Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur we have all kinds of ideas all the time. It’s a curse and a blessing. But often times those ideas distract us from what we need to stay focused on each and every day in order to keep the cash flowing into our business.

It’s pretty common also for entrepreneurs to have some level of ADD or ADHD. Although I’ve never been diagnosed, I’m sure I’ve got some level of one of those!

Therefore, we have to constantly find ways to stay focused, keep on track with our plan for growth in our business and revenue generation while keeping an eye on the big picture plan and vision and where else we can take our business. It’s a lot to manage every day right?

I know for a lot of my coaching clients this is a topic we have to cover often so I wanted to share 7 ways I help clients (and myself too) become more productive that hopefully can help you as well.

7 Ways to become more productive in your life and your business:

  1. Work off a good calendar system that can help you track your time, plot time slots out for different activities and one that you can use anywhere you are to save time.
  2. Track your time for one week solid on everything you do, personally and professionally, and see where you’re wasting time, could get rid of things you’re doing, delegate or automate some things you’re doing, etc.
  3. Set goals for yourself each day, week and month on what you plan to accomplish (see below).
  4. Have your big vision in mind each day so do whatever you have to do daily to make sure that stays on top of mind with you so that you stay focused and get distracted less.
  5. Find an accountability buddy (or coach) or someone who supports what you’re doing in your business fully to stay in touch with however often you need them too – daily, weekly or monthly perhaps but that may be too long.
  6. Unsubscribe from emails and lists that are slowing you down and not contributing to either your enhanced learning, implementing, taking action or accountability. Or have them redirect into a folder you won’t see every day and you can look at when you have time. But don’t let daily emails distract you from the tasks at hand.
  7. Have a marketing and business plan that you’re working from so you know WHERE and HOW to spend your time each day, week, or month. If you don’t have a plan or know EXACTLY what to do, reach out and get a coach who can help you with this FIRST!

Copy these to a Word document now and set up YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and COMMITMENTS. 

  1. Each week I will spend ________ hours working ON my business which will include marketing activities, marketing and business planning, implementation, sales calls and lead generation. This will NOT include bookkeeping, data entry, graphic or web design or anything else that could be done by someone else for less than my time costs and/or who would be better at the task anyway. I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.
  2. I will prioritize my tasks so that the MOST IMPORTANT ones get done first and I will only put on my To Do List those things that I can successfully accomplish during the time allotted.  ______ (initial here)
  3. Each month I will spend ________ hours learning new things (pertinent to my immediate growth) to expand my knowledge base and my business and I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.
  4. Each month I will spend ________ hours just for ME and I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.
  5. Each month I will spend ________ hours for my family and friends and I have plotted the time on my calendar to make sure this happens.

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