• I Want To Become An Author

    Have You Wanted to Become a Published Author?

    I want to share some book publishing tips with you, regardless of how you think you want to publish, or when, check this out.  Hey friends, have you wanted to become a published author but haven't taken the plunge yet in writing your own book? 
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  • Marlene Uhrik

    Inspirational Clients: Marlena Uhrik!

    Thanks to amazing clients like Marlena Uhrik - I love what I do! Marlena is a home stager, real estate investor, author and speaker on many topics including those and others from her books around helping children with mindfulness and another
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  • Facebook Live

    Running a Group on Facebook

    Running Facebook groups is my #2 marketing strategy. Is it yours? Are you doing it effectively? Are you seeing paying clients come from it without you having to be overly sales-y? Running Facebook groups helps create and engaged
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  • stopmakingithard.fw

    How My Worst Year in Business Created My BEST Year in Business

    Let me tell you about my WORST year in business  Writing about my worst year in business is hard, because I'm better at talking about it. That's why I made a video. It's a story that I tell a lot at my live events. It was such a
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  • networkinginside fb.fw

    Networking In Facebook Groups

    Hey everyone, here are some quick tips on how to successfully network INSIDE FACEBOOK GROUPS run by other people First of all, let me say that posting in other people's groups and other pages and things on Facebook here is one of the main ways I
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  • Virtual Programs and Courses

    Virtual Trainings and Courses – Have them? Want to have them? Attend them?

    Your thoughts on virtual trainings and courses Recently I was prepping my materials and PowerPoint for my Speaker Success Bootcamp and it reminded me to ask you about virtual trainings and courses. Virtual trainings and courses can be the
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  • formatting your book

    Formatting Your Book Correctly is Vital Plus Other Publishing Tips

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  • SUMMER FUN (6)

    Summer Fun

    Jason, Riley and I just returned from our summer vacation - a week in S. California where we went to Disneyland, California Adventure and 3 different beaches. It was a really fun week, but I'm pretty exhausted this weekend, my body wasn't used
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  • Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 8.51.34 AM

    Video Marketing Tips & Tools

    I just did a talk in Washington D.C. last week all about Successful Video Marketing. I shared some shocking video statistics and gave some really tangible ways for the audience to create videos easily and quickly and WHICH KINDS OF VIDEO to
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  • Kat-Office-June2019

    High-Performance Pros and Cons

    The sun is shining... I have had plenty of rest this weekend, and I got into my office early today and got off some emails that had to go before I had to start my calls. So, I already feel productive and that’s a good feeling. WATCH TODAY’S
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  • street-sign-141396_640


    What is your Perception? Your perception of me, my business? What do you think the perception is of YOU by your clients, prospects and other people that you meet? You could be surprised by what I'm sharing in this video about yourself...
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  • conference-registration-sign-1236615-639x426

    Maximizing your experiences at LIVE EVENTS!

    Want to know how to maximize your experiences at LIVE EVENTS? Quick chat about maximizing your experiences at LIVE EVENTS plus learn about some upcoming live and virtual events you can attend! Go to www.LiveBigEvents.com for many upcoming
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  • SpeakerEventLogoFinal-small-1-300x150-1[1]

    REGISTER NOW Speaker Success Bootcamp 2019!

    Want to start speaking and making money at it? Register here now while rates are lowest! Get started speaking and learn how to monetize your speaking more if you're already speaking at this annual event with Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz
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  • 8316453283_a3d6c4ac2d

    8 Secrets to a Consistent Moneymaking Business

    Want to become a MAGNET for more SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE? My friend Kara Deringer couldn't get on today for our Facebook Live event so I'm doing it solo but she commented and I shared her comments live on the video. Do you notice that some
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  • writing-923882_640

    All About Books, Publishing & Becoming an Author

    Are You Ready to Become a Published Author? Watch this video to learn time and money saving tips on how to do this before you enter into any contract or book writing endeavor. Trust me! There are so many things to know about writing a
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