/receive or how it will benefit them.

4. Use testimonials from clients, vendors, etc. Try to get their photos, use their full names and companies for added credibility and you can even have them make an audio of their testimonial to add to your website and link on your letter.

5. Build up the program/service/product through the whole letter with supporting facts, using teaser text and attention getting phrases they’ll be sure to relate to.

6. Answer any potential objections in the letter before getting to the price. Brainstorm or survey current clients on what exactly are the most important hot buttons or objections they might have in regards to your products or services – and then reassure them that your product/service can solve that problem/fill that need.

7. Throw in a FREE BONUS! Try offering a bonus or two or three instead of a discount. You can develop something I’m sure that others will want and that doesn’t cost you a lot of extra time or money if you really think about it.

8. Finally let them know the price. Offer easy ways to pay like “click here to buy now” using a shopping cart, or “you can make 3 easy payments of $$$”; offering a payment plan option is much better than giving an early bird discount and losing money on your product/service.

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