Are you ready to JumpStart Your Business but you need a roadmap or plan because you have no idea where to start or what to do next that will WORK?

Have you invested money or time before in programs, people, products or workshops but never really got EXACTLY what you needed?

Maybe you got some of the big picture plan, some of the marketing strategies or some of the personal attention you needed to get going yet you know there’s so much more you’re not still doing or that you don’t know that could potentially make you much more successful than you are right now?

Well join the club.

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“Before I started working with Katrina I did not know how to get my new business off the ground or how to revive our existing business. Katrina helped me do both with enthusiasm coupled with “out of the box” ideas. I now have road map for my website business and our graphic design business has had more interest and activity than we’ve had in over a year. Thank you Katrina.”

– Stephanie Schriger, Owner,,

My name is Katrina Sawa and that’s how I’ve felt pretty much my entire entrepreneur life.

I keep investing in workshops, mentors and products that ‘sound good’ or sounded like ‘just what I needed at the time’ and many of them actually DID teach me how to improve what I was doing so that I would make more money.

In fact, I continually invest in myself, my business and my learning every year; more and more each year to be honest. And the results of those investments haven’t let me down; my income continues to leap frog every year.

The first year I hit 6 figure revenues I was so excited, let me tell you. If you’ve ever done this on your own in your own business (not a JOB), you know what I mean. It’s a huge milestone.

Unfortunately it’s a milestone only about 6% of the small business owners out there EVER SEE!

Are you an expert in marketing or are you an expert in your business and you’d rather get some expert advice on how to most effectively and affordably market and run your business? Often times, you’re stuck because you just don’t know what you don’t know!

Did you know that? If your goal is to reach or exceed 6 figures in revenues in your business you better be prepared to do some pretty BIG THINGS and invest heavily in your business AND in yourself along the way to get there.

Now if you’re goal isn’t to reach 6 figures that’s ok too. Either way you’ve got to focus, have a plan and know where to spend your time, invest your money and know what to do that will WORK so you don’t spin your wheels in the wrong places with the wrong marketing, people, resources and more.

“I spoke with Katrina twice in two weeks and as a result I have some new ideas that I’m very excited about regarding how to market my business and how to structure my services and products. More importantly, Katrina helped me get focused with an action plan and defined goals. Plain and simple, saying that my experience with Katrina was “worth it”, does not nearly do it justice. This was an invaluable experience, one that potentially could completely change my business.”

– Kevin Harris, Owner, Chicago IL

Are you prepared for the ride of your life? Because it’s not going to be easy no matter what ANYONE SAYS.

It will be difficult to make certain decisions needed in a timely manner.

It will take time to build up a qualified list of loyal subscribers, prospects and customers.

It will be uncomfortable at times having complete faith and believing in yourself and not listening to the head trash that ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘who do you think you are.

If you’ve been told it will be easy then good luck to you but REALITY CHECK HERE, it won’t be. A lot of the hype on the internet is false. I know because I’ve been led down some wrong paths, some inauthentic paths and done what people said would make me millions….and frankly it isn’t that easy.

Now I’m not saying it has to be all hard work or long hours because it doesn’t.

Where you will hone in on just what YOU need to work on in YOUR business right now to get clients and make money so you can FOCUS your time and efforts more succinctly with less effort.

But you’ve got to have the right systems, business structure, programs, products and services that you’re passionate about in order for you to create a more smooth-running business machine.

And I happen to be really good at honing in on the ‘holes’ or ‘what’s missing’ in your business as well as much bigger money-making opportunities for you or any business pretty quickly; this is a huge specialty of mine. Then I can also pretty quickly show you EXACTLY how to fix, tweak or change up your business in order to attract more clients faster and make more money sooner!
Because it’s the smooth running business machine that’s going to allow you the lifestyle you want to live, give you the freedom and love you want to enjoy. So many entrepreneurs don’t make this a priority however.

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“Katrina is serious and fun when it comes to helping you zero in on your business model and structure. She’s got a knack for finding possible streams of income that you can start building and implementing right away. I also find her to be honest and upfront about her own business experiences which is so refreshing.”

– Helen Kim, Founder, New York,

It’s time to finally learn how to build your business the right way from the start.

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs go out of business because they don’t realize what all it takes to successfully run their own ‘profitable’ business and they get in over their head quick and struggle for years instead of ‘going all in’ because they KNOW it will be ok.

Now, what you CAN DO however is learn directly from someone who’s been in your place.

Someone who’s invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their own training, learning, education, mentors, systems and more.

Someone who has ACCESS to some of the big players in the business world and who can give YOU the INSIDER SCOOP on WHAT’S WORKING and most importantly WHAT’S NOT.

Someone who continually teaches and trains her own students the same business strategies and marketing principles she uses to year after year continue to grow her own multiple 6+ figure revenue generating business.

I’d love to invite you to finally invest in the ENTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING that can help you create the life and business that you want.

It’s a business development and marketing implementation program like NO other out there. I know a lot about a lot of different types of business models, marketing strategies (online and off) and so much more that literally NO one out there is teaching. They all NICHE their info and teaching but I give it all to you in a comprehensive 90 day home study program, spoon feeding you just what YOU need to know to start, grow and market your business.