This surgery kicked my butt! I had NO IDEA the magnitude of pain and recovery I’d be in after this thing. I haven’t had any type of surgery or even hospital stay since I was 4 for goodness sakes.

Now don’t laugh for those of you who have…..yes, I actually thought I would be up driving around within 10 days or so!! So funny what a reality check this has been….and yes, I’m doing much, much better this week.

The surgery was a big success my doctor tells me. I’ve been up walking around on “my walker” LOL for about a week now. I’m even home alone today managing to get my meals, things I need, pillows, etc. It’s exciting.

AND of course I’m back to work and coaching clients this week too. It’s the ONLY thing keeping me sain! My gosh its BORING when you’re forced to sit and watch TV or sleep all day!

Oh well, so I had to adjust my schedule a bit for this month now knowing that I can’t really get out much without help from someone else. So no in person networking events or speaking and had to cancel a trip beginning of February (thought I would be flying to LA within 4 weeks of surgery Ha Ha Ha the doctor said).

While I sit here laughing at myself and sharing with you too so you can have a nice chuckle, I realized more automating tips and stuff that I can share with you because I’m using them right now in my business while I’m in “RECOVERY”.

So, no video today (you DEFINITELY don’t want to see me now) but instead I’m sharing a few tips and software and things that are helping me continue working while I recover AND while taking it easy on myself too. I hope you find these helpful in your business either when you can’t work much or when you have to go out of town, etc.

This is sort of what I look like right now but surrounded by pillows too on my recliner!

1. is my best friend right now. This is an online service that allows you to log into your desktop from any computer anywhere. This means you don’t have to lug your computer with you on business trips, I just use the hotel if I need to check in or access a file. For me right now it allows me to sit on my sofa/recliner with my feet up working on my laptop instead sitting stuck to my desk where my big Mac desktop is.

Now this may not make a lot of difference to those of you with just ONE computer, a laptop that you take with you everywhere. I just choose NOT to live tied to my computer, email, phone, etc. I want my privacy when I’m not working and I also don’t want to be reachable when I’m not working (like on the weekends). Be careful allowing too much access to yourself or you may end up without a life.

2. is a lifesaver for managing my group programs, members, housing audios, documents and interacting between members and myself. I can log into that site anytime and check in on any of my groups from anywhere, plus I can correspond with members with one easy click.

3. is the main conference line I use for all my 1on1 coaching calls and even some smaller group programs. Its totally free for up to 99 callers I believe. Its easy to record calls, download recordings and interact when need be on the calls too.

4. is a great free service that allows you to email larger files, up to 50 MB. This is handy for coaching call recordings or artwork files. You can also use to upload and share files, folders and more but that requires a few more steps to manage. It can handle files over 50 MB however.

If you know you need to do something about getting your business and marketing more automated and more efficient so you’re not working so hard or spinning your wheels, I’d love to help you....

Set up a complimentary business strategy session with me today at and we’ll set up an appointment this coming week! 😉 Its better to do this sooner rather than later! 

Have a great week! 

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