• event

    What Kat Is Up To – End of the Year Events 2018

    You’ve likely heard me say this before.  Attending events is a great way for business owners to get exposure to a massive amount of people - potential clients and referral partners.  And they're are a great way to get training you need to be
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  • mastermind

    Catapult Your Business in my Live Big Mastermind

    Are you interested in joining a powerful mastermind? Did you know that I run a really awesome and dynamic mastermind where you could get the support you need in the next 12 months to catapult your business, double your revenues or more and get
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  • business

    5 Steps to Building a Profitable Business Doing What You Love

    Where do you want to be 3, 5, 10 years from now?  What’s keeping you from enjoying the lifestyle you really want? Or from designing a profitable business around doing what you love? Worry? Stress? Doubt? Money? Time? Others? Mindset? I
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  • work with kat

    Ways to Work With Kat to Jumpstart Your Business

    While doing my planning for the New Year, I added to my list of the ways YOU can work with me to Jumpstart Your Business!  And for your convenience, I’ve summarized them as follows: 2 Part Business Planning Webinar Are you ready for the New
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  • technology

    How to Choose Technology Tools for Your Business

    Choosing your technology tools, resources, software can be confusing, I know. There are soooo many choices and everyone you ask probably gives you a different recommendation, right? You see, when I first talk to entrepreneurs, whether they are
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  • download

    Join Us at The Sacramento Speaker and Entrepreneur Network

    If you are an author, a trainer, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, business professional, professional speaker, or an expert on any topic, you need to know more about a meetup that I host called The Sacramento Speakers and Entrepreneur
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  • unconference

    What I Know About Live Events…

    If you are a business owner, there is NOTHING like attending live events. I can't explain it but if you don't do it often, you are really MISSING OUT. And I'm talking about ones that take you away from home overnight, not ones that you go to for
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  • giveaway

    FREE Launch Your Biz Giveaway Event

    If you’re ready to make your mark in a bigger way, then I’m glad you are reading this blog because you’ll love the FREE Launch Your Biz Giveaway Event hosted by my friend and colleague, Maribel Jimenez. Maribel is known as the Dream Launch
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  • technology

    Does Technology Trip You Up?

    I can't tell you how many entrepreneurs (or those who want to start up their own business) I see or speak to every week who don't know enough about TECHNOLOGY. The technology in your biz is what I'm referring to. Of course you may know how to
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  • placer county people

    Meet the Placer County People Community

    Have you heard about the new Placer County People (PCP) business community? Eric Lofholm and I are the founders of PlacerCountyPeople.com. Both of us live, do business and hold live events in the Placer County area. Eric and I envision this to
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  • email marketing

    Frustrated with Email Marketing ROI?

    Is your Email Marketing getting you the level of response you expected?   Alright... so I'm gonna get a little REAL with you here AGAIN... have you ever felt like "no one is listening" and wonder "why am I doing this?" I'm talking about sending
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  • speaking

    Facebook Live: How to Get Over Your Fear of Speaking

    Do you have a Fear of Speaking...either in person or on video?  Why?! I really want to encourage any of you who have any kind of fear whatsoever about speaking to do whatever it takes this year to get over it. If you have your own business -
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  • call for speakers

    Call For Speakers and Sponsor and Vendor Opportunities

    I have many speaker, sponsor and vendor opportunities to share with you. If you want to get more exposure for your business and want to speak at one or more of these Live or Virtual Events, please grab a pen and paper to jot down website
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  • offer sell

    Facebook Live: How to Decide What to Sell in Your Business

    Are you having problems deciding what to sell in your business?   Do you find it confusing to share what you have to offer?   Do others find it hard to figure out what to BUY from you? It could be that your offerings are confusing... I see this
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  • dog

    If Only My Dog Could Talk

    Do you have a dog? A cat? Do you wish they could talk and/or understand you when you did? Welcome to my world this last week.... We have this very loveable, wonderful dog, our pet sitters call her "Sweet Willow" and they rarely want to give
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