Your Words Matter – How to Navigate the Sales Conversation

    The other day I was on Zoom with a client and we were talking through the "sales conversation". What wording she would use on calls with people who wanted to find out more about her services. What questions to ask them on the call and
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  • SneakyEmailSubjectLines

    Sneaky Email Subject Lines – Is this the Answer?

    What makes you open an email? Is it typically the subject line or are there emails you open just because of who sent it? Some marketers pay a lot of money to copywriters to create amazing and engaging subject lines. Would
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  • loveandmoneyLIVE_eventlogofinal

    How to Get More Love in Your Life

    The other day I sent an email out about the expert series I’m a part of all about creating extraordinary love in your life (if you missed that and want that, click here). Some of you have extraordinary love already which is
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  • Sometimes You WIN Other Times You LEARN Text written in torn paper

    Lessons Learned and Wins for 2019

    Hello and happy holidays! For those of you who have seen my Facebook this week you know it's been a very traumatizing week for my family and I won't lie it's been a hard five days. If you'd like to read more about what happened, here's the post
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  • Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.17.01 PM

    Business Planning Tips for 2020

    Ready for some Business Planning Tips for 2020? What are you working on for your planning next year? I have done a dozen or so big picture business planning meetings with my Live Big Mastermind clients so far since Thanksgiving and a handful
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  • Group-working468x312

    Entrepreneurs Need to Stay in the Conversation

    Staying in the conversation around being a successful entrepreneur that is! I LOVE what I do and I LOVE supporting and training entrepreneurs like you, new or seasoned on what you can do to jumpstart your business, marketing, websites,
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  • ID 128776703 © Marek Uliasz | Dreamstime.com

    Being Okay Not Being Perfect

    Do you feel like you need to be perfect?  Like you need to at least "SHOW" or "LOOK LIKE" you're perfectly put together, organized or in some other way? Do you feel like an imposter sometimes and find it hard to "fake it til you make it"
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  • Beautiful woman connecting booster cables to a car battery

    What does JUMPSTART mean to you?

    It just came to my attention from the last email I sent out to my subscribers about my Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend event (I got dozens and dozens of people replying) that many have the thinking that: “I don’t need a jumpstart” because...
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  • Using Printed Order Forms?

    Using Printed Order Forms? I was an exhibitor a big marketing conference in LA last week,  setting out my printed order forms on my table, and I thought this could be a good topic to share with you today. Printed order forms in this high-tech
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  • Strategy Systems and Sales OH MY

    Strategy, Systems, and Sales

    Forget about Lions, Tigers, and Bears! It’s strategy, systems, and sales you need to worry about!  Whether you’ve been in business for a few years or you’re brand new to the game, you’re probably already aware of how important these are! I
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  • Money Blog Image

    Talking About Money

    Talking About Money When I'm talking about money, a catchy song from the 70s immediately comes to mind. OMG do you remember that song....For the Love of Money? I had to ask Google... who sings the song with money, money, money, money.... MONEY
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  • Where's Kat

    Where’s Kat in October & November?

    Just to keep this all organized, here is a big list of a lot of upcoming events, zoom calls (free and paid) that you can get access to for support in your business or where you'll find me speaking or networking. I'd love to connect with you at
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  • Business Website Design Tips & Truths

    Business Website Design Tips & Truths

    Are you in the process now or thinking about designing a new website for your business sometime soon? Maybe you have a website but it's not really doing much to build your business? If either are the case, you can watch this video for tips
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  • ahhhh......

    Business Efficiency Increases Cash Flow

    Technology - How it Affects Business Efficiency Increasing Cash Flow As business owners we all know that marketing and sales are what we need to do to create or increase cash flow, right? It's pretty common sense stuff when you think about it,
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  • Newly Self-Employed! WOO HOO!

    Entrepreneur Mindset vs Employee Mindset

    It's Official!! My hubby, Jason quit his job this week. He gave his JOB notice and his last day is in September! Granted, it's about 4 months sooner than I was thinking he would and probably a year sooner than HE thought he would but living with
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