11 Types of Videos You Can Create to Jumpstart Your Business

I know that for some of you you’re forced into doing more videos right now and others you love doing them or do them already and will continue to once the country gets “back to work”.

Videos are one of the single most paid attention to marketing strategy right now and YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines.

You literally have to be doing videos to keep up with your competition and make sure you are NOT the “best kept secret” for what you do.

For many of you, you’re having to learn how to do videos more effectively, learn the technology as well as perhaps the strategy behind WHY you want to do more videos AND what the heck to do them about, right?

I’ll bet that you could be making this way too hard however and “overthinking” things like:

  • what do I talk about on videos? (what’s in your heart or top of mind w/ clients)
  • what technology do I need to buy? (none, use your phone or computer)
  • should I do Facebook live more?
  • how do I create my YouTube channel
  • and more…

Well, I’ve got a couple video TUTORIALS FOR YOU – click to watch either or both as you see fit… one is about WHAT to say or do videos about and the other is a real how-to tutorial that is live on my YouTube now on how to set up your YouTube Channel (it’s for beginners).





OK, now for the 11 Types of Videos You Can Create:

  1. Video tips about topics you are an expert in or that involve your business
  2. Product reviews if you have a book or product solely for the purpose to introduce and share features of a particular product
  3. Promotional video that talks about something you’re selling or offering for free
  4. Interview with you being interviewed or you interviewing someone or just a joint video with another complimentary business professional on a topic you both have expertise in
  5. Testimonial video for someone else or request them from your clients
  6. Training video for one of your paid courses or programs
  7. Free webinar or preview call designed to teach a little, list build, get people introduced to you and then make offers to work with you, enroll in a program or come to a free discovery/strategy session with you
  8. Facebook live or other social media live video with the purpose of building relationships (you can do others for the other above reasons too) and having your followers get to know you more
  9. Rant videos… if you must, go ahead and share some controversial thoughts!
  10. Webpage videos – these are videos that would enhance the wording on a specific page on your site. These could be good for the following types of pages (literally every page could have an explainer video): Home, About, Services, Free Gift, Contact, Free Consult, thank you pages, Speaker page and more!
  11. Tutorial video – either doing this for free or paid, I’ve done both. Some I feel have more value, I charge for, others that could be a very good draw to get more people on my list, I may give away. Some tutorials are good to show your assistants what you want done or they may give to you for things you need to learn in your business perhaps.

I know you can do this – go create some new videos!

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Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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