Business Basics for Consistent Cash Flow

Taking your business to the next level could mean… going back to and implementing the Business Basics that work and have worked for hundreds of years but you’ve forgotten about them because you get so distracted with the Bright Shiny New Thing. Listen into this video for some reminders about things you have probably gotten away from in your business… it’s all about Relationships in this day and age, and also talking with MORE people.


If you’re not making the kind of money you want to make it’s probably because you’re not talking to ENOUGH people! Get back to Business Basics, it’s time. Stop avoiding these basic marketing and business practices please. Reach out for help if you need it too, don’t just sit there not knowing what to do or how to do it.

20 Simple Business Basics: 

  1. Get a name badge so people know who you are wherever you go –  mixers, events, the store, etc. (it also adds credibility and professionalism)
  2. Get past the gatekeeper (receptionist/secty) to the business owner and get to know them, see if there is anything you can do on trade maybe so they can get a feel for your expertise
  3. Build Rapport & Relationships, don’t try to sell right off the bat, people get turned off, however don’t forget to slip in a trial close now and then
  4. Come up with original idea to get in the door with your product–maybe a food gift of some kind or creative promotional item
  5. Make 10 cold calls each day, no matter what (in person or on the phone) to people you want to associate with, do business with or who you want to refer business to you
  6. Gift those larger businesses you want to target or write a letter to those businesses you want to recommend your services
  7. Offer to donate raffle prizes to events – use gift baskets or purchase something from a business that you’re trying to get to refer business to you & always slip your card and brochure into the gift.  (Don’t offer as a prize a certain dollar amount off your product, it’s not a gift then, it’s only a discount.)
  8. Offer to give a referral discount or gift to those current customers who refer their friends or to anyone who refers friends (need to brainstorm ideas on incentives and “what’s in it for them” – maybe $100 referral fee?)
  9. Do anything and everything you can to get noticed!
  10. Every person you network with, follow up by sending them a quick note card asking if they would like to schedule a follow up call to get to know one another better and see if or how you can refer business to one another.
  11. Mail other marketing materials, brochure or letters about how you can help them in subsequent mailings to follow up.
  12. Send people a thank you card right away after a meeting, interview, etc.
  13. Follow up on every lead within 48 hours by phone, text, social media message or email, whichever works best for them.
  14. Try to help everyone you meet by referring people to their business, they will remember you & do the same for you
  15. Follow up with all customers within 72 hours of their purchase by phone, text, social media message or email (or more than one of these).
  16. Send your web address with every follow up to continually take them back to your site for more ‘shopping’ or searching.
  17. Follow up with customers at least quarterly to ask for feedback and referrals
  18. Follow up with potential customers weekly to make appointments & ask for feedback and referrals
  19. Make sure your customers have plenty of brochures on hand & some kind of marketing object with your website on it for easy access (pens, pad of paper, magnet, stress ball, other? etc.)
  20. Send out personal cards to clients for Christmas, Birthdays or some other holiday at least twice a year (there are companies who will do that for you)

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Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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