• events

    Upcoming Events in September 2018

      I have several Events lined up for the month of September; some are LIVE and some are virtual.  I'm also Speaking at some of these events to share my knowledge and wisdom with you. Take a look at this list of events and join me at any or all
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  • setting goals

    Facebook Live: Setting Bigger Goals

    I see entrepreneurs all the time who are not setting goals that are high enough - especially when it comes to how much money they need to make... why is that? Lack of confidence Feeling too new Not really KNOWING how much they need
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  • linkedin

    Maximize Networking Events with LinkedIn

    Guest Article: ** I wanted to showcase another one of my star students and amazing speaker and coach, Jennifer Darling. Jennifer is amazing at not only LinkedIn marketing but sales in general. She definitely gives some “super tips” in this
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  • meetup

    Facebook Live: Hosting & Monetizing Meetups

    When do you know you're ready to host an event or even just a meetup? What do you charge? What should be your focus? How do you use your meetup to position yourself as an expert in your business or industry? How do you get people to
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  • sales

    Yes…You are in Sales!

    Guest Article: ** Note: I’m sharing this article from one of my Live Big Mastermind clients, Dr. Richard B. Greene, DBA, SSBB, CMPE  -  Speaker, Author, IronMan Mind Business Coach, who helps executives get to their next level in their
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  • ditch the script

    Video Biz Tip: Ditch the Script

    My tip today...Get rid of that Script!  If you are a Speaker or an entrepreneur who likes to go to networking events, you should stop memorizing your networking spiel or even your signature talk. There are times you should memorize certain info
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  • posting photos

    Be Careful Taking & Posting Fun, Summer Photos!!

    © 2018 Barbara Ingrassia. All Rights Reserved. For info: barb@managecopyright.com Barbara Ingrassia is a Certified Copyright Manager, Speaker, and Trainer. For more information about Copyright Law and You, go to ManageCopyright.com or contact
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  • Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 4.56.28 PM

    How to Become an Author in 2018!!

    Have you always wanted to become an author?  I know, for me, it was NEVER on my radar until I was like 36 or 37 years old. I had no desire nor did I see what amazing things it could do for me. Being an author has changed my goals, upleveled my
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  • Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.30.54 PM

    Personal share on how to have more FAITH in yourself

    One of the biggest things I see that keeps entrepreneurs from succeeding more in business, getting more clients and creating a more leveraged business is.... not having enough faith in yourself. Faith that "it will all work out in the
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  • social media

    Maximizing Your Time and Leads on Social Sites

    I'm sick and tired of entrepreneurs telling me they don't like social media and don't want to use it for marketing.  Or they have very strong thoughts about keeping their personal profiles separate from their business pages.  Yet, they want to
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  • Managing Distractions & Summeritis

    Video Biz Tip: Managing Distractions & Summeritis in Your Business

    Are you bad at staying focused, especially during hot, fun summer months? Do you find yourself a lot less productive some times than others? Regardless of your living situation or your business, we all get distracted. Some of us more than
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  • Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 3.08.21 PM

    Authors or Wanna Be Authors – Pay Attention to This!

    If you're in the middle of writing a book (or you have an idea for one )... You'll want to check this out... It's called the Transformational Author Experience. My really good friend, Christine Kloser, has gathered 32 New York Times
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  • social media etiquette

    Video Biz Tip: Social Media Etiquette – What Mistakes are you Making?

    I'll bet you're making at least one of these 4 social media mistakes and either pissing people off or missing out on leads and opportunities! Listen in to my video tip today for some helpful dos and don'ts all about social media. What's good
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  • rescue dog

    Meet Our New Rescue Dog, Duncan

    I had collapsed on the couch when we got home last week until my husband, Jason, announced there was a German Shepherd Rescue Dog event in our area and it was happening right then! Honestly, we'd been thinking about getting another dog since we
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  • webinar

    Video Biz Tip: Doing Webinars in your Business

    Have you thought about doing webinars in your business? If not, you might consider doing them. But you need to learn how to do them and why you might want to do many more in your business, whether free or paid. My friend, Ellen Finkelstein
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