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    Live Training on Follow Up April 11th!

    This coming Thursday I’m being featured on Cathy Demer’s Business Success Cafe podcast where I’ll be talking about my “Proven 6-Step Follow Up System for Consistent Cash Flow”. I even have a special deal I’m promoting on my Jumpstart Your Biz
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    Are you wondering how to get WAY more PRODUCTIVE?

    Are you wondering how to get WAY more PRODUCTIVE? Are you tired or even exhausted trying to run your business and earn the money you deserve or find enough clients who will buy from you?  Running a business can definitely be exhausting...
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    Tips on Getting Your Clients’ Attention (via Email Especially)

    Are you wondering how to get your clients' (or those who are on your email list) attention these days?  They subscribed at some point or bought from you but they're just not opening your emails... this is becoming a HUGE ISSUE amongst a lot of
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    Wanna Mastermind with me Monday? or this year?

    Would you like to mastermind with me and a small group of highly motivated entrepreneurs every month?  What if I told you it would only cost you $7/month? You're invited for sure - this could be a great opportunity for you too because it
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  • What If

    The Big Question to Ask Yourself

    The Big Question to Ask Yourself This is a question I ask my clients, event attendees and even the audience from stage or a podcast interview. What if... something happened in your life that forced you to be unable to work in your business
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  • #1 Thing Stopping Your from Booking Speaking Gigs

    The #1 Thing Preventing You From Getting Speaking Gigs

    This is more of a tutorial type video showing you how to make sure you are totally prepared to get booked as a speaker in your business. So many entrepreneurs and speakers are NOT prepared to apply for more speaking gigs and they wonder why
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    Imagine the Possibilities

    I was recently featured on Tracey Osborne's Daring Woman podcast. Life is full of ups and downs. Broken relationships, broken hearts, broken spirits. But imagine the possibilities of a life filled with joy, happiness and meaning. How do you
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  • struggle

    Do You Struggle with Sales?

    Do you struggle with sales or selling? I’m not perfect at it but I think I’ve been pretty successful at it over the last 33 years and all the different jobs I’ve held as well as with my own business. How did I learn initially about sales
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    How to Get Corporate Sponsors

    Going global in your business is something most of us should be looking at how to do... whether you are a big corporation or a small, home based business, there are a lot of different things you want to do and ways in which you can market, sell,
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  • Checklist. Red clipboard and pencil.

    Weekly Marketing Checklist

    Want to know the things I do regularly to grow and expand my business? Entrepreneurship isn't for the faint of heart. If your goal is to reach the masses with your message and/or make a minimum of $3000/mo, I would say, in this day and age,
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    Be Love, Give Love, Receive Love & Love Yourself!

    Ready to have the most amazing love-filled life? Wonder how does "being love" have to do with your business? Find out on this video today where I share a story about how "being Love" led me to my first $100,000 year in business!Without love for
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    What does a vending machine have to do with your marketing message?

    What Does a Vending Machine Have to Do with Your Marketing Message?   Are you able to change up your message like you can click a button on a vending machine and get a different snack?   I used this analogy today with a
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  • author

    Why Should You Become An Author?

    Why Should You Become An Author?  I’ll tell you why… How many times have you thought about being an author?  Sometimes when people have overcome a challenge or have realized success with something they’ve done or accomplished, they think to
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  • get clients

    How To Get More Clients This Year!

    How will YOU get more clients this year? I’ve been busy working with my clients, giving them guidance on their plans for 2019. Many of them are ready and have decided what they are going to launch this year; what they are going to sell, what
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    This was me about 9 years ago…

    This was me about 9 years ago... I was all "DOING". That's all I focused on in my life, my business, etc., it was whatever I could DO to get to the next level, be happy, to get clients, get myself out there more.... DOING, DOING,
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