When I first found out how much money I could truly make as a coach and entrepreneur I was shocked.

No one in my family that I knew of ever made over $150,000 or so. It wasn’t in my thinking that I’d probably do that in my lifetime but now it’s a reality (and then some!).

One of my first mentors in the Internet Marketing world taught me about living life to the fullest. But also living it like you had it all today and not waiting for it to come to live a full life, but to live it now.

Now, granted, when this all came about the economy was booming and entrepreneurs I met were making tons of money. People were spending money on the Internet like crazy and if you were remotely savvy with your business online you could do well.

So I learned about “Living the Life” when times were good. What I was shown was that living the life meant to:

  • Fly first class
  • Stay in the nicest hotels
  • Treat myself to massages and pampering often
  • Take regular vacations
  • Experience fine dining
  • Splurge on myself and give generously to others as well
  • Upgrade to VIP status whenever possible

Keep in mind I came from a world of buying in bulk, using coupons and shopping for good deals. It was strange splurging so much to me, fun but strange. I spent a lot of money during those few years in my business and life and with that mentor’s guidance.

Unfortunately it didn’t really result in a more profitable business by doing all that, just the depletion of much of my savings. The money wasn’t coming in as fast as “they” said it would even though I was doing all the right things and I wondered, “Was this really living the life?”

What did living the life mean to me?

A few years ago when the economy started to take a turn, I did a lot of soul searching and work on myself and what I truly wanted.

I discovered my definition of living the life.

Living the life now means to me:

  • Enjoying life’s experiences with someone you love so deeply
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people, family, friends and good times
  • Not having to worry about bills and money
  • Being able to buy basically what I want when I want it but using coupons and special offers to get MORE bang for my buck
  • Having the benefit of good health
  • And upgrading to club levels in hotels or to first class on occasion when a good deal falls in my lap (which I wrote this initially from a first class flight I got for an extra $90!)

I deserve to life the life of my dreams and so do you….so go make it happen!

Aren’t sure how to do this or make this all happen for yourself? Come and talk with me in a complimentary business strategy session where we’ll look at where you are in your life and your business and where you want to go. You’ll walk away with at least better clarity and awareness of what’s possible and how plus possibly much, much more. Go to www.AskKat.biz  for the info and sign up today – its FREE!

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