Have you noticed how some small businesses say they get a ton of referrals or they work by referral only?

Ever wonder why the referrals aren’t pouring in from your happy clients and customers like that too?

After all, you are the best-kept secret in your industry right? Well, let’s not stay that way at least…let’s get you in front of more prospects and referral sources every month.

3 things I’ve seen, one or more of which that could be the reason that you’re not receiving more referrals in your small business are:


  1. You’re not ASKING for them. You do need to actively ask your current clients and vendors or people who love you and your work even to give you referrals. They could just be too busy to think about giving them freely but would if you just stopped to ask.
  2. You’re not making it very EASY for them to give you a referral. You’d think that they would just call you, email you or connect you in some way with people they know could use your products or services if in fact they loved working with you. BUT that doesn’t happen usually because they may not know what to say or HOW to best introduce you. Make it easy for them to refer you by writing something they can forward in an email or something they can read on a voice mail to someone. Try giving them a printed handout, flyer or letter that they can give out on your behalf. I even go to the extent of creating special web pages on my website just for referrals from specific people.
  3. You don’t have enough referral source prospects. Make a list. Think about all the types of businesses, professionals, industries and associations in addition to individuals you know that would be a good fit to refer business to you. Those can be people or companies you already know or ones you don’t know. For the ones you don’t know you want to build a marketing campaign to reach out to them, build a relationship with them to see how you can support each other. This list then becomes your referral source prospect list for direct mail, phone calls, social media connecting and in some cases emailing.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to go get more referrals this week.

Remember though, referral source marketing is one of the three types of marketing. Generally you need to do marketing activities within each category to maximize your potential: Referral Source Marketing, New Business Marketing and Database Marketing.

This is just ONE of the ideas that I’ll be covering in my upcoming workshop THIS FRIDAY in Roseville, CA all day.

This year I’m doing a series of 4 one-day workshops in person, all on topics that are IMPORTANT FOR ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU DO.

Here’s what this one on April 5, 2013 is going to cover:  

Options for directly marketing to new prospects, networking, follow up marketing systems, phone call scripts and templates for follow up and email marketing, social media messaging and connecting and putting automated systems for all of this so it gets done consistently and to more people every month

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Can’t make the workshop? For more information on how to JumpStart your small business with creative ideas and a clear plan to reach your unique target market find out how to talk with me in a complimentary Strategy Session, go fill out the questionnaire at www.AskKat.biz.  Let’s plot out YOUR Big Picture Strategy now before it’s too late! 

Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”

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Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear.  She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs that want to maximize their business to make more money, enjoy more free time and fully embrace your happiest life ever.  Katrina uses online and offline strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too!  Katrina is an author, speaker and coach and she has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, CBS and ABC.  Get her Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit online at www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com! Check out her new book, Love Yourself Successful at www.LoveYourselfSuccessful.com!










About Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs (and a few men!) who want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time. Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! She does a whole lot more than just marketing coaching these days however, she looks at your entire business from the big picture all the way down to the nitty gritty detail of what you need to do and say to start up, grow and market your business.

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