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I woke up at 3:30 am this morning and realized I needed to post some stuff to this blog. It kept me up for an hour thinking about it and if you know me well…you know I hate mornings, so this is very frustrating because I HAD to get up and start writing. My creative juices were flowing and when that happens, I’ve learned not to stop them.

So, what came to me was that I need to do a 2006 recap. Since I didn’t really get this blog up and running until late 2006 and I’ve done so much in my business and personal life in the last year, I figured I should sum it up if I can. Plus, I’m writing a book this year and I’m not sure what it’s going to be on so I might need some info about my life!

2006 Recap:

As some of you know, I started 2006 off with a newly divorced and ready to face the world attitude. My divorce was a very friendly and amicable one thank goodness but it was still an adjustment to my living situation, budget, circle of friends and my own look at myself. I decided early on in the year that 2006 was going to be ALL ABOUT ME!

I hired a personal fitness trainer right off the bat, scheduling in workouts 4 days a week to keep me accountable. I realized I wasn’t going to work out unless I paid someone to hold my hand and tell me what to do having a set appointment to do so also helped. That helped me lose about 2-3 dress sizes over the course of the year and now I feel a lot more in shape. I continue to work out these days but at a regular gym on my own using some of the strategies I learned from my trainer Valerie (Folsom Fitness Together, http://www.fitnesstogether.com/). That was a big $$ investment this year but well worth it, I highly recommend getting a trainer to give you a JumpStart on your weight loss.

Another thing I set my intention to do in 2006 was diligently and actively dig deep into the dating scene. No, I didn’t frequent bars and singles events – that’s not my style – and who has time for that anyway?? Instead I decided that if I wanted to find the perfect person for me (and let me tell you, I had a long checklist of what I wanted and didn’t want in a guy) I would have to ‘work’ at it like you work at anything you ‘want’ in life. I’m not the type to just sit around and ‘wait’ for good things to happen to me, instead, I typically ‘make’ them happen. So, this dating thing wasn’t anything different.

I basically joined 4 different dating services – Match.com, Yahoo Personals, Table for Six and then Sacramento Young Professionals. I worked these services like a regular job, checking and responding to emails daily, doing searches, updating my profile, etc. I went a little overboard of course like many things I tend to do however Match.com turned out to be the WINNER! That site brought me Chris in August of this year after meeting probably around 100 guys to date (normally they didn’t make it past coffee – I was tough).

Unfortunately I’m still paying off Table for Six with their stupid two year commitment – that’s a drag – I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE AT ALL. Sac Young Professionals didn’t really turn out to be a good place to meet a guy for me but I did end up playing on their softball team this year and that with a little networking enabled me to write that off!

So, Chris doesn’t want me to talk too much about him yet; I don’t think he realizes yet the power I have on the internet and my connections to soooooo many people! Probably a smart idea. 🙂 But here he and I are at a Halloween party…hee hee.

Speaking of joining a ton of groups and jumping right in – this is how I first built my business as some of you know who have been with me since the beginning. When I first started my business, K. Sawa Marketing, in October of 2002 I joined 4 chambers of commerce, a leads group – BNI, and eWomenNetwork. Since I didn’t have any clients to work with at first I figured I’d better do something constructive with my time, meet a ton of people and build my database. I didn’t have any money to do any real advertising so networking and consistent follow up became my keys to success. This is why I still recommend this process for most small business owners to this day – it’s still and now probably the most effective form of marketing you can do to get your new business started or give it a JumpStart!

Then I met Ali Brown:

So, in addition to the personal growth this year, I took a ($$$$) leap in March to attend Alexandria Brown’s Online Success Blueprint Workshop. THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!

I liked the way Ali presented, her ideas, her business structure and decided then that I wanted a life like Ali – lots of personal time, delegating things I didn’t want to do, flexible schedule, working with only those people I really wanted to, teaching and coaching, online marketing and complete balance in life. She taught me I could have it and ever since (as many of you have seen in my ezine and website changes) I’ve been on a rampage updating and improving my business to create the life and business of my dreams.

I’m still working on it but have now created the beginnings of that life; I can now SEE it in the near future and I couldn’t have done it so fast and efficiently without her coaching, her resources that have saved me hundreds of hours of my time and 10’s of 1,000’s of dollars of my money and my fabulous Mastermind Group (Ali’s Platinum Mastermind photo from Vegas in Sept!). I’m on fire and I’m so excited.

I’ve been trying to motivate all of you with what I’ve learned and I hope I’ve done that successfully. I still want to help all of you create the life and business of YOUR dreams; if you let me I know we can do it together!! Remember, I’m paying the big bucks and learning from bigger fish like Ali who is in turn learning from Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer in their Platinum Mastermind Group.

I collaborate weekly with million dollar minds in my own Mastermind Group and I can impart what I’m learning on you – for a reasonable cost for now! Check out my JumpStart Your Marketing 1-On-1 Planning Meetings or my monthly JumpStart Your Marketing Silver or Gold Mentor Programs and get started building the life and business of YOUR DREAMS NOW!

So, with the Platinum Mastermind Group this year has been a TON of traveling and expense. I think I’ve actually spent more than I’ve made this year really, but you know what? It’s ok. It’s all been worth it. It’s an investment that I KNOW will pay off to the extreme very soon. I’ve built many awesome friendships in the meantime, made HUGE connections around the globe.

I’ve learned that if you don’t put it out in the universe what you want – it just won’t come to you and you won’t get it. (have you seen “The Secret”?, http://www.thesecret.tv/) Therefore, I now have on my wish list a brand new Lexus, new house in 2008, real estate investment income for my dad’s condo, a healthy lifestyle, two vacations per year, a happy relationship and a big six figure income for 2007!

On a sadder note, in early November of 2006, my dad passed away. This forced me to make a few adjustments to my life that I wasn’t totally prepared for. More than anything, I feel ok about his passing because he was not leading a productive life, in fact it was pretty much on a destructive path that I couldn’t convince him he was on and he couldn’t see that he was on. The lesson I learned from this is that I probably should have taken control of his finances and certain areas of his life regardless of what he said, even if it would have made him totally hate me. I caution all of you out there dealing with a parent in denial of their situation; seek some help, legally and personally, not for the sake of the estate but for the sake of your sanity. Anyway, I am now still in probate while paying all his real estate obligations. I know in my heart this will all come to a happy ending sometime in the beginning of this year for me but the process is very time consuming and straining on my energy.

Oh, and in July this year I also traveled to Dallas for the Annual eWomenNetwork Conference which totally set me on fire too. I met over 250 fabulous women business owners and can’t wait to go back this June for more bonding, brainstorming and new business! This photo is of me and Kim Duke, TheSalesDivas.com from Canada, at the Chocolate Decadence party – tons of fun!

I don’t think I’ve ever traveled so much in one year EVER! Do you travel a lot? I’m trying to figure out the best deals and miles, etc. on Southwest and boy, it might take hiring an assistant just to manage my travel and travel benefits!

Looking Ahead to 2007:

Ok, so what’s in store for me in 2007? I already have made so many goals, many of which I shared with you above. I’m big on goal setting now, visualizing what I want, living my life as I want it to be like it’s already happening. I know this will bring me the success I want much faster and more efficiently.

I want to help 100’s of 1,000’s of small business owners and entrepreneurs JumpStart your marketing, start your business, take your business to the next level and be a TOTAL RESOURCE for your marketing and business connections. Will you let me help you?

I’ll keep in touch, until then…

Kat Out —

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